When you are working in the HR department of a company, you often get to compromise with the requests of the management or employees. One of such weird requests can be to hire a close friend or family member of the employees or management. So, what can you do in such a situation, what will happen if you hire a family member in a company? Let's find out

The Positive Aspects of Hiring a Family Member

When you choose to hire a family member, you can expect the following positive things.

Better Employee Management

When someone you know and understand is hired, you will not have to spend much time in deciphering what motivates that person, how will he or she react to incentives, what discipline methods work best with them etc. This knowledge would save you time in understanding the behavior of that person and you will be able to manage the person without much difficulty.

Motivation Factor

Let's assume that you have hired the brother of your business development manager and put them on the same team. This can benefit you a lot. As they are brothers, they will work better and won't take healthy competition as something vicious. The performance of your existing employee may get better thanks to the motivation to perform better than his brother which would mean better productivity and great results for the organization.

Great Understanding

When the family member of any employee or the management is hired, it would lead to stronger teams in most cases. People often gel well with their family members and it can help them to know what their teammate is thinking in a better manner. The chemistry between two relatives can help the company to reap long term rewards especially if they are close-knitted because they would not want to lose their job ever.

The Negative Aspects of Hiring a Family Member

If you are an MBA or have done a certification course in HR, you already know that mixing professional and personal life is not a smart move at times. Here are the bad consequences of hiring a family member in a company.

Special Attention

When you hire a close relative of the people working at stronger positions or the management of the company, the person may expect some special privileges like coming late at the office, working from home without permission, etc. These instances can make the other employees feel devalued and less cared for. So, you must ensure that no special privileges are given to anyone.

Lack of Respect

In cases where the friends or family are hired for the same team, they may not show any respect to the other person. For instance if you have hired a cousin of the Accounts Manager to work under his/her supervision, the fresh hire may not take the boss seriously and make fun of the orders given by the boss. Lack of respect may make your existing employee frustrated and impact his or her performance or it may even ruin the company culture.

Personal Relationships

The biggest side effect of hiring a relative or a friend is that the personal and professional life of two people can mix in which may sour their personal and professional relationships. It may happen that the brothers who used to perform well together may take the competition too seriously and damage the team spirit or their own performance.


The best way to deal with the request of hiring a friend or relative is to make sure that you don't get biased as an HR. You need to hire only that candidate who has the right skills and aptitude for the job and can commit to long term relationship with the company.

To know more about the current HR topics, you can keep following our threads here or enroll in the certification course in HR we provide at the best possible costs. If you want to share your experience about hiring a family member, be sure to comment on this thread and let everyone learn from your experience.
20th September 2016 From India, Mumbai
Dear Mr Arvind Gaba,
Hiring family members has more cons than pros. Because of the family members, companies have turned into rehabilitation centres of inept and inefficient persons. The MD or Director just listens to the clique. It fosters nepotism.
Many American companies have become corporations because they relied on merit rather than their family members. In contrast, in India, companies are not business organisation as such but these are business fiefdoms! Whether it is political class or business organisation, finally dynasty rules the roost!
20th September 2016 From India, Bangalore
In a very small company where the size is less than 10 employees hiring family members may definitely be a problem because you may not be able to get the job done with 100% commitment. For example we did a study of a proprietor driven printing press 2 years ago. It was quite big with over 20 employees. the proprietor appointed his wife's brother to manage the technical staff and he did not have any experience in that business. Since he was the brother-in-law of the proprietor he was just bossing around. Within a year this company lost 40% of their experienced and skilled work force due to the wrong intervention.
Recently we heard is that this company is on the verge of closing. So here is a case where relatives may not work well if hired
20th September 2016 From India, Chennai
There are a lot of aspects of human resource management that can be hardly taught during an MBA session or any human resources training courses. One such thing is workplace bullying. In simple words workplace bullying can be anything from verbal abuse, interruptions and damage that forces a person to stop the work or feel threatened or humiliated. Many HR professionals don't know what workplace bullying is and how can they stop it. If you wish to know both these, you need to keep reading on.
  1. Create Strong Policies

    Many countries including India have no defined laws against workplace bullying so you must make sure that your company has a strict policy against it. It would be good to let the new and old employees know of the policies every now and then. It will ensure that people in your organization are not victimized and those who have been get the courage to speak up. You need to modify and update these policies from time to time too and take strict action against the employees who take them lightly.
  2. Help Employees in Reporting

    Many employees may feel reluctant to share an incident of workplace bullying simply because they fear the bullying person or are embarrassed by the incident. You as an HR must take steps to ensure that the employees have safe communication channels to you so that every incident is reported. If the person who is complaining wishes to not disclose his or her name, you must be able to honor his or her wishes. It would also be smart to take an immediate action against the offender to ensure that people trust the HR for resolving the workplace bullying issue.
  3. Train Employees

    It would also be a great idea to train the employees on the basics of workplace bullying so that they can recognize the pattern and report it as soon as it happens. It would also help if you keep reminding the employees with regard to the consequences of bullying by giving previous examples like how a bully was fired by your company earlier. It will help the people considering being a bully to rethink on the matter and those who are oppressed would learn to speak up against it.
  4. Constantly Support the Victims

    Being bullied is not a pleasant experience. It is an experience that can leave emotional scars on the minds of the people. If any of your employees have been a victim of it then you as an HR must make sure that he or she gets constant support. Efforts must be made to ensure that the entire incident is removed from the mind of the victim by filling the victims' mind with positive new memories such as office parties, informal get together, etc. A victim must always be trained on how to make friends at workplace again because one bullying incident often makes a person hesitant to make friends in the company.

Has someone bullied you at workplace too? What actions did you take? Do you think workplace bullying must be included in MBA or human resources training courses? Feel free to share your thoughts by commenting on this discussion.
20th September 2016 From India, Mumbai
Hare Krishna!
We cannot have absolute rules as to whether a relative be recruited in an Organization or not. If a relative is well qualified & it is made clear by HR that professionalism is expected to be followed, then why not? And if a relative is not qualified at all then it is definitely not advisable to recruit such a person..atleast not in a Supervisory or Managerial role where technical expertise is required.
Janaka Dasa
Group Deputy Manager - HR
Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir Group
21st September 2016 From India, undefined
Hiring family members is not a good idea unless it's family business.
Pre-set ideas about family members gives lot of benefits to the member than the company.
According to me Personal and professional life should be kept separate.
21st September 2016 From India, Mumbai
These days many companies are looking for HR professionals who have undergone advanced payroll training. Students and professional just do this course at times without realizing the actual importance of it. If you are also about to do this course then you might want to know why companies expect you to complete this course and how you can be an asset for the company after completing it in a successful manner.
  1. A Multitasker: This is the key benefit attained by the companies. When their HR person can handle the task of payroll management, they don't need to hire a payroll executive for that role and it saves the company tons of money and stress. Due to the recent recession, every company is looking forward to hiring multitaskers. If you can be one, your job would be more secure and the growth path would be more successful too.
  2. Statutory Compliance: No company wants to be trapped by legal and tax authorities' related matters. They obviously seek to hire an HR who can ensure compliance with all the laws and ensure that all the taxes are filed on time. A person trained in payroll management would ensure it smoothly. The company would never have to reply to a legal notice or taxation related glitches if you do your job right.
  3. Ease of Checking: Most bosses are still very skeptical about the work done by their staff members. When you prepare payroll, chances are, your boss or your management would want to check it to be sure that you are not making a mistake. If you are trained in payroll, you would hardly ever make any mistake which will make the task of checking your work easy on the boss. What more can a manager or company owner want more than an employee whose work is rarely wrong?
  4. Better Record Management: When a person is trained in payroll management, he or she usually makes use of software that keeps the record of every salary paid to each employee. Technology makes record management easier and the company excels at human resource management. Records also help when a person leaves the company or an employee questions the salary being given to him or her.
  5. On-Time Payroll: If you are an expert, you would always ensure that the salaries and bonuses of the employees are released on time. It is a fact that companies that pay their employee fairly and on time generally have more loyal employees as opposed to the companies who don't pay the employees in a timely fashion. When you are managing the salaries of the employees deftly and ensuring better employee loyalty, the company would treasure you and would find it hard to replace you.

