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Antony Prakash

Hi All, Any one can help me to set up the leave procedure for a MNC in to garment manufacturing co based in India, leave includes Casual, Sick & Earn leave. Currently we follow Casual 7 days, Sick leave 7, & Earn leave 15 days per year respectly.
Thanking you.

From India, Madras
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Afolabi Ajayi
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afolabi ajayi

Dear Colleagues,

The issue of creating a Leave Procedure/s to me should actually start with a Leave Roster.

This Leave Roster has to be approved by Management with the consent of the Line Managers and of course the HR of the Company-putting into consideration the following...


*Convenient Time Leave Period Sort By Individual Employee

*Volume of Business/Work load at this time/season

*Availability of Relief Officer for Officer on Leave

*Is Leave Period Convertible to Cash


*How urgent/important is the casual leave sort

*Confirm purpose-exam, family related-eg burials, weddings etal


*Most times Doctors' recommendation/s duration of stay-home

*Endorsed Sick Leave paper from Medical Practitioner submitted to the HR is very vital.

However there is this aspect of Leave Period available based on Career Status, for instance while Casual and Sick Leave period could be 7 days for the year through the rank and file of the Company-I do not think 15 days should be flat for everyone-eg CEO, GM etal.

I would suggest a staggered period based on seniority and status in the Company.

In addition Leave Period should be encashable if officer chooses not to go on leave-especsially if induced by Company pressure.


From Nigeria, Lagos

Dear Antony

This is the leave procedure that we follow at our company.Hope it helps you.


The applicant has to apply for the leave before7 working days for the CL and PL.


The applicant should apply via mail for the leave.

All details should be there like

Date of leave requested and date of joining back

Valid Reason of leave with contact address, if other than what been given

The leave application should be addressed to the HR in charge with cc to immediate superior.

The supervisor will first look at the leave and assess if the leave is valid or not.

If the supervisor sanctions the leave then he should forward this mail to the Hr.

If the supervisor does not sanction the leave then he should forward the mail to HR, with a valid reason,

HR will inform the applicant (Decision taken)

If Superior approves-

The HR will assess the leave and if he finds it valid and sanctions it then after the discussions with the Senior

The senior forwards the mail to the HR in charge who in turn will inform the applicant.

Approval time would be 3 working days.

In case of Urgent leaves/casual leaves:

Applicant sends a mail in the same way

A valid reason is required.

Approval or denial will be done


Prerna :D

From India, Ahmadabad
Hello all, Can any one send me the act that governs leave and holidays that are mandatory to an organization according to shops and commercial establishment act. Regards, Harikeyel
From India, Thiruvananthapuram

Dear Antony

As far as procedure on Leave is concerned , it depends upon tphilosophyphy of the organisation.

Since your's is a manufacturiunitint. Under factories act, there is only provision for Sick and Earned (Leave With Wages) Leave.

Casual Leave fall under Industrial establishment Act.

You are free to give any number of leaves but under factories act , leave with wages is restricted to One leave for every 20 days of working and further an individual is required to complete minimum 240 days for becoming entitled to the leave with wages. This leave is encashable and encashment is exempted from income tax upto an encashment of Rs.3 lacs. This exemption is applicable at the time of retirement or resignation. Many organisations give more than 15 days of leave to employees under this category and considers this with the employee cost to company.

As far availmentent is concerned , under factories act , this leave can be sanctioned for minimum of 3 days and maximum of 3 times in a leave year. Again many organisations sanction earned leave even for one day and on more thanoccassionsons.

Sick leave under the factories act , is applicable to all employee who fall sick during the leave year. There is no number specified for this . but many organisations provide 7, 10 or 15 days of sick leave during the year even if employee is covered with the employees sate insurance act and scheme. Under ESI scheme in case an employee falls sick due to any disease the doctor can sanction bed rest for any number of period , till the fitness of the employee. This is also termed as sick leave but may be with or without pay. If employee is covered under ESI scheme and rest has been recommended by ESI dispensary / hospital doctor. ESI authorities will pay compensation for this loss of salary / wages employeeyee. This is onapplicaleale if employer is not paying any benefits of compensation to the concerned employee.

Casual leave is again depends upon the policy of the company. generally 7 days of casual leave is being granted to every employee , in order to attend / discharge his social responsibilities.

Further in general in every industry combination of casual leave with other type of leaves is not permissible, I do not find any reason behind that. If restriction is the target or reduciabsenteeismesm is target , this theory was applicable when most of the work force wunorganizedsed. The scenario has changed now.

Leave without pay is also another type of leave , which is generally discouraged but in case of exigencies this is applicable and helps employers to restrict misuse of leaprivilegeage given by an employer.

Compensatory leave is another type of leave under Factories act. Under this employee is compensated with leave with wages for his absence from duty against the work performed by s/he on any other day when normal working was not there. Under factories act this leave can be availed by employee any time till his/ her retirement.

In nutshell it philospyspy of the company to provide leave benefits to its employees for keeping their morales high.


Anil Anand

From India, New Delhi

Dear Anil Ji,
As you have said provision regarding Sick leave are mentioned in Factories Act. I did not find it . Pl tell in which chaptor provision regarding Sick leave are mentioned ?
Vikram Singh

From India, Delhi
sir, ur points are crystal clear, i want a little more, as BPO comes under shop & establishement act in their case how these leave policy is going to changed ?
From India, Pune
Hello Harikeyel
For Any Information you need under the Shops and Commercial Act you can refer the same Act. It gives the detail about all the rules applicable to an organisation covered under the Shops and Commercial Establishments.

From India, Pune

Hello The Shop & Establishment Act of the respective state government would apply. When Shop Act is applicable other legilations on the subject are silent Regards KK Nair
From India, Bhopal

Hello friends..
Can all those working in IT compnapies share as to how doyou monitor leaves being taken and being recorded too. How do you validate that a person who absents himself on a day also fills in / applies for the leave?
What are the checks in place?
Would appreciate if you can share. In our current system of filing leave cards it is difficult to check wether a person who has taken a leave has filled in his levae card honestly too.

From India, Delhi
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