Hello Experts,

From around 4 years I am working in IT industry.Previously I worked with 2 employers.I have all relieving letter and experience letter from my previous employers.

Now situation is below,

1.I have 1 year gap in my engineering in my first year.My duration of engineering is 2005-2010.

2But .while completing my employment form I put my duration as 2006-2010.

as I cleared my first year in 2006-2007,second year 2007-2008,third year 2008-2009,and BE 2009-2010

3.After discussion with HR in my current company they told me that degree duration should be 2005-2010 instead of 2006-2010

4.But as I put duration 2006-2010 while completing all employment form with my previous organisations also,will this cause any issue.

5.Is there any cases if my previous employers found such kind of mismatch then experience from those employers becomes invalid and there will be no use of releving letter and experience letter in future.

6.Will this cause any issue with employment with my current employer also.

Please suggest.


From India, Pune
Your mentioning the duration of your engineering from 2006 to 2010 in place of 2005-2010 amounts to suppression of facts. As a matter of fact, suppression of material facts is considered a grave act misconduct. Now you have to explain to your employer that by mentioning duration from 2005-2010 to 2006-2010 you only wanted to record the duration of your active studies leading to completion of your engineering degree and not to derive any benefit, whatsoever. Beside, this does not make any material/ substantial difference so far your employment is concerned. You have to admit (not on record) and accept it as an inadvertant mistake which you will not repeat in future..
It depends how well you are able to sell your point.

From India, Delhi
Thanks for your response.
Definitely I will do the things whatever suggested by you.
but i am afraiding as till now for each and every employer , I put my duration 2006-2010 instead of 2005-2010 ,will university takes any action on this.Please suggest

From India, Pune

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