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Dear All respected HR personnel,
I would like to ask for those in-charge in training department, what is your monthly target, what is your department work for and target to achieve.. are those target measurable.
What is your advise if I like to set up target like 4 man day of training and 5% of trained staff per month.
Complying to my country regulation as an employer, I have to pay levy for training fund... So I guess the more I get reimburse from the fund is better.
What is your comment and experiences

From Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

You should categories your KPI as Technical Trainings & Behavioral trainings first.
Then you should set different KPI for different training (seperate for technical & seperate for Behaviourial)
What is important is to have a KPI to ensure Complaince to TNI by>95% (Training need Identification)
So identify training needs of each employee & then based upon the list which comes out of TNI Form (you will have atleast 3 technical & 2 soft skills/employee), you should plan those trainings for entire year & then monitor complaince to TNI completion on monthly basis
Having training target every month to cover man-days is just a cover up for eye.
I hope this helps...

From India, Delhi
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Solehuddin Yusof,
I have a little different take. Yes, I understand the importance of availing of benefits that the government of your country bestows for the investment done in the training, nevertheless, as an entrepreneur, your main focus should be on the effectiveness of the training. Cost of the training is just small part of the ROI that you get on the training.
If you conduct outcome based training then the benefits that you would accrue are long term and it brings cultural change. The reimbursements from the government are just the spin-off. Therefore, my humble request is to concentrate on major benefits and not on minor ones.
Dinesh V Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Thanks for both of the replies,
I will take note on that, yes what I`am considering now is also on the effectiveness, besides covering up my bosses on the training figure it also help me to have measurable outcome on a glimpse.
To measure effectiveness of the training for me is a little bit subjective, I wil do my TNA/TNI and put the outcome on a plan, but still I need ways to measure my work effectiveness.. especially on how much training done based on plan.
I will separate training for several categories and give higher percentage target on important and crucial training that will increase productivity and company profitably... to do that I will do details assessment on each training.
Base on your expertises what is the simplest way to prove ROI for the training done in a monthly basis.. as I need to send monthly result for my unit to the management board..
Thanks & Regards
Solehuddin Yusof

From Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
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