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Dear CiteHR Members,

I'm working in a company as Asst.HR Manager from past 1yr 4months where in size of the company is around 25.Everything was cool on my part.

1month 20days back i was introduced by our CEO to a new Investor,who was an MD to a Batteries Organization,

later he interacted with each & every employee in the office. Our CEO went out of station on some project work,then this new investor

came to Office to check how we work in our CEO's absence,while leaving he called me to reception and

asked me to sit in reception for the sake of ambiance,for which i said"receptionist will sit in reception.",then he got angry immediately and

asked me "what is receptionist?" when i started answering,he left the place without listening to me.I pinged this to our CEO.he replied "try to explain your problem clear enough,try to do compliance related work,other things will discuss once i'm back" and i told okay.

After 2days again he came and started telling how he came up and one Lady's example who is working under him before he started his own Company,

and was pointing me as "an employee who is looking for own benefit but not for company's benefit",

"false prestige","Inferiority feeling","degradation feeling",etc and i became a bit emotional as he was not allowing me to talk anything and he is commenting wrongly.

Was i wrong?

Our CEO discussed me and same day we three were there in a meeting,CEO was trying to save me by telling that i'm good today than yesterday and need to learn something new everyday,etc

Later whenever receptionist required,another girl was asked to sit and from then,he started ordering me to do small work which a house keeper does in our office.

One day in our CEO's absence he called me and told only 4departments are required,others are not required, in which he did not mention HR department,from where salaries will come,why other companies are getting winded up,etc

I just nodded my head and did not discuss this with our CEO.Again when our CEO went out of station,he asked me whether our CEO told me anything about my employment,i said "no,another person name who is very close to CEO and next to CEO's name that he asked me to search for new job and serve the Notice period. I started searching for new job and once my search started becoming fruitfull,now he told our CEO to retain me by paying less than what i'm getting.He even commented infront of our CEO about me that i'm good & hardworking.

Now i'm unable to decide please help me seniors.

Dear Madhuri,

You have given your version of the story. We need to know other side also. Without knowing the views of other side, balanced views cannot be put forth.

Nevertheless, if am I to assume that you have not filtered any information, then I would say that it is worthwhile to quit the company. A person who wavers or plays fast and loose cannot be trusted in the long run.

Sometimes lower designation comes handy too. Whenever he gave some queer instructions, you could have told him to circulate the message in writing to all the employees. You could have told "I am just Asst HR". The instructions are of high-value nature. Therefore, a office circular under your signature would be taken at its face value by all the employees.

As such you have got job now. So why worry now about that investor's antics? I strongly recommend to put your foot down and join the new company. Your CEO should have been intelligent enough to tell him not to have his finger in the administration's pie. CEO could have told to investor to take 'X'% returns and just keep quite. But he did not do that. He is downplaying intrusiveness of the investor. Let him play price for that.


Dinesh V Divekar

Management & Behavioural Training Consultant

Bangalore - 560094

Limit of your words is limit of your world

Dear Madhuri

I do not know, what specific suggestion are you looking for :

Whether You should continue in this co. or not ??

Is this what you want to ask ?

The situation that you have recounted; does not appear good.

you might have heard the Hindi saying : "Andher Nagri, Chaupat Raja .... " which loosely means one should not stay in a place which is ruled by an incompetent and temperamental person.

As you have already experienced how the top most bosses blow hot and cold; without displaying any sound principle of Management. What kind of future can one see in such a organization, where they change their mind at the drop of a hat !!

I am more concerned about the kind of game that is being played; the kind of pressure-tactics that is being applied on you. It has nothing to do with the job-description or the requirements of your job.

The only redeeming feature that I can see is; since it employs about 25 people; it is bound to comply with the EMPLOYER'S OBLIGATION and DUTIES under the Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act 2013. In fact, you can even compel them to constitute an Internal Complaints Committee.

My suggestion would be to look for other better opportunities and stay far from such proprietorship-like concerns.

Warm regards.

Hello Madhuri,

Raj Kumar has a very valid point: 'what specific suggestion are you looking for?'

@ Raj Kumar--

Frankly, I think you are over-shooting the situation by suggesting that this situation falls under the ambit of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act 2013. Unless misconstrued, this can't be termed as such.

@ Madhuri--

Coming to the situation you mentioned, like both Dinesh & Raj Kumar mentioned, this is YOUR side of the story.

However, I THINK I know the Batteries Company you are referring to--so I would tend to give your version more weight than them.

Coming to your query: 'Was I wrong?'

This isn't a 'right' or 'wrong' issue I guess.

It's YOUR response that SHOULD have been different. You seem to have responded to the MD's comment to sit in the Reception by ASSUMING quite a few things. You could have asked the receptionist [IF you had one] to come & sit OR you could have sat to satisfy him & then LATER discussed with your CEO to find a long-term solution--pl remember that this MD is the one who is investing & he would obviously be keen to see how & where his money goes.

For all you know, the MD MIGHT be just testing you.....and you took a stance that CONVEYS an ego [pl note that anyone's response is DECIDED by how he/she PERCEIVES what we say......NOT by what we mean/intend].

Or he COULD be preparing the ground to fire you?