So, these are a few benefits of being an HR person with advanced payroll training. If you think that the benefits are worth the efforts and money investment you are putting in, you should go for it. If you have completed this training and wish to share your entire experience then feel free to share your thoughts with us by commenting on this post.
21st September 2016 From India, Mumbai
When profitability, good working environment for hired employees, employee loyalty are important factors for organisational growth, then never to hire candidates recommended by politicians or directly appointing family members. They will try to usurp power, try to throw their weight around, create groups of their own chamchas.... As indicated by my other professional members, there are more disadvantages than advantages. You cannot admonish or reprimand such family members, you cannot sack them for lack of performance..... I know one company, where I am advising them, the maternal uncle is the root-cause of all obstacles... who is in charge of an important, crucial manufacturing vertical !
22nd September 2016 From India
A good performance management process is certainly the backbone of maintaining ideal human resource relationships in a company. If a company doesnít have such a process in place, it may fail to identify the top performers which may lead to employee frustration and exit. In contrast, if a company fails to adopt a performance management process, it often ends up promoting incompetent people who may one day lead the company and ruin it completely.

The Old Approach

Unfortunately, most of the companies are still focused on getting a performance appraisal done on a yearly basis and promoting or increasing the compensation of an employee on the basis of the results. This must be categorized as an old approach now because there are better options available. There is no need to judge the current and future performance of an employee on the basis of the target achieved by him of her a few months back. The focus should be on mapping the current progress of the employees and that too regularly so that there remains no gap between the employee performance and the ratings they get on paper. How do companies achieve that? Read on to know

iCount or Checkpoint- The Trend of Performance Management

Many Indian IT companies like IBM, Accenture, Infosys, etc. have created a buzz in the HR industry by adopting a new system called iCount or Checkpoint Appraisal System. If you are also curious about what it is exactly and how it works then hereís a simple solution for you.

iCount or Checkpoint Appraisal System is a performance management system in which the employees get feedback from their reporting managers at least once a month. This allows the employees to know where they are going wrong and what is good about their work. They also get the opportunity to enhance their performance continually which boosts their learning curve and adds to employee engagement factor.

Apart from getting evaluating every month, the employees also get evaluated once a year on generic criteriaís that impact the organization. Top 5 of such criteria are innovation, business results, personal responsibility to teammates, impact on clients and skills. In these entire criterions, the performance of each employee is rated individually on each criterion rather than as a bunch of it. It means that the employee has to excel at each of the criteria to score a good rating.

This new method not only makes the employee work better by letting the employee know where he or she is going wrong, it also benefits the managers. The managers get the opportunity to evaluate which person of his or her team is not performing well and corrects it which enhances the overall performance of a team. So, itís a win-win for both, the employee and the manager if they work at it seriously.

Why Organizations Need to Try iCount or Checkpoint Appraisal System?

If you are a business owner or an HR Manager who has heard a lot about iCount or Checkpoint Appraisal System but is not sure whether your organization should go for it or not there here are a few reasons on why you must try it at least once.

Most employers employ young employees these days that need to be constantly motivated and challenged in their jobs. If they get bored, they will simply leave. The iCount or Checkpoint Appraisal System keeps them challenged by highlighting their weaknesses consistently.

Nearly all young employees and Millennials like a pat on the back regularly to keep them going. The iCount or Checkpoint Appraisal System ensures that by rating them good on what they are the most skilled at. Most employees donít care much for a pay raise, even a few good words from the manager once a month keep them juiced.

When the employees are constantly reminded and appreciated for doing good work via iCount or Checkpoint Appraisal System, it allows them to develop their potential to a great extent. They truly give their best to the organization which leads the growth story of a company.

Consistent evaluation of skills and job performance via iCount or Checkpoint Appraisal System also helps the organization to identify the skills that need to be developed in each employee via learning management solutions. The result, the training & development programs of the company become more focused and result-oriented.

Last but certainly not the least, when the employeesí performance levels are constantly mapped by using iCount or Checkpoint Appraisal System, they are trained and kept motivated, their loyalty towards the organization increases. Loyal employees control the attrition rate of the organization, increases employee retention and make the company a preferred employer brand.


All in all, it can be said that the iCount or Checkpoint Appraisal System is a good option. Though it takes more time and effort as compared to a yearly performance appraisal, the results are certainly worth it. Every organization, no matter how small or big must give it a try for at least 6 months and see the astonishing results it can achieve.
29th September 2016 From India, Mumbai
Hare Krishna!
@Bhaverekha - If someone is well qualified then wouldn't it be unfair to him that he is being depreived of working in the company simply because his relative is also working there.
So I think a blanket rule cannot be applied here & the choice must be based on qualification.
30th September 2016 From India, undefined
Dear Janaka Dasa,

You have written that "If someone is well qualified then wouldn't it be unfair to him that he is being depreived of working in the company simply because his relative is also working there."

It is not a question of recruitment of relative because of capability. Their closeness hampers the growth of the company. Many times they are perceived as informants of the Managing Director (MD) / Director. Secondly, generally management is strict with the employees. However, will they be as much strict with their relatives also. They are always given leeway. This in turn vitiates the organisation's culture.

When Infosys founders founded their company, they had taken oath not to appoint their kith and kin. It requires a great courage to implement this oath. The violation of the oath came when Mr NR Naranaya Murthy returned to Infosys to turnaround Infosys which was passing through rough weather. However, along with him, he had also brought his son. Mr Murthy had made him his Executive Assistant (EA). However, this raised eyebrows and presspersons asked one simple question, in spite of having 100,000 persons on the roll, why Infosys could not get single person to become EA? Infosys had no explanation.

If the relatives are that capable, then anyway they can get a job outside also. Their capability cannot be selective!


