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Can somebody share the list of key recruitment metrics that are currently captured in IT companies. Also I would like to get inputs regarding the Key areas that we should be talking about Staffing when we present a MIS report to Senior Management.
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Even I am lookin for such a Recruitment Metrics for creating MIS reports.
It would be great if anyone could share the Sample MIS reports in .xls format.
actually my project is on benchmarking of MIS Reports that various IT co.s maintain while conducting recruitments.. so if you all could pls. share the blank template that your co. maintains for storing these MIS reports

Archana Kakamari

Recruitment Metric"

Since there isn’t a universal formula for calculating recruitment costs, you will need to determine what costs you want to track and attribute to your hiring. There are many direct and indirect costs that you may consider including in the calculation. Below are some of the basic costs that you need to consider:

1) Sourcing

- These are any costs that you incur to source for candidates, which may include print ads, online job posting boards, and/or resume banks.

- Be sure you divide the cost of these sources by the number of positions you are filling, using that source to have a true cost for a specific hire.

2) Screening

- How much time and expense does your administrative staff expend to open, respond, and route resumes to the hiring team? The best way to do this is to figure out an average cost per resume and track how many resumes you receive for each job to be able to calculate the administrative cost per job.

- How much time does your hiring team / recruiter spend screening through resumes? This may also be an average cost per resume received for the job.

- If your organization conducts preliminary phone interviews, how many were conducted and how much time was spent by the recruiter to prepare, conduct, summarize and communicate the results of those interviews?

- Do you have an automated applicant tracking program? This is an indirect cost that you may choose to pro-rate across your hires for a specific period of time, somewhat like depreciating a new computer on your taxes.

3) Interviewing

- Did your hiring team or the interviewee incur any travel expenses that were reimbursed by the company?

- How much time was spent scheduling interviews?

- How many staff members were involved in the interviews? How long per interview? How many interviews? What is the average cost of the interviewers’ time?

4) Hiring

- How much time and what was the cost for follow-up with candidates during negotiations and to notify those that were not hired?

- What was the cost of referral fees from a recruiting agency or an employee referral?

- What costs will the company be paying for the new hire to relocate? Some costs may include moving company, airplane tickets, hotel accommodations, temp housing, house hunting visits, assistance with sell/buy, or spouse/dependent assistance.

- What was the cost for background investigations and/or reference checks? Drug screens?

- If there was a signing bonus, how much was it?

- What costs does the company typically incur to bring someone onboard – orientation, mentor, benefits enrollment, computers, cell phones, uniforms, etc.?

Not every hire will incur all of these expenses. And, your organization may choose not to track some of these costs but this list is a starting point to help you identify your recruitment costs per hire. The key is to identify what recruitment costs you are going to track and then consistently track them for all your hires to have an internal comparison from one hire to the next.

Hope this helps.....

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Hey Archana,
That was pretty well explained, and the website which you have furnished also carries valuable information. If you have some more write ups or articles on this, please do sent it to my through mail.
My E-Mail id is
Mohammed Azmath

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