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Thread Started by #Dinesh07

Dear Seniors,
Iam Dinesh working as a HR Executive of a small orgainzation.In my company iam the only HR,so i need to take care of all activities in my company.My Problem it is so difficult to control the employees chit chats during the office hours.Everybody used to talk more,they are not concentrate on there work properly.So kindly give me the solution of how to handle this problem and also how to make them interest towards there work..
3rd July 2014 From India, Chennai
A policy to address breaks and work hours as well as a policy to monitor employee productivity and efficiency
3rd July 2014 From India, Mumbai
Dear Dinesh,
Employees are chatting because that way culture is formed in the company. They chat because they have time to chat. They have time to chat because it appears that they are not laden with sufficient work. I recommend you doing workload analysis. Give them stringent targets.
Losing time in unwanted activities is common. There were posts of similar nature earlier. Check the following links to read my past replies:
All the best!
Dinesh V Divekar
3rd July 2014 From India, Bangalore
Dear Dinesh,
1.Let the superiors of those individual employees be resposible to improve the attitude of those employees.
2. Secondly if the employees are meeting their daily work targets, then let them continue with chit chatting only thing is that they should follow certian discipline while doing so.
3. If as per work load the number of employees are more, the company should do away with some of them
Generally in smaller companies such things happen because there is informal relations among the employees. Only ensure that company's performance is not affected due to such practices.
Satish Akut
4th July 2014 From India, Pune
Go and talk to the employee whom you talking more there will be one or more persons like the due them the whole office will mess so inform them nicely with soft words what happens by chit chatting to each other and tell them talk only when neccesary i mean related to job
do this for two three times
and if not listening means send a personal mail in such a way that touches their heart and don\'t include anyone in CC do this for 2-3 times if not then send a strong warning mail to everyone and include your boss in cc.
May be it works out
4th July 2014 From India, Bangalore
Work place is not a school where chit-chat is totally banned. In work places, they may be discussing during the free time. Analyse the performance as suggested by Dinesh Divekar and come to conclusion.
4th July 2014 From India, Lucknow
Dear Dinesh
Here it is a question of discipline./ A casual attitude towards work. /Not fully engaged. /Over staffing./ Absence of work monitoring. /Informal atmosphere. / A superior who takes this easy. / They have not been made aware of the consequences of this attitude. /Many more reasons can be thought about.
Since it is a regular practice you have to create a change. Talk to your superiors about this and get their suggestions too. This habit that has been formed over a period of time can be changed only by slowly taking measures to tighten discipline. / checking on staff productivity. /keeping only adequate staff to do the job after conducting a work measurement study. /
This habit is a contagious one and the earlier you curb it, the less difficult it becomes. Take this issue as you see the bigger picture of bringing discipline to the entire office functioning, thru professional training in general office etiquette.
All the best.
4th July 2014 From India, Kottayam
Hello Dinesh,
Many suggestions have poured in.
Hope you are taking the necessary steps to prevent unnecessary gossip and chit chat.
If more time is lost in chit chat, how is your Company performing ?
Any Company will always have scope to improve at any given time.
With the support from top management, address your staff as to how they can perform better.
If all the people have more time at their disposal, then it is a overstaffed scenario.
As an HR executive, make a study and give a confidential report to the Apex management.
An occasional laughter is in fact good to counter the monotony of work.
4th July 2014 From India
It appears DInesh that maybe you are reacting to a particular thread of gossip, rather than chitchatting that employees do as a whole.
All organizations are both political and social constructs. Interactions will be there, sometimes extending a little too much. Chitchatting, as long as it is not malicious gossiping, does more good than bad.
It connects people, and forms good relationships. And truly there is no short answer to get people interested in their work. That is a research of a lifetime. And good employees do not concentrate :) They focus.
5th July 2014 From India, Delhi
Hi Dinesh,

How about considering this chit chat as a plus? Yes.... beyond a limit, anything is bad.

How about considering some activities, like brainstorming, (to solve some of organization\'s issues) to \"feed the intellectual hunger\" of your colleagues?\"

As you are a small organization, it may not be \"feasible\" to go for an \"External Trainer\". How about you conducting such activities.....(I can sense a lot of energy in your post)If you feel that you are not equipped,as of now, you can equip yourself, as a HR pro to conduct such activities...Nowadays, you have lot of material is available in sites like HR forum...(which was not there when I started)

If one hour is not permitted, you can even have activities for half hour....may be after lunch....

Still, if you need any practical help, you can send your query as a mail or call for FEW MINUTES over phone. (I have handled this type of issue without any \"action\".)

\"Action\" from our end should be the LAST resort... and this is my personal credo.






S&N Hayakawa Enterprises Pvt Ltd.