Dinesh Divekar
30th September 2016 From India, Bangalore
Do you think that your HR department isn't capable of handling the huge responsibilities of keeping the employees intact and contribute to the growth of the company? If yes, then it is time to send them to best HR training from an apparent training and consultancy firm.

HR training is crucial for every organization if they wish to achieve their organizational goals quickly. The Human resource department is considered as the backbone of any company and if this department does not able to fulfill their responsibilities well, it will lead the company to the disaster. This is the main reason many small and medium sized industries send their employees from HRM for training in a reputed training and development firm to enhance their capabilities and become an important asset for the company.

Why exactly is HR training so important?

Well, it is a fact that a good human resource management can bring a lot of positive changes in the industry that includes increasing the productivity of the employees. However, a not so fair HRM can also degrade the potentials of the employee and lags the company behind. To make sure this doesn't happen, company owners or CEO send their human resource employee for training or hire someone with competitive skills and knowledge. Let's take a look at how HR training will benefit the HRM department of the company.
  • HR training helps HRM in hiring and training the right candidate for the company: Choosing a suitable candidate out of hundreds of them is certainly a difficult task. It requires to analyze the capabilities of all the candidates and find out the most appropriate person for the job profile. Furthermore, providing them the right sort of training is also as crucial to maintain and enhance their functionality.
  • It helps take care of performance management system: With HR training, the human resource department will be able to motivate their employees to perform better and contribute more for the company's growth. They are taught to praise the skills of the employee performing better and help others who are having difficulty in finishing their assigned tasks. This allows increased performance management and helps the company to increment productivity.
  • Creating cultural values in the organization: HRM is responsible to create a worthy work environment where every employee feels satisfied and secure. Only a good environment can make the employee perform better and HR training aids the department in building and maintaining one.
  • Conflict management: Surely there are times where disagreement arises between the employer and the employee. The HRM must be able to avoid such conflicts from arising and sort the issues in a more effective manner. This is possible with the help of proper HR training provided by a quality training and development firm.
  • Developing good relationship: It is necessary to establish cordial relations in every department of the company. A responsible HRM must be capable of holding meetings, official gatherings and seminars while giving a helpful hand in growing business by building better marketing plans for the company. The training will teach the team of the human resource to develop a good relationship among the people of the company and their business associates.

Many companies have benefited greatly from HR training in helping their human resource team gain a considerable amount of experience and skills to aid in the growth of the company. If you also wish to send your HR employees for training, it is necessary to find a respected and highly admired training and development agency who have prior experience in providing such training courses to corporate.

SLA Consultants India is a leader in providing effective and valuable Human Resources Training Courses to companies in order to increase the performance of their human resource department. Being an established and highly experienced training and development firm, SLA understand the needs and requirements of the company and thus, provide most appropriate solutions by making their employees more competent.
1st October 2016 From India, Mumbai
Employee motivation has gained a lot of attention in the past few decades. As the economic slowdown has hit every country and industry, people and organizations are looking for new ways to motivate their workers so that they can achieve measurable results from each and every one.

If you are also an employer or HR person who wishes for the employee to perform at its best then you need to consider the following options we have mentioned in this article. These motivation techniques might involve a bit of work and monetary investment in some cases but the end results would always be worth it. Donít trust us? Try them and see for yourself.

Make them Feel Human

One of the most dangerous mistakes employers or HR people do is that they start considering their workers as a machine that will produce results. This is not the case ever. Employees are human beings with feelings and emotions so they need to be treated as such. You should begin to make them feel more human by being with them if they want to talk about a personal problem or a client thatís giving them grief.

You should also make sure that the employees feel valued by appreciating good work and implementing the great ideas shared by them. If you are unable to implement a great idea, explain why you cannot do it and ensure that you will implement it in the future. It will make the employee feel closer to the company and his or her company loyalty would increase. Always remember that a loyal employee is a more productive one.

Additional Training

Most of the workers think that they have got the skills needed for the job. But the reality is that the employee skills always need to be upgraded to keep them productive and keep the company ahead of the competition. To ensure that the skills are upgraded you can organize in-house training or you can opt for training the employees outside. Training employees outside like an HR training institute in Noida is a good option when you donít have a large bunch of employees. Training in-house is more viable for large organizations.

Itís always vital to test the success of the training you organized like the HR training institute in Noida by asking all the employees to practice and hone the newly learned skill. The management should ensure that itís done so that the time and money invested in the training are not wasted. When the workers use the new skills, there will definitely be an increase in the productivity.

Organize Events

Celebrating occasions like Diwali, New Year, etc. within the company is not only traditional but also smart. It makes the employee feel more connected not only to the company but his or her own boss/ peers etc. The employees also get an opportunity to make friends in other departments and they will bond well with others. Which employer doesnít want the workers to mingle with each other so that the departments can function smoothly with each other and there is no friction?

Social gatherings also allow the employer to know which of the employees are more open and talkative and which of them are more conservative. These personality traits would help you assign the work better and form more efficient teams. For example: If a brilliant employee doesnít like to make new friends at a party, chances are he or she performs better alone. So expecting him or her to work in a team and give results is not a smart thing. In contrast, if you assign that employee to a project that he or she can own and deliver results, it would be more effective.

Rewards and Awards

It is a time-tested method of ensuring that employees perform better. As an employer, you need to ensure that you create several competitions and contests within the organization from time to time. Not only will it keep the creative juices of the employees flowing, it would also enhance the productivity.

In case you are short on the budget then you can make sure that you opt for non-monetary rewards for employees such as an employee of the month trophy, a certificate of excellence or even a few days of paid leave. These factors sometimes have more impact than the money you would have given as a reward. You should just be able to judge a reward that most people will appreciate and offer it. For example, a new father would like a few days to work from home over a late night party.

Did you like the simple employee motivation ideas we shared? Do you wish to add some creative employee motivation methods that you had tried and worked? If so, donít forget to comment on this discussion so that it keeps on helping others too.
4th October 2016 From India, Mumbai
Dear Mr Arvind Gaba, In your article, you have forgotten to mention one important component that motivates juniors. Think and try adding it. Thanks, Dinesh Divekar
4th October 2016 From India, Bangalore
Resume fraud has unfortunately become a common problem these days. Many people think that if they would add fake details like they have completed a certification course in HR or worked with a reputed company and they will more likely get the job. This phenomenon has become a cause of many problems for the HR people who are responsible for finding out whether a resume is fake or not.

If you are also working as a recruiter, HR professional or a business owner who wishes to hire only the best people then you should know how to spot a fake resume. Hereís a list some things that may assist you. This list is crafted on the basis of personal experience and in-depth study of the patterns present in the recruitment sector. We hope that you will like it and benefit from it.
  1. Learn the Common Areas Where People Lie: Your first step should be to get an idea about the things about which the candidates lie more often. The list includes exaggerating skill sets like if a person scores 6 on 10 in spoken English, he or she will write that he or she scores 8 on 10. People also lie about the work they did. For example: If an HR Recruiter just issued one offer letter in 1 5-year long job, it cannot be posted as that the person has in-depth experience in issuing offer letters.

