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Dear Sir/Madam My Role is Sales officer Middle Role when New Manager take the charges suddenly 5 executives left the job because of his arrogant and rubbish words and his attitude and loose talking with bad words. Without this 5 employees We are doing decent target with our present employees totally he is disappointing all of our staff and distributors also he cant speak properly he donít know the ground reality. I am working here past 4 years shall I change company Pls suggest me.
From India, Hyderabad
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Rajesh,

You have given information about what happened in your company in the recent past. Once new manager takes over, five executives leave their job. But then how come this has not been noticed by the HR? Does HR conducts Exit Interview? Is it that HR lives in their own world and does not have time for these brass tacks of HR?

Secondly, how about your General Manager (GM)? How come this fact has been overlooked by GM as well?

Problems of this kind happen because:

a) Interpersonal environment is not valued in the company. No training on interpersonal skills to the employees

b) Poor interviewing skills. Why his arrogance was not detected in the interview itself? Few may disagree, but then a seasoned interviewer should be able to listen between the lines of that interviewee speaks during the interview

c) Obsession of management with the attainment of targets. They are blind to the invisible cost of employee attrition

d) No definite steps are taken to shape the organisation's culture. Lopsided importance to performance leads to recruitment of culturally misaligned candidates.

Your main query was should I quit my job? Whether to continue or discontinue is your call. As such you have completed four years in this company. If you pull on for one more year, you become eligible for gratuity as well. Now whether to wait for gratuity or forego is your decision.

If you wish to continue then in the meanwhile, find out his weaknesses. Find out means of how to highlight his weaknesses. However, you need to do this surreptitiously. Never ever express your disgruntlement either overtly or tacitly. What I am suggesting is nothing but politicking. But then for our survival, some times politicking is evil necessity.


Dinesh V Divekar


From India, Bangalore

Dear Rajesh,
Given limited information about the organisation, and whether this new manager is related to any of the other top executives, Dinesh Divekar has done a good analysis and given you sound advice. Could you kindly throw some more light on the size of the organisation and its nature.
I was rather surprised to find that you are achieving good targets in spite of losing 5 executives. May we also kindly know the hierarchical position of the executives when compared to your role?

From United Kingdom

dear rajesh

god bless you

i am going to tell you some history .

mohammad bin tuklak was one of the mugal emperors who ruled india.

he was known as chamde ka sikka, as he introduced leather coins instead of silver and gold coins

he moved the capital of india to nagpur and said that the capital of a country should be in the centre of the nation

people laughed at him. but today what we have is paper currency instad of silver coins

imagine the advantage india would have had if the national capital was in the centre of the nation . the divide north india and south india would not have come.

the people need not travel 1500 km extra to reach the capital and supreme court .

similarly your new tuklak may have lot of strengths . he may be an autocratic boss and rash and arrogant . no problem let him be what he is . one member has asked you to study his weaknesses . insted i will recommend to study his strength . pl do not forget he has to deliver results to sustain himself in the company . he will be thrown out by the management if he does not deliver even if he is related to the big bosses. companies survive by results and not relationships.

as far as ur quitting i draw your attention to an old quotation " A QUITTER NEVER WINS A WINNER NEVER QUITS "


dr ram

From India, Indore
Dear Rajesh,
Let us break down the problem.
The first is the attitude of the boss. This is leading to people reporting to him being unsatisfied and eventually people will quit because in 90% cases people quit bosses not companies.
The next is the fact that even after losing 5 if you are still meeting targets then you have moved to a new level of production capability. May be you boss has worked with a team far smaller but far more productive. That would mean change would be brought in by him and he may have been given a time line to achieve it or lose his job. Any action he takes now has 2 component thoughts to be considered; the selfish and the selfless. One thought for his well being and growth and the other for the people reporting to him. If he is only selfish then he will lose good resources at a faster rate.
As for quitting, that is entirely your call. There are such managers everywhere and its not going to change any time soon.

From India, Thane

The people who left were they underacheivers. If that is the case then it is good for you and the company , now be good with your new boss, as he has given you a good chance of growth by cutting competition. if he is no good the management will kick him.
Stick and watch .

From India, Rampura

dear rajesh
cool . in reference to mr avani rajaram 's advice on self respect cool
dont get into josh
firstly for five others who left the company, it is their business and choice
secondly behaviour of the new boss is the subject of the management and the results he delivers.
thirdly ,<B> has their been any clash with you causing hurt to your respect.<B>
COOOOOL AND BE COOOOOL . deliver results from your side above 101 %
the mangement will recognise your performance especially .you are a four year old staff member.
a small lesson
in 1963 a lady officer taught me
dr ram

From India, Indore

The question is - how are you getting bothered?
Does he talk rudely to you? Does your performance get affected?
If you are achieving targets after those 5 people leaving, maybe those 5 were unnecessary and your boss has been the smart one to spot them and let them go!
You have to think about how does the new manager effect you - do you get enough challenges, rewards and fairness in the company. If yes, then don't martyr yourself for those 5, especially when their leaving has not affected the team performance.

From India, Delhi

I would come the other way Yadav...

Do you have another job in the waiting or do you have to look for one?

If your answer is yes, then, move on... If your answer is no, you might have to look for one... Well, then don't think along those lines yet! Always, ask yourself the question when you truly have an option.

If you do have another job in the waiting... move ahead...

Does your boss trouble you in particular (over your other colleagues)?

If your answer is yes, you might want to discuss with him, the HR or others in the organization (your Godfathers, etc.)... That might help you understand and maneuvre the situation better.

If not,try to discuss it with the other colleagues and take it up with the HR or your contacts at the higher ranks... Usually a new recruit gets the support of the management unless he is doing something drastically wrong. Going by what you say, the cost has reduced, but the targets are maintained... Its a win-win for the management.

Are you personally unhappy with the situation in your company? Do you keep thinking of the way your boss speaks, etc. even after you reach home?

If your answer is yes, then first of all, learn to relax. And if you are still troubled at a personal level, I think you should look for a new job... So, start your search in full earnest... But yes, think of leaving only when you have another option...

From United States, Daphne

Hi Rajesh,
I have a question for you? how you rate yourself with regards to your performance? I have seen certain situations like this. If you are confident that you are a good performer, then keep yourself as a yard-stick and measure the performance of the guys who left the organization. Try to take the things happening at office in professional way and not to take it as personal hurt.
If ur answer is yes am a good performer then nothing to worry and you can win lot of new things. If no even then u can learn new things and win in life. You are a winner.

From India, New Delhi
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