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hi seniors,

Fine good morning to all,im here to ask u important question to you...please do take time to read and try to understand....

(its a lengthy letter..please read wen u r free!!! i dont want to waste your production time)

Seniors i finished my UG in engineering in 2011.(but it supposed to be completed in 2010) the thing is ,actually i joined in B.E, course on 2006, but during my 6th semester examination(may 19th ,2009), i met a terrible accident before the examination date,my both legs (femur + foot) were broken and i was unable to attend the 6th semester exams ...

during my 7th semester and 8th semester (final year) i didnt attend the most of the classed ( nearly 80 % of lectures), my college management allowed me to write examination by adjusting the attendance( i gave valid medical certificate).....i wrote few exams...but other exams i was not able to write due to my illness (i know i should not tel reasons, but seriously i was not able to write, Physically mentally ill ..)...

i took extra 2 semesters to fulfill my degree by clearing 10 papers ...(i.e) i should have completed on April 2010, but i completed in April 2011,with first class degree (thankfully with 75%)...i have got my provisional and degree certificate as ""passing year: April 2011 with 1st class""....The moment result came, i felt happy and i went to my home to convey that..the same day my father was diagnosed with chronic kidney disorder( hmm...kidney failure)...i stayed with my father during his kidney transplantation operation...with god's grace my father underwent his operation..my 6 months went along with him(now he is feeling healthy better every day)...

(april 2011 -- i completed my degree...from april 2011 to december 2011--i stayed with my dad for above reasons)..

Attended the interview, gave my doctor certificate of my accident i met.. and explained my educational gap and in January 02 2012,i got placed in multinational telecom giant company...new responsibilities..new life.. started..i was in 6 months internship period (small thing..my seniors told me that " internship is like honeymoon period,try to enjoy ,after that works vl screw u like anything.."he said like tat)...my friends and my professor were surprised and they were happy abt my placement with that telecom giant..i was working...learning...enjoying...my six months was really a true learning period for me along with my all days as usual since my schooling...that day was june 28,2012(still in internship period) ..i was thinking ..from july 1,2012 i vl be in my position to handle separate clients with a package of 4.5lacs..i was thinking i have to buy lot of gifts to my family..to my friends..to my little friends in orphanage... really excited on that day...that whole day i was in half dream what i have to do from next week( i.e from july 01,2012)..

my local manager came to me and said " actually we are planning to put ur batch on hold...also we suggest you (all my batch friends) to search job outside asap and july 13th will be your last day in this company .."like this he said and wished me with happy bright future and went....i thought it was part of my dream...later i just got confirmed from my seniors..it was true...seriously got struck-ed ..i asked what is the reason...my manager didnt reply..my seniors were hardly arguing for me with team manager in USA...no use....tried with in that company for internal-transfer...no use...tried with other telecom companies..suiting my job role...found a vacancy in Bangalore based telecom company.. went to till last hr round...they told they are happy with me..and they are ready to hire me..i was happy..small thing the package is 3.5lacs..i said..okay..i was happy ...waited for their call..they didnt respond me for few days..at last i made the call to that company and they said..."the team which im supposed to work was completed removed", i asked why ? , what happen? the same silence was the answer i got with happy future wishes...july 13th...i came out of the company...with 7 months internship letter...

Late tried some small companies all were asking me " working with that giant company why you came out??.."..i argued with that hr --so hardly...i said the truth..thankfully i got placed in a that small company with 9k as my monthly salary..i was happy...worked their for few months...after some days i realized that pursuing my pg will get back to my previous state with that telecom giant...yes july 2013 i started my pg( telecom engineering) career in private university..all is going good here...maintaining 8.7cgpa...now its a placement time in my university....


1) i completed my ug in april 2011( supposed to be 2010)..

2)worked in a company for 7 months-from jan 2012 to july 2012..

3)started working again from feb 2013 to june 2013

4)Started my PG career from july 2013 to still now... !!

..i enquired with my university placement cell officer..he said " its depending up on the company"....so i am here to ask you...am i eligible sit in placement in my university via on-campus !!!...

Really sorry for elaborating the things...i can summarize the entire content in 3 line...im in state to tell in length about my situation...u might know very well...heart of the every company belongs to hr department...even i felt that...my 1 st company hr understood my past and she gave the green signal to work in that giant company ....now please kindly clarify my above questions...all i have said the truth...

Seniors please clarify me...will this year gap affect my entry as an employee in to IT corporate world ??...i am expected truthful open talk.... what were it is...positive or negative...please guide.

Thank you so much for taking time to consider...