    People also lie about the dates of employment, especially if they have a huge employment gap. Lying about the job designation is also a common phenomenon and people do that in order to get a better designation. Lying about the education, awards, etc. is also very common.
  2. Do Extensive Background Checks: After you have known about the things on which the candidates most commonly lie about, your next step should be to conduct an extensive background check on each of the shortlisted candidate before issuing the offer letter.

    It would be a smart idea to conduct the background check by doing personal visits rather than on telephone as people can lie easily over the phone. If you donít have the luxury of a face to face background check, you should ask for the scanned copies of the records over the email. For example: If a candidate says that he worked for Accenture for 8 months, you should ask for all the scanned records of the employee via your email.
  3. Organize Skill based Interviews: This is a perfect way to spot the resume fraudsters. You must organize skill based test for each candidate. The candidate should be able to prove his or her technical skills by doing a small task. For example: If you are hiring a content writer, you should ask him or her to write some content for you on the spot. You should also see to it that the candidate doesnít get a chance to cheat by supervising him or her.

    In cases where judging the technical skill of a person is beyond your scope, you can take the help of the prospective future manager of the candidate. For example: If you are hiring someone for the marketing department, the Marketing Head of your company would have the capacity to judge the skills of the candidate in a short amount of time.
  4. Judge the Body Language: Another key to finding out people who lie in the resume is to observe their body language. The best sign a liar gives is to not meet your eyes or hunching his or her shoulders while talking about an award he or she got in the previous job (which probably is fake).

    You need to practice a lot and learn some basics of body language over the internet if you wish to successfully judge a candidate on the basis of body language only. It would also be a smart idea to not depend on your judgment if the body language alone, you should merge it with the technical skill set test and background checks to get the best results.

If you have developed the skills needed to spot a person with fake resume, you should not hesitate to report that person wherever you can. You can post reviews of that candidate on the online job forums so that other people can also get assistance in spotting the fraudster. It would also be a smart idea to blacklist that person in your companyís employment database so that someone doesnít hire that person accidentally in the future.

Did you like the ideas we shared on resume fraud and how to spot a fake resume? If so, you can get more such practical advice in the certification course in HR we offer.

If you have any ideas or experience in dealing with a resume fraudster, please feel free to share it in the comments of this discussion so that all of us can learn from it.
5th October 2016 From India, Mumbai
Do you possess brilliant accounting skills? Have you completed your 12th or graduation in commerce with outstanding marks in accounts subject? If yes, then you can make a great career in the payroll department of any firm, however, before that, you certainly need to master the payroll skills and advanced payroll training will assist you confidently.

What is Payroll?

The Payroll, as the name says it all, a dedicated team that deals with the money that is to be paid to the employees of the company. The people working in the Payroll team are responsible for the timely payment of the employeeís salary. The team ministers every other team and accordingly looks after the salary of the members.

The team cannot afford to make any mistakes while calculating the salaries of the employees as it could harm them financially and emotionally as well. The Payroll needs to give out salaries for the exact hours the employee has worked in the organization and the accurate salary that they deserve to get.

So for this the candidate interested to pursue their career in the fields of Payroll need to undergo proper training and gain much knowledge about the process. The working professionals, who wish to take up a Payroll as their main career, can take up the advanced payroll training course to learn the process in a very short span of time.

Role and Responsibilities of the PAYROLL

The team not only calculates the salaries of the employees, but also looks after the legal tax matters for them, like income tax which every employee has to pay to the Government. Also the team makes proper deductions to be added to the employees Provident Fund, Account and to their Pensions after retirements.

The payroll team gathers payroll information of the employees, production numbers and time sheets, and after considering them all, they file in the calculations for the salaries of the employees. Payroll calculates the bonuses or the incentives that an employee earns while working in the department. If there are any deductions that are required to be made from the salary, in case of an unplanned leave or any other circumstances.


One must be wondering, what is an Advanced Payroll Training? Well to answer that, it is just like any other Payroll course that one needs to excel in the field, however for Advanced Payroll Course one needs to be experienced in the field of PAYROLL MANAGEMENT or Human Resources.

This is an advanced course for the people who are already involved in the field of Human Resources and are looking to pursue Payroll as their main career.

Candidates who can Pursue this course are

The course will be able to help the professionals polish their skills and be able to take serious tasks at work in the field of Payroll. The course will cover subjects like
  • Statutory and Labor Laws
  • Exposure to Tax components in Payroll
  • Case Studies, and Related assignment
  • Payroll Reports
  • Payroll Accounting's
  • Maternity Benefits
  • Payment of Gratuity
  • Software for filing Information of the Employee.

After the completion of the course the candidate will be able to work in a full- fledge Payroll Team with great accuracy and efficiency. He or she will have the ability to clear any interview from a reputed industry and can deliver all the payroll related tasks with utmost ease and comfort. But to make sure you garner such knowledge and develop necessary skills, it is required of you to join a highly respected training institute to pursue advanced payroll training as only there you will acquire the right set of understanding. If you choose a cheap training institute, you wonít be able to clear your doubts or obtain sufficient knowledge as the instructors there are not fully capable and lack experience.

Thus, find a reputable institute with outstanding teachers and competitive course material to polish your payroll skills and make you a better administrator.

SLA Consultants India, is a leading training and development firm located in New Delhi who offers the most reliable Advanced Payroll Training Course to their candidates who are willing to become a professional payroll administrator.
14th November 2016 From India, Mumbai
Getting a job in HR department is certainly a difficult job, especially when you havenít done any special course to understand the deep concept of being an HR. Many candidates try to land a job in HRM just on the basis of their MBA degree, which is definitely not enough. You need to be highly intelligent, filled with required skills and knowledge along with having a dedicated attitude to become a successful HR. This can be done by pursuing a Certificate Course in HR from a well reputed training institute that will help you hone all your needed skills and give you adequate awareness of becoming an HR.

Human Resource, known as the HR is a very reputed department in every organisation. Human Resource is said to be the backbone of all organisations. They are very skilled working professionals who have the ability to manage the organisation in a proper manner considering their professional as well as personal requirements. Human Resource performs the key responsibility of hiring the candidate who is fit for the profile train them for the job and inform and guide them about the candidateís role and responsibility. Human Resource department bridges the gap between the employees and the organisation, informs the employees about the expectations of the organisation and takes care of the employeeís salaries and leave issues.

Anyone who is looking forward to making a career in the field of Human Resource needs to go through the foundation course in this field which is Human Resource Management course. Human Resource Management is a foundation course that one needs to pursue securing a job as a working professional in any reputed organisation. Human Resource Management course will thoroughly train the candidate according to the requirements of the field. There are a lot of courses available for this position and these vary in duration. An aspiring candidate who is looking to pursue this course and doesnít have much time on hand or working professionals who are already engaged with their jobs can opt for Certificate Course in Human Resource.

Why Certificate course in HR is really necessary?

