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Thread Started by #Dr. Jogeshwar mahanta
28th May 2014 From India, Delhi
Dear Dr. Jogeshwar

Education Qualification is entirely different from the knowledge and experience.

Earlier one Mr. K Kamaraj who was an illiterate, becomes the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, made the Free Education to all the children. To attract the children from the rural side he started Noon Meal Scheme at School. Before his period the Education available in Tamil Nadu was only on Payment basis.

Even my father was struggled a lot to pay his school fee and if the fee was not paid then the school authorities will remove the name from the rolls. Then after making the payment only they will get readmitted in the same class. By that time the portions covered will get lapsed and it will be very difficult to cover the portion and prepare for the examinations.

Now also upto 12th Standard (10+2 system education), in Government schools free education is available. But we are thinking it is not having the standards. But the fact is the education who learned from Government school may not get good marks but they know how to survive in any place. The students studied in good private schools they cannot survive in some atmosphere and their tolerance level also very low.

So we cannot judge a person with his qualification. I have 5 degrees. But I cannot reach upto the level, because I concentrated in my studies and not on other activities. But those studied in government schools used to concentrated in studies as well as in other activities. Hence they are reaching upto the level. Now coming to the subject

It is not the educational qualification of a person, it is the qualities and credentials and ones knowledge only considered for any position.
28th May 2014 From India, Kumbakonam
Thanks. It is just the beginning of the debate.Ultimately facts remaining the same interpretation can be anything as the interpreter pleases. Let us have consensus,if any.
28th May 2014 From India, Delhi
"Even before she could acquaint herself with the functioning of her ministry, Union Human Resource Development Minister Smriti Irani has already run into trouble for non matching affidavits regarding her academic qualification and also with people questioning her ability to shoulder the new responsibility.
Read more at: Do Modi's ministers need degrees? Why Smriti Irani must perform | Firstpost
29th May 2014 From India, Delhi
Dear Dr. Mahanta,
Good debate to start with.
But does our Political system demand such a debate? To start with lets ask our selves - Is this one remote instance when a leader has supposedly less qualification than the post desires? Does our system set down any such standards for our leaders? Have we not had leaders qualified beyond call of post or position or educational quantums? Let the leaders' action qalify the PM's descision. She is ultimately the rudder steering the ship and her stay in political arena has shown her mettle. So, let her actions speak for her- at the end of the day, it is her team which has to show, advice and follow the discisions after ample of discussions are made. She will certainly get a qualified team to tackle old and oft debated issues with a new perspective. No LUCK answers with out perseverance and CREDENTIALS are built after perseverance over period of time.
Let God lend the new team in office his blessings to steer the country to new pinacles.
29th May 2014 From India, Kolkata
The issue is of understanding and taking decisions. Well there would be competent bureaucrats to assist, but then all the decisions would be largely to benfit the business men hiding under the clove. The thought that strike me is for an smallest position in any organisation, there is a process and takes some 3 interviews and background verification. But today, education is becoming costlier and it is more of a business model to earn money, and new HRD would be totally dependent upon some one !!
This always means - Born intelligent, Education ruined.........
29th May 2014 From India, Mumbai
After all what are her credentials to be HRD minister? Can any body elaborate?
29th May 2014 From India, Delhi
Dear Dr. Jogeshwar Mahanta,

It is not clear to me whether your concern is that the present HRD Minister of India is not even a graduate or she is totally incapable of holding that post compared to her predecessors. Let us analyze the issue apolitically. If your concern is her educational qualification, I am unable to think that a person with high academic profile alone can function effectively as HRD Minister.No doubt all our Ministers for education in the past were great scholars.But, what happened to our education system? As in the distant past, it is gradully made available only to a certain class i.e with a slight modification not based on caste but on CASH. Resultant effect is that those who have no education but money become the founders and patrons of Private educational institutions and Autonomous Universities and those who are highly educated go to work there as teachers for money.Even though the Govt collects separate educational cess from the tax payer, the fund allocation to education is becoming thinner and thinner and the fees for higher eduction higher and higher.It is similar to collecting 10% of the value of your new vehicle as road tax and bleeding you white at every 60K.M by way of compulsory toll for road maintenance. If you think she is otherwise incapable, it is too early to judge i think.
30th May 2014 From India, Salem
Dear Dr.Mahanta,

Though opinions are diverse I think that sweeping generelization such as interpretation can be anything as the interpreter pleases can not make any headway in a liberal discussion on a specific issue like the one you have started.Every Political Head should have the qualifications to effectively hold the Portfolio allotted to him or her is the concern of all.But the difference of opinion emerges in setting the parameters to assess the qualifications. We have witnessed in the past many a stalwarts miserably failing in their job as Ministers on account of their lack of situational management for some reason or other and getting sacked or reshuffled.In the annals of history why certain people are called as great kings and their rule as the golden era? Is it because they can be attributed all the superlative adjectivals to all their individual traits such as physical strength, bravery, military intelligence, eloquence,wisdom and the like? It is only because how harmoniously they organized the available different resources at their disposal for the realization of their objectives.So, let's not be judgemental now.
30th May 2014 From India, Salem
Hi every one,
In my view commitment and a honest approach is required for a minister to execute his / her job effectively
for rendering service to the people.
It is pertinent to say that many Doctorate Degree holders have floundered in the Indian political scenario,
whereas as mentioned in the above thread, many persons with no educational background
like K Kamaraj have done well.
It is nice to have a good educational background but it is not a MUST to deliver.
31st May 2014 From India
I do agree with you Dr.Mahanta that consensus hardly comes to view- because -there is no such thing as 'consensus' in reality as the group getting larger and larger.Knowingly or unknowingly, automatically we get trapped into the Aristotlean logic based on the principle of dualism and we blissfully tend to refute the very existence of the third alternative.Very particularly, in issues like the one we are discussing, actually what surfaces out is 'false consensus'.False consensus effect is a type of bias which makes the believer to hold his view-point the most common and appropriate so that others should also feel the same way.No one is an exception.
31st May 2014 From India, Salem
My stand is that, you should first categorized bureaucrats and politicians in different categories.

