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Dear Sir,
My friend was released from the company once he/she resigned from services without serving his/her notice period. She was a very good performer in the company and she had a very good reputation in the industry. She was emotionally harassed for past 3 to 4 months by immediate boss and was released from the company by an unethical manner. She has even sent a letter to the country head, Business head attaching all her performance where in they have not replied till now. What should be done going forward? Need expert advice as she is emotionally down.

From India, Chennai
Scalper :-)
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Advise her to move ahead, it is the company which has lost a valuable asset, she has lots to look forward to in life. Very soon this episode will be behind her and she would have moved on. Forget revenge, redressal or resolution, In the words of Abraham Lincoln-
"I was desperate to have the last word! It is better to keep your mouth shut and seem a fool than speak out and remove all doubt."
All the best

From India, Delhi

While Mr. Robin has a point given the scenario it is possible even future opportunities will be difficult if reference checks are carried out. No one wants a worker - howsoever good - who - apparently - created problems in the past.
Any views on how to resolve that ? Experiences ?

From United States, New York

Valid question Hardeep- While there is nothing she can do if the company or its authorised representative takes upon themselves to harass here even after she has quit. She on her part can carry forward letters of appreciation received from within the company (while the going was good, letters of appreciation received from bosses appreciative of her work in the company). Further if as the thread starter says that she has a good reputation in the industry, in that case surely she can muster enough appreciations from cross industry to strengthen her case. At the end of the day it is left to her next employer to interpret these the way they want to, but at least she would have made a neat representation of her case.
From India, Delhi

Dear Friends,
Assuming , what the starter has said that she has good reputation in the industry, is right. She should not worry about harassment. Every single organisation needs good performer. Even the performer has to work with in a frame work. As a professional , we must never take anything to personal; keep our focus on improving ourselves. In some places even performing juinior harass the senior by being haughty, indiscilplined and un reliable.
In this case she should take it as a feed back, work herself to be better worker and better leader. Performing well alone does not gurantee you job. Even Stev Job was fired,Piloo Mody was fired Iacocca was fired from Ford , all were exceptionally talented and performing. In life it is always my faulty and let me correct my self in a way that I become acceptable , I will be successful. Stand by ethics and truth. Jolt is temporary , we will move on to roll.
Natarajan Iyer.
Consultant Joy of Liviing.


From India, Madras

Experiences ? Has any one had / seen any hiring where the past employer gave a bad reference yet the candidate came up with explanations and testimonials and the Candidate was hired ?
Or a candidate's experience in a similar situation ?

From United States, New York

Revenge is waste of time.
There is a lot of scope for a right candidate. Keep going ahead!!!
My biology teacher used to say in my school days "Care not the criticism, When you are at the right path".
Needless to worry!!!
Wish You All Luck.

From India, Bangalore

Hello Ramnathmba,
It would help the members give suggestions with BETTER clarity & practicability in-mind IF you can give more details about the following aspects:
1] How long was your friend working in this Company--and in what role/designation? [while comparisions with Stev Job, Piloo Mody, Iacocca, et al MAY be realistic, they may not be appropriate, given the level differences with your friend].
2] Can you pl elaborate reg your remarks 'emotionally harassed for past 3 to 4 months by immediate boss'? Given that your friend is a Top performer--as per your thread--this can be due to multiple reasons. Which of them is it? Was the 'immediate boss' a new boss OR was she working under him/her earlier too....and the harassment resulted due to any new/unforeseen developments?
3] Also what do you mean by 'released from the company by an unethical manner'? Was she terminated? Even IF she was, she would surely need to be given the Relieving Letter & other Docs.
4] You mentioned 'She has even sent a letter to the country head, Business head attaching all her performance'--pl clarify WHY did she need to send letters to everyone in the Company? For what purpose? Was it for her Relieving Docs? Or any other purpose?
Like the Saying goes: "If you want the right Answer, you need to ask the right Question".

From India, Hyderabad

I also second Mr. Taj Sateesh, I fail to understand if any employee has resigned from his/her post due to any circumstances/reasons and the employer is relieving them immediately without asking his/her notice period, what is the harm. As such the employee want to be relieved sooner or later, then why the hiccups secondly as Taj Sateesh asked why did she send a letter to higher authorities, is it for any explanation asked or for any other reason, and why do the top management reply to her letter when she has already quit her job. If your friend need any specific reply then it is requested to ask specifically to the forum to get appropriate view.
From India, Ahmadabad
Dear Taj,

1) She was working with the company for 8 months, she was working with a financial service company handling corporate channel, she was working as Relationship Manager.

2) This industry is basically not in a good shape and she was harassed by immediate boss who is working with the company for almost 12 years. This was not the first incident and it has happened with a lot of Ex-employees. And on the emotional harassment front, She was been publically criticised, Calling people outside the company and harassing her, focussing her in a bad way to business head and saying a different reason to her that business head doesn't is not satisfied with her performance, while when she calls the business head he denies that he said, try to poach her clients and getting good name in head office even though she wud have done the background work and finally exposing her as non performer, comparing another girl employee infornt of a third party and indirectly talking bad abt her, and talking abt her infront of other male colleagues in a nasty way when she is not around. and these are few instance. This made her emotionally down and she began to cry daily.

3)She was relieved without giving her breathing space 'by asking to her colleague and convey it. Till now he haven't conveyed. It has affected her and her family and even the corporate clients were shocked on her exit. She is a performer and she wud definitely have her worries when she had a bad exit.

4) She had sent a letter to the country head showing all her performance, which includes appreciation mails and a lot of appreciation letter signed by the country head asking for justice.

Guess my answers would have thrown light to all the questions u have raised and Thanks a tonne for going through this issue.

Thanks & Regards


From India, Chennai
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