There are many long term courses offered for this particular course, however, only a few candidates have the time to go for such long courses. This Certificate Course in HR is a very efficacious course for the people who are already familiar with the traits of this field. They can get the professional documents with this course. Students who cannot dedicate much time for Human Resource Management course can gain skills and professional knowledge with this Certificate course in much lesser time. This course is ideal for all candidates who want to gain knowledge and grasp as much information as they can in a limited amount of time. The durations for Certificate Course in Human Resource Management are of 6 months and during the course, the candidate will be trained on the basic software, workplace management ethics, payroll procedures, labour laws etc.

Whatís included?

The role of a Human Resource officer is not just to manage the workplace but there are a lot of other things that needs to be taken care of by them. Some of the responsibilities are Leave management, Payroll, Labour laws, Tax Management, Provident Fund and Pension schemes.

All these things would be included in the course which will further enhance the skills and knowledge of the candidate who is involved in the course. The course also includes an introduction to some software which makes the work easier for the people who are looking forward to excel in this field. The candidate who has enrolled for this course will not be disappointed at all as they will learn the essentials theories of this course and once when they start working as an official they would not face any troubles in their work.

The most important thing that you need to consider is to find a standard and well recognized training and development agency to pursue to course as only they can hinder your troubles and inspire you to tackle them with great dedication and intelligence.

SLA Consultants India offers the most convenient and competent certificate course in HR that allows the candidate to learn all the specifics to clear interview from any MNC company for the profile for HR.
22nd December 2016 From India, Mumbai
Human resource is certainly an important field, may be the most important field for any successful business. This is the main reason behind the strictness of business companies while hiring a possible candidate for their HR team. One can simply not clear an interview for an HR unless he or she is highly skilled, educated and trained in the respective field. And to be such a candidate, one should pursue a certification course in Human resource management. The main benefit of this would be recruiters will take an extra interest in you over your other competitors due to certification as they understand that people with certification are specifically trained and more educated than those who don't. Thus, find a suitable institute in your area who could provide competitive course in the HR field to make you successful HR.

A certificate course in human resource management is an extremely popular program nowadays. The primary objective of Human Resource Certification Courses is to groom future HR managers and leaders, who can perform their duties in an extremely cost effective and time bound manner. The primary function of HR managers is to recruit the best staff. Other functions include supervision, manage employee records and compensation. Next, they also have to coordinate employee safety and health. Last, the most significant aspect, is that they have to handle employee labor relations. Keeping all these requirements in mind, many institutes and universities have designed the popular certificate course in human resource management for both working professionals and students alike. Though, there are no eligibility criteria for attending this course, quality institutes insist on five to ten years experience before attending this course.

A certificate course in human resource management generally is in the range of 3 months to 6 months in duration. It is available both offline and online for working professionals and students alike. Renowned institutes like SLA Consultants India offer a 3-6 month course over the internet. The main topics which are widely present in all the courses are as follows HR basics, Audit in HR , Structure of organization, industrial relations, compensation, online performance management and if possible dissertation. The fees for this program usually range from 20 thousand to 35 thousand.

The faculty imparting knowledge are themselves highly qualified having a deep corporate exposure of more than twenty years. The teaching methodology consists of slides, PowerPoint and projectors, workshops along with theory. Some programs also involve real time case studies to be completed by the candidates through industrial visit. So, it is advisable that candidates must pursue a certificate course in human resource management from quality institutes to prevent wastage of time and money and after acquiring a good corporate exposure.It has been observed, that students coming with real time experience is able to grasp the subject in a better way and prove to be better HR managers in the long run.

Concluding, this is a brief synopsis of the essence of a certificate course in human resource management. For additional details, one needs to contact the respective institutes where this program is conducted.

SLA Consultants India offers the best and most appropriate certification course in Human Resource management to candidates who wish to make a successful career in the field. They have been in the market for over seven years and are filled with highly trained and experienced faculty.
24th December 2016 From India, Mumbai
HR training is a special course provided by training and development institutes to candidates who are looking to make a career in the HR department. Just having enough knowledge wonít make you land in a fitting human resource job. You will require to gain specialised experience in the field, which you could show to the company. In todayís competitive generation, every company, big or small, requires candidates with great experience and knowledge for any job profile. This becomes more difficult when you wish to enter the company as an HR. But, with right medium and highly trained instructors giving you every possible help to understand the concept of being an HR, you will have no trouble at all getting placed in the HR of a successful company.

HR trainee is an integral part of all organisation. HR trainee refers to a fresh graduate gaining foothold in the field of HR. HR trainee is recruited through two mediums in the market. One is through campus interviews from reputed institutes and secondly, by employee referrals. In certain circumstances, reputed placement consultants also recommend candidates for HR trainee. A typical HR trainee usually finds a real time scenario quite overwhelming, since real time work is entirely different from studies undertaken in the university.

An HR trainee is first recruited in the months from January to April, when the hiring season commences. Then, he or she undergoes a small induction in the company for a period of about three weeks, where he gives a brief overview of the tasks and processes in the company. On the job training usually starts after the induction and consists of eighteen months duration. The training is usually composed of the following modules which are briefly described.

First of all, there is compensation and benefits or payroll work. It is the most important part of HR training. Compensation includes salaries, deductions like Provident Fund, House Rent Allowance, Transport Allowance, Dearness Allowance etc. as per company norms. Benefits include paid leave, performance bonus, etc. This module is often known as payroll processing.

Secondly, there is the crux of HR recruitment. Recruitment basically means selecting suitable persons for the assigned jobs. Positions can be both permanent and temporary. There are various methods of recruitment like online and offline hiring.

Thirdly, there is the task of employee relations, which is one of the main responsibilities of HR. Employee relations refers to the company's practices regarding relationships between employees and employers. It consists of employee joining and exit formalities as per the organization 's rules and regulations. HR functions include the need to maintain work life balance, safe working conditions and preventing strikes.

Next, there is the advanced topic known as Performance Management System. It is the primary responsibility of HR to ensure high performance consistently by employee motivation and training. This module is also known as learning and organizational development.

Compines work on some ERP like SAP Human Capital Management. SAP is an enterprise resource planning software which consists of organizational management, personnel administration, e-recruitment, time management, payroll, employee self service and manager self service respectively.

HR trainee needs to focus a lot on communication, both in speech and in print, since they act as a bridge between top management and the lower staff. A significant part of HR training includes practising the art of communication, both verbal and in writing.

Concluding, we can safely state that with proper training and grooming, HR trainee can jump start his career and sharpen his skills. For this, the right environment is essential along with the proper tools and techniques. Cooperation of the senior colleagues is also very essential for a good HR training. If requirement arises, HR trainee can also undergo external training programs.