Bureaucrats: Highly qualified, trained and experienced (with time). They are assigned different positions and roles, based on their qualification, knowledge and skills. Yes, political affluence may be counted; however, it persistent in every field. Top bosses would like to have team, which understand him/her and he/she is confident about the team members. They are not accountable directly to public. They report/respond to the government only. “yatha raja (ministers) tatha praja (bureaucrats)”

Politicians: These are the elected public representatives, accountable to people directly (Atleast our system designed so). They depended on Bureaucrats to design/implement their plan (populist plans) to ensure that they can win next election too.

Politicians know the real problem and Bureaucrats know the solution for it. Politicians don’t need to be technically qualified same as businessman don’t have to concern about the technicalities. They are concerned about the policy and their effect on business/public. They hire resources to get plan implemented and to care of technicalities.

Farmers don’t necessarily need to goto Agricultural University, to do farming. There are many innovations used in day-to-day life, developed by persons who may not have seen the universities.
2nd June 2014 From India, Delhi
After all what are the credentials which make PM to choose some one (not necessarily an MP)as minister of a Ministry?
2nd June 2014 From India, Delhi
As I mentioned in case of Bureaucrats, political affluence does have a role, same is in case of Ministers.

UPA was bugged by regional parties and everyone knows, what are criteria used by the regional parties for nominating someone for ministerial post.

Many times they have considered cast/religion/region as criteria.

In case of Smriti Irani, it was her dedication to get task accomplished, seems to be have her positive attributes. Many times we are not ready to get in project, as we are sure that it is failure and may have negative effect on our profile. Here she has taken responsibilities and fought from Chandini Chowk as well as Amethi, were everyone was knowing that she will be defeated; however, it helped BJP by being seen as serious contender and sure of their victory.

Will you like to hire a driver for your children, who is highly qualified and done different certification OR someone who you trust (in driving as well as taking care of your children). There are places where you have to higher/appoint who have qualification & skills; however, Politician needs to be only Strong willed person with logical thinking.

Ministers are driving force of a government and PM always wants to have a team, which can deliver (Provided he has choice). Raja was re-appointed even though Manmohan singh not wanted, it was compulsion and lack of strong will.
2nd June 2014 From India, Delhi
Politician needs to be only Strong willed person with logical thinking
Is it so? Is it consensual in citehr? Is it not loyalty and royalty?
3rd June 2014 From India, Delhi
Really it is an outstanding speech as it was before an international audience. Addressing extempore an international audience in a foriegn language that too flawlessly in a fluent way perfectly complete with marshalling of ideas and anecdotes befitting the subject-matter and convincing presentation requires a lot of communication skill. Thank you Ragunathan!
9th June 2014 From India, Salem
Thank you Mr. Umakanthan for your affirmative feedback.
Hope other readers also would share their views.
As I was checking my previous posting , I found that couple of
inadvertent errors had crept in.
The word over had got repeated twice.
The last sentence should read .......would have been there.....
9th June 2014 From India
"Perhaps this will put to rest any qualms that would have there in the beginning.V.Raghunathan"
Please rejoice the English translation of the 10th sloka from Shringara Shatakam of Bhartrihari:
"There is no doubt that those great learned men have said the famous women as weak(abalaa) because of their stupidity. Because how can they be said weak who conquer even Indra etc. by their quick moving pupils?"
Why this wisdom has not put to rest the "qualms" on women?
9th June 2014 From India, Delhi
Dear Dr Jogheshwar Mahanta,
My comment on putting to rest was with respect to the starting of this thread
whether formal education is a MUST or otherwise for some one to at the helm of affairs as a HRD Minister.
Our HRD minister has clearly answered all her detractors by her captivating extempore speech.
While many accolades are still pouring in, the doubts in the minds of many is now effectively addressed.
Your citing a sloka brings out another dimension.
In the last couple of centuries Learned men like Raja Ram Mohun Roy, Subramania Bharathiyar ( there may be many At this instance I could recall only two names)
have done immense contribution for up-lift-ment of women in India.
Mrs Smriti Irani gave a key note speech on the empowerment of Women.
In that she makes a statement that women would want to be heard.
10th June 2014 From India
And now in supersession of Bhrtrihari's wisdom Women's reservation bill will be passed which is pending for last 4 years due to lack o consensus.Now the ruling party has the majority and 'whip' in its hand and needs no consensus to pass a law..
10th June 2014 From India, Delhi
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