6th July 2014 From India, Bangalore
Dear Satish Akut.
Most of employees achieving there daily targets.But few them always used to talk more.Some kind of informal atmosphere happening here,So I'm looking to change this atmosphere and also i need to improve the productivity of company.Please help me out.
7th July 2014 From India, Chennai
I second, to the wonderful suggestions shared by the members and seniors above which can provide you the solution of your problem, would like to share myself but before going further I have few questions for you, kindly answer the following.

-how many departments you have in your company?

-share the total employee strength,

-please share the percentage of employees you found are busy with "chitchat"

-is there any employee consultation/motivation program you (employer) have introduced to tackle the problem

-or share if there is any activity such as "Fun at work" or kind of program ever adopted by your employer

-please share something about you and your total/present experience with this company.

Sometime what we feel about our work and responsibilities towards our company/ organization, being an authority we expect the same from other/ employees too, but it doesn't mean that all can feel the same or we forced them to do so all the time. Therefore, it is really important to understand the situation/problem with patience and need to spent time by analyzing the causes of it.

Hope there is nothing like you are taking this activity too seriously because some of discussions/chat we all are doing at our work place which cant be stop permanently at any cost as we are the social entity and cant always discuss the same or particular things related to work. And I believe no one here can deny of this fact too.

Second, It is good that you want to improve the productivity of company and wish to create a good work atmosphere, you must do something that make them all feel comfortable with work and sense of responsibility which is enough to get good results. Because you also have accepted that the most of employees are performing good and achieving their assigned daily targets, but some of them are still busy in doing 'ChitChat'. To control this, you must make them busy with their work as much as possible which can be done by "Workload Analysis" or by assigning more work to them, so that, they have less time to discuss other things then related to work but must always take care of their comfort too.

Have you ever thought of introducing a 'Consultation and Motivation' program for your employees (a penal of TLs/Seniors/ HODs internally can be used for this or any reputed external agency if you can bear the expenses) that can help you in knowing them better just like about their work and performance by workload analysis. Also the "Employee of the Month" program can help you in this if it has still not been adopted by you.

You not just need to control 'Chit Chat" in office but to boost moral, sense of work responsibility, have to create a healthy work atmosphere by making them happy at work.

By "Fun at work" weekly activity can create creativity and positive emotions that helps in 'employee engagement' and good results.

Best of Luck
7th July 2014 From India, Gurgaon
Dear Anil
First i would like to thank you for your wonderful comment.Sir this is Software Company ,two Departments only there(Testing and Development).50 employees are working in my branch and 40% of the employees are used to talk more and also they distracting others work too.Every Friday i used to conduct a Management Game.but i didn't Conduct any Motivational Program and Im having only 8 months experience,this is my First Job.
7th July 2014 From India, Chennai
Dear Dinesh,
Are those who are chit chatting more meet their daily work targets ? If they are, then they should be loaded with more work, burndened under work pressure. Else transfet them to different department where work load would be more & such employees due to transfer are distanced from their friends. One way of increasing work load is, reduce manpower in such departments, stop recruitments & where ever you need additional manpower transfer existing employee ( with less work) to cover up shortage of manpower at any other department. Please remember one thing, management is also equally resposible for such a culture & you amy need a long time to gradually improve such culture with tactical aproach. I wish you success.
Satish Akut
7th July 2014 From India, Pune
If you are a manufacturing company and people handle the product, provide masks to wear to cover the mouth. Also if you have machines around running continuously with some noise provide ear plugs. And make wearing these mandatory while in shop floor / working. Automatically chit chat and gossiping stops.
7th July 2014 From India, Mumbai
Hi Dinesh,
Management should provide sufficient target work for every day so that they will only engage into that
and give only time for lunch .
And second thing their should proper bill system in company telephone so warning can provide by management site.
15th July 2014 From India, Mumbai
Dear Dinesh,...
Few things to be implemented to avoid this...
1. The work culture is one of the KEY, it starts from the recruitment not after recruitment.
2. Induction training is must to make them understand the organisation value and Organisation goal.
3. To allien their goal with the organisation goal.
4. Apart all they must have to know the ROLE clearly , and the same they must have to be engaged well with the organistion.
Sendhil Annamalai,COO
OnlySuccess Learning Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
20th July 2014
Greetings to everyone!
Please I need help in drafting a memo for the use of company phone.
It should be specified in the memo that company phone should not be use for personal purpose.
The phone usage will be regularly check.
Thank you! Waiting for help.
21st July 2014 From Nigeria, Abuja
Dear Dinesh,
Your problem is common for all managers & H.R's.
What i'm suggesting to you is that "Be The Change You Want To See In The World" as per Mahatma Gandhi said.
The more you are passionate about your work will increase the dedication of workers.
Firstly be a most productive , Energetic & Dedicated person you ever had...
22nd July 2014 From India, Pune
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