A reputed and well recognized training institute will help you learn all the specifics of an HR, and allow you to tackle every difficulty an HR face in their career. This is the main reason you should always look for a standard and advanced HR trainng institute. Make a thorough research on trinaing institute before deciding to take admission. Try out their demo classes and take a look at the resume of their instructors to see if they are capable of giving knowledge at par with the competition.
30th December 2016 From India, Mumbai
Human resources training is very essential for people who wish to become a professional HR of a successful business enterprise. It allows the candidate to be aware of every job responsibilities and knowledge of human resource and how to handle several requirements that must be fulfilled by a professional HR. There are many training and development companies available in the National Capital and nearby regions who offer the best human resource training courses to both individual candidates and company employees at a very reasonable price. These institutes contains some highly certified and experienced trainers, brilliant learning environment along with updated and competitive study materials that give the candidate a better Insight of the job profile.

They also provide desktop based smart classes using PowerPoint presentation, charts and graphics, tabular presentation and statistical observation to give the student a better understanding of the job profile.

What are the inclusion of Human Resource trading course and how it can affect the career of a candidate?

The student will first learn the basic theory of being in human resource. This includes learning statutory and legal compliance where the students will be taught EPF and MP act 1952, ESI act 1948, Payment of Bonus Act 1965 and Payment of Gratuity Act 1972. These are some special factory acts, laws and ethics which every HR must be aware of.

Apart from this human resource training course will also help the students grasp some important jobs and responsibilities of an HR which are as follows:
  1. Recruitment and selection: soldier the main responsibility of an HR is to find necessary sections in the organization where additional resources are required. He or she must be able to find the relevant candidates through online job portals and schedule interviews. Then they should conduct interviews of each candidate and recruit the best one fit for the job profile. They must be able to identify the capabilities of each candidate and compare them effectively to find the most suitable one.
  2. Training and development: the job is not done after the selection of the candidate. He or she must be provided with the right training so that they could get acquainted with the company's and working patterns and contribute better to the company. Furthermore, it is the job of an HR to assess the results of the training and invite the employee in conferences, seminars and trade shows of his or her interest so that they could feel cared for. This would include both employee engagement and productivity of the organization.
  3. Employee relation and appraisal: one of the main skills of an HR brilliant communication and interpersonal skills that would help them maintain a healthy relationship between the employees and the organization. He or She is responsible for handling the human part of the organization which involves praising them for their work helping them with any issues they might face. This is very crucial for motivating the employees to contribute their best for the company.
  4. Resolving conflicts: conflicts are sometimes inevitable in organizations where different people have different views. Thus, it is the responsibility of an HR to provide a meaningful and satisfactory conclusion about the topic and resolve issues between two employees.
  5. Technical aspects: An HR must know how to use MS Excel and Access database management system along with its advanced functions to keep records of the employees. In the course the student will be taught advanced Excel and access that would help them keep track of their employees working shifts and activities.
  6. Payroll processing: another highly important job of an HR is to process the salaries and wages of every employee in a proper and timely manner. They must know how to calculate the wages after deduction of tax and adding any compensation and incentives.

These are all the things that you will learn from a quality human resource training course. Make sure that you read the study material of the course and reviews of the training agency before making the final decision of joining.
9th January 2017 From India, Mumbai
Anyone who aspires to become a human resource for a flourishing organization must enrol themselves in a short term HR trainee course from a training and development institute where he or she could learn the required skills and knowledge and enhance their expertise in the HR field. It is a fact that one of the most important jobs of any business organization is the job of an HR. An HR is responsible for almost everything that is going on the company, from hiring suitable candidates to training and rewarding them, from making necessary decisions to understanding and fulfilling the requirements of the employee, everything is done and mange by HR.

Thus, it is, by every means, necessary for the candidate who wish to become a professional HR to attend a suitable training course in order to hone the skills and knowledge and none can be better than HR trainee. HR Trainee is a specific and special course designed for aspiring HR candidates where they are given specialised training sessions on how to handle several job responsibilities of an HR with utmost accuracy.

Who are eligible for the HR Trainee course?

First of all, the candidate must be a graduate in BBA or hold a post graduation degree in MBA HR as the course will only teach the candidates the job responsibilities of an HR. Any additional skills such as computers, accounting, business or MS Excel would be recommended, but it is not mandatory to have.

Duration and fee structure of the course

The course is only 3-4 months of duration, which can also vary from one institution to another as so does the course fee. However, it is always advisable to pursue the course from a highly standardised and recognized training institute and not just a regular one with little or no prior experience of providing such intense training.

What are the things the student will learn from the training?
  1. The student will be trained on how to prepare and update employment records in the database management system.
  2. Using advanced MS Excel and Tally ERP 9 tools to easily evaluate, store, analyze and maintain important data of the company.
  3. Identifying the areas where manpower is required and posting for jobs on online job portals.
  4. Recognizing the most suitable candidates for the job profile and scheduling their interviews in the company.
  5. Taking interviews and finding out the most appropriate candidate for the profile out of many and discussing salary along with completing documentation required for a new employee.
  6. Training and rewarding the employees in order to motivate them to perform better for the company.
  7. Maintaining a healthy relationship between the company and employees.
  8. Resolving any kind of conflict that one may have for other in the company.
  9. Keeping records of employee performance and leaves taken.
  10. Performance management system to help the employees enhance their skills and contribute more to the company.
  11. Calculating the income of the employees after deducting holidays, provident fund, income tax and others while adding dearness allowance, rent allowance, incentives and overtime.
  12. Operating SAP, which is an enterprise resource planning software that helps in organizational management, time management, personnel management and many other valuable processes.

These are a few of the things that the students will learn in a short period of time from an HR Trainee Course. It will surely help them to grab every lesson and sessions they have studied in their graduation in detail and give them an additional information on how to handle different job tasks without any difficulty.

What job profiles one can go after once the course is completed?

After the completion of the course, the candidates can give interviews for HR executive, HR administrator, HR Assistant, HR Generalist, etc.
17th January 2017 From India, Mumbai
The success of any business organization is totally depends on how their Human resource Management operates during hard times. It is the job of the human resource of the company to lead and manage every department of the organization and look after the employee benefits, relations, performance, safety and staffing levels as long as they are in the company. They are also responsible to identify areas where the company is lacking and need improvement. And thus, make the necessary actions to fill those gaps with the help of talented and experienced staff. Since, the job of an HR is quite important for the organization, they do get a right amount of salary package which forecast their responsibilities.

And if you also wish to become a main part of the Human Resource Management of any successful organization, then it is necessary that you attend a human resources training courses from a quality training institute. The fact is candidates who aspire to become an HR professional believes all they require is an MBA degree in HR in order to land a promising job opportunity. However, this is certainly not the case these days as recruiters have now become extensively strict when it comes to choosing a desired candidate for their HRM. Surely, they also wish to hire someone who possess brilliant technical and analytical skills, outstanding communication and interactive expertise and of course the ability to manage every trivial operation that is happening in the organization with their great knowledge, which is not possible to grasp through a degree program.