In a nutshell, you COULD have acted with a bit of TACT.

Now, without mixing-up issues, since the decision to fire you has been conveyed to you AND you too have got a new job, suggest DON'T change your stance--depends on your Comfort-level in the new job. Raj Kumar's proverb is an apt one here.

Just tell your CEO that you made commitment to the new Company--AND DON'T reveal the new Company's name--handle it with tact without saying 'I won't tell you'.

Hope you get the point.

All the Best.



Dear Taj Satish Sir,RajKumar Sir & Dinesh Sir, I thank you all for responding and for your advises. I’m feeling happy for becoming a member of CiteHr. Regards Madhuri
Dear TS

I agree with your point that the situation CURRENTLY does not fall "under the ambit of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act 2013.".

However, I tend to look BEYOND the current situation; and some possible scenario that might unfold.

Don't you think that it is better to be FORE-WARNED and BE PREPARED for any eventuality that might crop up ??

Or shall one wait for some mis-happening to occur, and then act ??

That is the reason I discussed about the constitution of Internal Committee under the Act which is the duty of all employers employing more than 10 employees.

Secondly, it might scare off these kind of employers from attempting MISCHIEF (the very word used by the member); and they will REALIZE that there are LAWS which are above them and they have to follow it.

I think the member (Ms. Madhuri) is undergoing stress and may not be open enough to DISCUSS ALL HER FEARS freely and openly. The very fact that she used the word MISCHIEF points at something.

Moreover, my reference to the Act was also based on the CIRCUMSTANCES that lead to, or are present, in cases of SEXUAL HARASSMENT.

As per the Act, these are :

"Section 3. Prevention of sexual harassment.

2. The following circumstances, among other circumstances, if it occurs or is persent in relation to or connected with any act or behaviour of sexual harassment may amount to sexual harassment>-

i. implied or explicit promise of preferential treatment in her employment; or

ii. implied or explicit threat of detrimental treatment in her employment; or

iii. implied or explicit threat about her present or future employment status; or

iv. interference with her work or creating an intimidating or offensive or hostile work environment for her; or

v. humiliating treatment likely to affect her health or safety.


As one can see, these circumstances exist in this case.

This is what I wished to point out and raise an ALERT.

I appreciate your opinion and the above is not to contradict your opinion; but to ADD more facts and information for the larger benefit of all members. As seniors, we should not just RESTRICT ourselves to answering the query; but also to provide more information and opinion that results in more LEARNING.

Warm regards.

Dear Madhuri,

Others have made valuable suggestions and hence, I will answer your question of "Was I wrong?" I assume this question refers to your response to the investor's request to "sit in the reception for the sake of ambiance". As you have not said anything about whether there was a receptionist, or not, and where was she, if there was one, I have assumed that the receptionist was away and he asked you to give cover. If that was the case, then you were "Out of order".

Elsewhere, I have commented that especially in small organisations we have to be flexible and do all sorts of work. For example, even in a large organisation that I worked in, my boss took the duster and started cleaning the work benches (like a cleaner) and did not even ask the lab technician to do it. As soon as they saw him doing it, they volunteered. In another college, a female lab technician went and worked a a filing clerk, when the HOD's secretary was on holiday. The HOD took notice of that and, to cut the story short, encouraged to take part-time teaching and, eventually, recommended her to take up teachers' Training course. That lady became a successful Maths teacher. But for her doing the filing clerks' job, she might have retired only as a technician. The above two examples are from the UK.

My sincere advice to bloggers at CiteHR is that we do not consider any job to be below our dignity. However, in a unionised situation we should ensure that we do not do someone's work if it violates union rules.

Wish you all the best in your new job.

Dear Seniors,

There is no receptionist from the date of my joining. I used to assist HR & Admin Manager, later he moved to sales dept. and i alone taken care of everything as our's is a small company.I don't mind doing House Keeper work when required (during important occasions i did also without any hesitation) but someone (showing clearly his investment power) and ordering me to do that this though our maid was in the premises shows that he misunderstood me as i rejected in the beginning to sit in reception.At that time he was just new to our company. After that day he always met me whenever our CEO was busy & tried to see "yes"," "okay", "nodding head positively".

And i did that with my explanation but he doesn't want to listed to others,he just want others to listen to him. He might have gained such stance & respect from his previous company non executives but our office culture is completely different. Not only me,many employees got hurt with his addressing and way of talking.Our old CEO never hurt us like this new Investor. He is cool .He is having a kind of Leadership qualities,that he never tells us lower dignity work,he himself does on his own and we join with him. This is the main reason why i was unable to decide.

Thank you



**And our CEO's Investment power is not as good as this new Investor due to which this new Investor is in, who was actually brought by other Director**. Our CEO already told the other Director that it is difficult to work with this new Investor but due to unavoidable situations he is working with this new Investor. Our CEO is young & have good Knowledge, always enthusiastic towards new technologies & in some meetings he told that our Team is his strength.
Dear Madhuri,
Thanks for explaining the situation. Please remember the adages "He who pays calls the tune." and "Get out of the kitchen, if you can't handle the heat."
Wish you all the best in 2014.

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