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Dear Seniors,
I recently joined a small company after my MBA HR graduation and I'm new to this field.
My point is the this company provides free food and accommodation for employees and their salary is very less.
Say for example:"X" salary is 4,500 and his accommodation is costing company 6,500.
His earnings are low compared to deductions.How to quote his salary in payslip.
Thanks in Advacnce

From India, Eluru
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Dear Feroz,
You can show in the CTC.
First show in earning about their Food expenses and Accommodation
and then show the same in deduction which will equal the pay or salary slip
Organisational Expert

From India, Secunderabad

Dear Giridhar Sir,
Thank you so much for your support.Sir do suggest me under what head/column that I should be adding F&A in the payslip.
Sir If you have an proforma of the payslip which includes Food and Accommodation please provide me with that
Thanks and Regards

From India, Eluru
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Dear Feroz,

Why do you want to show a benefit as a part of the salary ? Have you discussed how this expenditure by the company can come under fringe benefits, if declared with the salary ?

If your firm is offering a benefit or 'a non-cash reward' , why include it in the payslip ?

If you want to share the investment your firm is making on each employee , you might want to do it differently.

Here's my experience from a firm which used to claim the accommodation. We literally asked the firm to pay us the amount than making us stay where we didn't want to .

Same is the situation with the IT/BPO firms declaring the deductions for company transport . The employee may choose not to take it , but avail the amount. This may not easily reflect as a loss , but try and think this in the long term . Imagine the firm spends X amount on transportation. If few employees, claim money , that doesn't help the firm to take the transportation away . They still will have to spend and bear the cost . An incremental difference makes literally no sense while managing a very huge roster, for the rest of the firm.

I am certain you have considered every repercussions before implementing it .

From India, Mumbai
Raj Kumar Hansdah

Dear (Cite Contribution)

Exactly my sentiments !!!!

I do not understand why Mr. Feroz wants to show an INFLATED salary slip; when the employees are NOT getting even the MINIMUM WAGES ???

On one hand he is saying FOOD is FREE; and on the other hand, he intends to show it in Salary Slip ??!!!

The accommodation has been given; FOR THE CONVENIENCE OF THE MANAGEMENT and not the employee's.

Even then, the accommodation costs Rs. 6500 and the salary is a PITTANCE at Rs. 4500.

He has not given the details of the company; its business or employees. But such scenario is prevalent in many unorganized sector; such as BRICK KILNS; CONSTRUCTION etc where FORCED LABOUR is prevalent.

Or, in TEXTILE/Garment industries which are run as "SWEAT SHOPs" meant only to exploit manual workers.

These constitute a NIGHTMARE for a conscientious HR; an HR with a conscience !!

What is reflected from the query, how to include FREE food and accommodation, in the Salary Slip; is a clear reflection and indication of this malaise.

Dear Feroze;

Once you INCLUDE these amounts in the Pay Slip; and an employee says that she (most likely a Female employee, as evident from the case) does not

want to avail of the company food and accommodation; then ARE YOU WILLING TO PAY IT IN CASH ??

Hope you have got enough information from the comments of seniors; to understand the issue and proceed accordingly.

In any case, here we do not give suggestions or solutions to an issue which can be construed as UN-ETHICAL and UN-PROFESSIONAL; as well as appears to be illegal (in case Minimum Wages Act and EQUAL REMUNERATION ACT; are not being complied with).

Hope, you will be able to explain to the company owners accordingly; just as an honest and upright CA/Company auditor or Internal Audit; is able to PUT UP ITS POINTS to the Management.

Warm regards.

From India, Delhi

As a matter of fact I am also with Ms. (Cite Contribution) and Mr. Raj Kumar. Your company will get the Tax benefit for the food and accommodation provided to the employees under welfare-employees. Then showing in the payslip will create further more problem. Once the company takes the advantage of reduced tax and the employees will get levied with the fringe benefit tax is not acceptable. This thing will be against the employee and it will lead to more attrition rate in your company. As a HR you must take care of the benefit of the employees and you are the representative of the employees to take up the issues with management. If you are supporting the management and behaves as like a puppet in the hands of the management then you will not have any control over the employees.
From India, Kumbakonam

Thank you so much seniors for helping me out and with lot of your time and effort.I would raise the same to my boss because I am just an employee not an employer. With Regards Feroz
From India, Eluru

Think of employees and company both.
By treating in which manner, who will get the benefit.
If tax reduction for company than treat differently if tax benefit to employees than treat differently.
Being a business organisation, concentrate on cost part rather than heading and all.

From India, Bangalore

I think I could guess the purpose of the employer. As we know, the CTC is what the employer spends for the employees apart from salary which is booked as expenses in the books of a/cs of the firm and accordingly IT computations takes place. It's seen in many employer that they aimed at showing the lowly paid employees as how much they really costs to the firm and wished to show all put together > Rs.10000 and it's not only Rs.4500.

Re.Fringe benefits, subject to the exemptions, whether shown included in the salary or stated separately under diff. heads these exp. gets added but still the FBT is payable, if applicable (as it is abolished in 2009 in the hands of employer) -01.12.2009

"The Indian government abolished the Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) as part of its 2009-10 budget on 6 July 2009. This amendment, which shifts the burden of taxation on fringe benefits from employers to employees, will come into effect on 1 April 2010.

Fringe Benefit Tax was introduced in the 2005-06 fiscal year as a tax paid by employers on the portion of employee benefits not included within an employee’s salary. This included entertainment, gifts, concessional tickets for private journeys, employee stock options, etc.

As a result of the amendment, however, fringe benefits will now be taxed as perquisites and treated as taxable income. Employees will also be taxed on any sweat equity shares they own (shares given to employees on favourable terms), or employee stock ownership plans they participate in. They will also be taxed on any contribution in excess of INR 100,000 (USD 2,075) to an approved pension fund made by plan sponsors on their behalf."

In some firms the employer pays some Taxes incl. IT & FBT for and on behalf of the employees also.

From India, Bangalore

Dear Feroz,

It's obvious employers provide various perks either among the salary or outside the salary, some such perks are as follows:

1. Free or subsidised food either in the Canteen or thru' food coupons, (sodex etc.)

2. Free or subsidised transport

3. Free or subsidised houses/quarters

4. Free or subsidised provisions and house hold articles, vehicles directly or thru' employees' societies

5. LTA.

6. Interest free or at concessional interest

7. Allowances towards maintenance of houses, furnitures, vehicles, gardens/house maids, news paper/magazines, fuel subsidy

8. Supply of clothing (hilly regions) and remote allowances depending on the location of work places

9. Allow. for higher studies and specialised training etc.

Imagine all or some of these perks are added as a part of salary in monetary terms and its impact on the inflated gross salary, its consequences in computation of PF/PT, ESI, Gratuity, Bonus, leave encashment and employers' & employees' contributions towards these and ultimately the impact of personal IT. In fact the subsidised/free food and transport have no direct impact on personal IT whereas when these are converted as part of gross salary either thru' 'contra' or by other methods would spell unbearable burden on either side. So think it over from all angles and take a decision.

From India, Bangalore
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