This is where Human Resource training comes in. This course is a short term job oriented course designed to help the aspiring human recourse professional to learn and understand the jobs and responsibilities of an HR effectively and train them in tackling every possible interference and conflicts that may arise during their job term. Below are some of the things that you will learn from human resource training course:
  • Maintaining the work structure and updating the job descriptions and requirement at all posts.
  • Recruiting and selecting suitable candidates for the job profile by searching, evaluating, scheduling interviews, testing and conducting interviews.
  • Prepares the employee for new assignments and takes care of them until they are a part of the company.
  • Providing training to the new employees and meeting them with the complete team members.
  • Resolve any conflicts that may arise between two employees due to professional and personal differences.
  • Maintain payroll processing for the employees in a timely and proper manner.
  • Maintain employee benefit programs and ensuring legal compliances.
  • Motivating the employees to contribute more to the company.
  • Keep the technical and mechanical aspects of the company updated.
  • Giving regular reports of employees and assignments to the human resource management in order to make important decisions.

These are a few of the things that you will learn from a quality human resource training institute. In order to attend the course, the candidate must be graduated in any steam (BBA would be most preferred) and possess some remarkable interactive and communicating skills along with technical understanding of computer tools such as MS Excel, Tally, MS Access and SQL server.
2nd February 2017 From India, Mumbai
Pursuing MBA is a wise decision taken by a majority of the students. MBA is the best way to get prepared for extraordinary challenges and tasks that help your career to grow. If you want to equip yourself with the utmost managerial skills, then MBA HR fresher is the best thing you can do today. There are many institutes that are offering excellent MBA HR course for the students as well as professionals. But a majority of the MBA students are making silly mistakes that might decrease the chances of achieving success. If you are seeking an MBA in HR, then you must go through these common mistakes. Hereís the perfect guideline that might help you to avoid these mistakes for achieving success.

Get admitted into an unaccredited MBA institute

This is the foremost thing that you need to consider while searching the best MBA institute for conducting HR course. As the demand for MBA increases, so does the number of institutes. But you must be aware that with the authority of the institute. The institute should be accredited by the local, state or central government. You must ask for the authorized certificate of government before getting admission in the institute. If you failed to check out the credibility of the institute, then you might be trapped in a fake account. Furthermore, if you carried out this fake MBA HR fresher degree for applying or switching job, you have to suffer from many obstacles. Thus, it is important to enroll into the accredited MBA program.

Selecting the Wrong Specialization for the Program

You must need to identify your interest and skills in order to select the best subject for the MBA program. MBA covers a wide range of specializations including MBA HR fresher, accounting and many others. You must need to select a proper program which is concentrated with your career goals. There are numerous MBA students, who applied for MBA before realizing the specialization. There are many options to select in the MBA specialization. Most of the students commonly select finance, marketing, and management, but the program is not only related to these three subjects. You can conduct MBA in HR for standing you out of the box.

Not Focusing on the Study

There are many students who had taken MBA study as granted. They consider MBA program with their college studies. Thus, they ended up losing their money and precious time. There are many students who started MBA but didnít able to complete it because of last of focus and hard work. Although MBA program offers a flexibility of time to play your own studies, many students just neglect the assignments and attention in the class. Thus, they end up losing their time and money.

Spending huge amount for MBA

The most common mistake that students conduct is spending the huge amount of money for doing MBA. They didnít figure out institutes that are offering financial help for students to carry out MBA HR fresher degree. So, those who are paying their precious pocket money for doing MBA are making a huge mistake.

Thus, avoiding these mistakes can help you to reach career advancement.

Authorsí Bio

SLA Consultants India is a well known training and development consultancy firm located in New Delhi, who specializes in offering wide range of courses that include MBA HR Fresher to their candidates.
6th February 2017 From India, Mumbai
Though the term hiring freeze has been gaining a lot of importance lately since the US President Donald Trump imposed it, this term is not new. Itís an old method that has been adopted by companies from all over the world to make the staff more efficient and control the costs. If you are working as the key human resource professional in a company or your have a vital HR Executive Job then you must know what are the benefits of hiring freeze and why HR must consider it. We have listed all the benefits over here:
  • Get Rid of Unnecessary Job Positions: The first benefit of freezing new recruitments is that you get rid of all the unnecessary job roles you thought were important when your company had more revenues coming in. These job roles may include recruiting a specialized recruiter for separate departments to appointing more sales people than you actually need. When you let go the people working in the unnecessary job roles, you will end up saving some money for the company. Who doesnít want that?
  • Hire only Revenue Generating Employees: The second benefit of implementing the hiring freeze is that you get to hire only those employees who generate revenues. Sometimes, when the hiring freeze is not there, the recruiters make the mistake of focusing too much on recruiting for not so urgent positions that they negate the value of recruiting employees for vital roles. During a hiring freeze, all your focus would be on ensuring that the revenue generating employees are hired. More revenue generating employees means better profitability for your company. You want that too, right?
  • Multi-Tasking Employees: When you opt for implementing a hiring freeze, you get the benefit of expanding the abilities of your employees. Usually, when the employees of a company realize that there is a hiring freeze going on and there is a possibility of firing the workers, they will be more eager to work extra and learn new job skills. As a wise HR, you can easily make them multi-tasking employees by imparting regular training and offering incentives.
  • Lots of Low-Cost Workers: During a hiring freeze, companies often hire part-timers, freelancers or interns. They are cheap human resources who would nearly do enough work like a regular employee but will be happy in getting paid a bit less. They will often not expect any extra benefits like healthcare benefits, paid leaves, etc. You can literally hire two part-time employees at the cost of one regular employee and save tons of money.

So, it can be seen that there are a lot of benefits of freezing new recruitment's and everyone from a seasoned HR person to an MBA HR fresher should be aware of it. Two things that the HR must remember while reaping the benefits of a hiring freeze is that the morale of every employee should be boosted regularly so that you donít lose precious employees and the customers are not impacted by it at all. When you do these two things, you will see that freezing new recruitment's is not a bad thing, itís a good thing that helps every company no matter how small or big it is.

Have you implemented a hiring freeze ever? How did it benefit you? Do share your comments below. You are also welcome to check out our website for more useful blogs on real time HR issues. After all, we at SLA Consultants believe in sharing the knowledge with everyone, be it our trainees or the professionals working in the corporate world.
10th February 2017 From India, Mumbai
Human Resources, otherwise known as the HR, is the base of any organisation, they are oneís who develop the foundation and make the organisation grow in peace and harmony. The Human Resource as we all must have heard somewhere or the other is the backbone of an organisation and builds a very strong connection between the employees and the organisation. They make the employees aware of any new policy that the organisation has offered or is about is introduce to them and also let the organisation know about the feedback of the employees of the organisation. In very simple words they bridge the gap between the organisation and the employees.

Human Resource team takes care of the throughout journey of the candidate in an organisation like from the stage of hiring to training till they are productively working in the organisation and also after they depart themselves from the organisation. Every organisation is incomplete without the Human resources making the work easier for them. Human Resources has many responsibilities and becoming a Human Resource officer is not a childís play but is a very difficult task indeed, they need to take care of a lot of on-job circumstances. Anyone who is interested in making themselves excel as a Human Resource officer needs to prepare themselves to take up such challenging job profile.