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Dear Jeya,
Many times i tried to reply you back but due to network issues my replies were rubbed off, as your question is too long as usual my answer is also in brief.if you can call me for verbal communication , will be best, as after 2-3 times replies it wont feeling comfortable to type brief reply once again,i use to reply on same site only but now, if you are free ,ring me up.i think i can try to help you out at this critical situation.
Manish Srivastava
+91- 96707- 66 888
Dear Jeya,

Your placement officer rightly said that it depends on company to company that weather you will be eligible to sit in the placement or not, because as a matter of fact there are company's who straight away do not entertain candidates having gap in their employment/education, but there is no need to worry as majority of company's don't have any problem in hiring such candidates, but yes they will surely ask for the justification of gap, which after reading your whole story I think you can better explain to them. Even in my professional career so far I have interviewed and selected many candidates who have gap in there education or employment, if they have explained and justified their gap.

As a matter of fact, these are circumstances which may occur with any of us, but if we have a right approach towards life it can be overcome over a period of time, and trust me these are the life time experiences which will surely help you in your coming professional career, at least you would be sincere towards your job and you will be always possessive for your job, as you would be surely knowing the importance of it. So be motivated and have a right approach for life along with excellent command over your domain you will surely land up with a decent job in your hand.

All the best!
I am sorry for your predicament and the difficulties you had underwent. There is definitely an urge in you which propel you to greater heights. Don't lose your heart. You have encountered lots of bumps and bumpers in your life. You can explain your situation with the panel in frank way. I am sure they will consider you.
Pon, Chennai
Dear Jaya Balan,

I empathize with you on your narration of things you went through so far.

I'll share my thoughts from two angles -

1. Emotional

2. Practical

On the Emotional front: Let me deal with the Begin by developing self belief, and for God and Heaven sake build your self-esteem, being to cultivate the feeling the you are a unique creation of the Almighty, born with a lot of "gifts" still to be unwrapped inside you. Release yourself from what ever fear is gripping you internally or externally. That said, you have to learn to deal with issues that confront you personally including that of your family. We are outsiders, who can give any amount of in-put and that from outside, whereas what you are going through only you will know better. Stop with the self criticism and surround yourself with people who encourage your genius zone over your excellence or comfort zone.

Donít get too caught up in comparison.

Itís often very easy to compare ourselves when our lives are on public display. Yet we judge the package by the wrapping paper. You may think you want someone elseís life...but you donít.

Remember that everyone inner turmoil is different in all aspects including the way they handle it. The one's who succeed are probably the one's who did not react, but respond to the challenges posed on them. When you succeed, which you at sometime will, make a conscious effort to celebrate little victories, appreciate what you have, and keep moving forward.

Remember, comparison is a vicious trap because thereís always somebody ahead and always somebody behind. Donít look too far forward...and donít look too far back.Donít make a big deal out of small things. Sun shines, Rain falls, Milk spills, Babies are born, life happens. If you get worked up about small things, youíll have a heart attack over the big things.

Failure or misgivings, is not that big of a deal. You wonít die or go to jail. Keep cool life will throw you curving balls. Youíll end up feeling broken. Broken does not mean beyond repair. Learn from your failures misgivings. They always give you a learning. Look for the lesson. There usually is one.

Teach yourself something new every single day, share it with some who you think deserves or appreciates it.

Shun the "To Do" list instead maintain a "To Be" list

Now being Practical - It's not how long you took to complete your degree,

How much did you learn?

How much did you grasp?

How much have you been able to retain?

What are you specialized in or at least what is it that you are strong (subject wise)?

how much of your learning can you translate to application?

Did you engage yourself in worthwhile project, be it while doing the degree or during your internship?

What did you learn and what was your contribution?

Being technically strong and degrees apart, please be informed that people who get hired, though basically for their degree, but on the other side the other softer aspects like attitude, character, learning abilities, smartness, communication abilities (written/oral), hard work, values - integrity, honesty, sincerity etc., are very important aspects that employers, who are serious about their human-assets who are in their long-term investment plan especially on the resources front.

Having said this, let me also tell you strongly, please erase this word "package" from your mind. While money is essential it isn't the only thing. Look at what you get to learn before you see what you get to earn.

You'll get advisers all over the world, however, start believing that everybody has greatness within them! Sometimes you just have to dig deep and mine for it. Easier said than done.

I wish to end by

1. Please acknowledge those who have invested their time to share their thinking with you, and that to unselfishly.

2. Please let the others know six months or a year later, as to where you were and were you are. Who knows, your story might just inspire some of those who are in a similar or worse "loop."
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