As we discussed that there are many job roles of a Human Resource officer, let us take a look at the few things that a Human Resource team looks after. These job roles are as follows:-
  • Hiring the candidates who are fit for a particular job profile.
  • Training the candidates according to the requirement of the job and duties that they would be performing during their association with the organisation.
  • Informing the employees about any new policy that the management has introduced.
  • To provide the candidates an equal, non-biased workplace, where they are appreciated and applauded for the work that they do in the organisation.
  • Human Resources takes in the record any appraisals or deductions or additions that are supposed to made in the working professionalís salary.
  • Human resource is the department that can be contacted if a person feels humiliated or harassed in an organisation, they can walk up to the Human Resources team and share their sorrows with them and they would definitely take action against it and provide justice.

These are some of the responsibilities that a Human Resource officer or team has taken care of and if they fail in any one of them, it would harm the organisationís image and the workplace harmony of the employees. Any errors on the part of Human Resources would make the employees feel insecure and unsafe in the organisation. The Certification Course in Human Resources is the ideal course for you if you feel you can take care of such situations swiftly. These courses are available in many institutes and they make the candidate capable of handling workplace responsibilities. They help the candidates understand the work process and role within the organisation. They are trained on many laws like Labour laws, leave policies and Harassment laws to make the workplace fit and healthy for all those who are working in it.
17th February 2017 From India, Mumbai
Have you completed your MBA as an HR and now looking for an MBA HR Fresher job profile? If yes, then you are in the same situation as most of the MBA Freshers, whose numbers are increasing rapidly on a daily basis. This means getting a job as an MBA HR fresher would be very difficult for you as for one vacancy in any business enterprise for the same profile, there would a great number of candidates who will apply. And you need to be both technically and theoretically advanced enough and much better that your competitors in order to grab that opportunity.

If you are eager enough for the job, it is recommended that you take MBA HR fresher training course from a suitable institute. There are several training and development institutes in Delhi and NCR region who offer best training courses for Freshers in MBA (HR) and help them understand the basics and advanced concept of being an HR.

What you will learn from MBA HR Fresher training course?
  1. Learning all the laws and ethics of business: It is mandatory for an aspiring HR to be aware of every code of conduct regarding the business. These include learning Statutory and Legal compliances, EPF and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952, ESI Act 1948, Payment of Bonus Act 1965, Payment of Gratuity Act 1972 and many other Company Acts.
  2. Understanding payroll system: A main responsibility of an HR is to calculate and process the salaries of the employees. It must be accurate after the deduction of taxes, holidays and adding overtime and other compensations. It is a very complex procedure which can be done by using accounting tools such as MS Excel and Tally, in which the candidate must be an expert.
  3. Recruitment and selection procedure: The candidate will learn how to understand the capabilities of the candidates who have applied for a proposed job profile. He must be able to select the most prominent one from them and negotiate the salary package. He or she is also required to search for the desired candidate over Internet profiles and schedule interviews with the capable candidates.
  4. Seeing the journey of the employees: It is the duty of an HR to see if the newly recruited employee is satisfied with the working environment and if he or she is not facing any troubles such as technical issues or difficulty with other employees. The HR must also praise and motivate the person to perform better than expected and contribute more to the welfare of the company.
  5. Using technical tools: As mentioned above, an HR must be technically advanced and an expert in using several tools related to the work. These include using MS Access and SQL for maintaining databases, Tally for accounting and bookkeeping and MS Excel for creating customized programs to help operators to perform tasks more quickly.

These are the things you will learn from a reliable MBA HR Fresher training course. The knowledge does not come to an end here. Apart from only learning the practical and theoretical means of the job, the course will also increase the communicating skills and logical skills of the candidate which is very necessary for the job profile.

After the completion of the course, the candidate will be able to:

Build strong relationship between the employee and the organization and enhance communication for better productivity.

Track regional manpower headcount

Follow recruitment process and ensure effectiveness

Work fluently with management to identify and resolve issues and make necessary decisions

Co ordinate with the management team to implement necessary training for particular employees

Provide guidance to HR Manager based on the requirements of personnel's and technology

Keep records of employees attendance and take essential actions to stop irregularly

Course duration and eligibility

The duration of the course is hardly 4-5 months. The student can either join the course during their MBA degree or after completing it. It would be suggestible to attend the course before graduating the course. The candidates who have a BBA degree can join the course.

However, the aspiring candidate also required to attend a trustworthy and well established training institute as only a reliable candidate who offer a Government recognized certificate after the completion of the course. Unlike an amateur institution, these institutes possess worthy and trained instructors and teach the students with updated and competitive study material. Thus, do not wait more and join the best MBA HR fresher course to kick start your career in the field of HR. Get yourself a high paying job and enhance your career at a very reasonable price.

SLA Consultants India offer recognized MBA HR Fresher Course to candidates who have completed their MBA (HR) and wants to lead a career as a professional HR.
19th April 2017 From India, Mumbai
If you wish to end your employment agreement with your company who has initiated a 3 month notice period for you, you need to be very careful in your proceedings. Any inappropriate or disapproved steps can cause you more trouble.
Below are some effective ideas on terminating employment agreement by breaking 3 month notice period:
  1. Understand your contract well: it is important to know your contract with the employer, which is provided during the interview. It states all the necessary agreements between you and the company.
  2. Perform your duties as long as you can with efficiency until you are excused.
  3. Ask your manager for help. Do it by writing and mention your planned leaving date.
  4. Identify the holidays you have left to reduce the notice period.
  5. Be straightforward and professional during your conversation with the employer and donít nod on all his/her talks. Communicate your reasons for leaving well with the employer.
  6. Provide detailed notes on your work and project and hand it to the right person.

4th August 2017 From India, Mumbai
Absenteeism and low punctuality are one of the most serious problems an employer faces in the everyday situation at their workplace. A few misses on the workdays are expected by the employees when an excess of it can cause a serious damage to the reputation and productivity of the company. There are various legitimate and otherwise reasons why employees tend to stay home rather than coming to the work. Below are mentioned some of the major causes of absenteeism and attendance of employees:
  1. Harrassment and bullying: Employees avoid the situation to confront co-workers or superiors who bully or harass them in one way or other, thus calls in sick.
  2. Childcare and Eldercare: There are times when employees just couldnít attend office due to his/her responsibility to their children or elders.
  3. Illness and injuries: The most common reason of low punctuality where the employees feel sick or get injured and unable to perform their duties.
  4. Burnout and stress: Extra workload, stressful meetings and not appreciated can lead the employee to take a day off to reduce their stress level.

12th August 2017 From India, Mumbai

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What is the future of Digital marketing in India?
Is it a fad or the sunrise field?
What is the career prospect and growth prospect in the Industry?
What kind of pay scale can be expected if a person is creative and holds certifications from e.g Digital Vidya or foreign schools like IESEG (MSc in digital marketing and CRM?
23rd June 2018 From India, Pune

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