In 2008, I had worked in one company for less than 6 months (only two days less than 6 months). I used to have EPF account. My account was in EPF office of Delhi even though I am from West Bengal. When I left the company and sent forms to withdraw the EPF amount, I got a reply from EPF that since my tenure is of less than six months, I am not entitled to get the amount.

I do not remember what exactly was written because I do not have that letter from EPF office with me anymore. But this was more or less the gist of the letter. I did not pursue the matter anymore as the amount was less and I thought it would be a big hassle. Next I worked for a company where there was no PF provision. I have now joined another company where they are going to start PF from this month. They have asked me to fill up Form 2 and Form 11. I have few questions :

a) I have got the EPF account no. of my previous company. When I tried to check the status in the EPF portal, it said "Invalid Input / Member name mismatch against this account no."

I believe that the EPF account has been deactivated. So can I ask my employer to exempt me from EPF as my basic is above Rs. 6500?

b) Other than the online portal, how can I confirm about my previous EPF account?

c) If I find that the account exists and it can be activated, then is it mandatory for me to transfer the amount to the new EPF account of my current employer?

If I do so and if my job get terminated before 6months i.e. before next year May, then what will happen?

From India, Kolkata
Please help me... I need the suggestion soon :( I have not replied to my employer till now about the EPF decision.
From India, Kolkata
first confirm what your previous co.pf no. and u r only eligible for Epf Amount so fill only PF Form 19 & Form 10C. And if you nt want to withdraw your money so on this company apply for PF and after getting name in PF in this company fill form 13 which is called Transfer form in this case your PF Amount will transfer on your NEW EPF No. so your pf amount will transfer

From India

Dear Friend,

First of all, I would like to mention that only one Form will be applicable in a particular case at a time. It may be Form-2 (if pf membership applicable) / Form-11 (if exempt from pf). Some organization keeps both the forms also, duly filled and signed by the member, but it should be maintained as per the Act.

As per my views, the answers of your query may be as follows:

A) As the last transaction in your last epf a/c was in 2008 and now it is 2013. So, the a/c which are inactive for more than 3 years, freeze by the department. That's why it is showing "Invalid Input / Member name mismatch" But it also means that the a/c is in existence.

But, that doesn't matter with your current membership with epf. So, if your employer is offering you the membership, then don't deny for it.

B) You can file an RTI in the concern EPF Office and ask for the details of your epf a/c.

C) After getting that account activated, it is recommended to transfer the balance of that a/c to the new epf a/c and as per the act, it is mandatory.

Finally, I didn't understand that why you are assuming that you will be terminated from there before 6 months...!!

Always move forward with a positive note.

Hope this will help you.

From India, Delhi
Thanks Miss Priya and Mr. Bhuwan!
Mr Bhuwan... I am under payroll of one company where they are giving me the provision of PF. But I work in a MNC which is their client. If the project in MNC end, my parent company also does not give any bench period. I will get released from the parent company too within one month of my release in MNC.
I am not sure how long the project in MNC will continue, so i am bit apprehensive about deducting amount from my salary for PF.

From India, Kolkata

Dear Friend,
As you are working under "Contractor - Principal Employer Hierarchy", so it is recommended to always take care of the terms of your appointment. The contractor always keep the condition regarding termination of Appointment on expiry of contract. As it seems that you are on a good position, so be careful regarding these type of condition and try to avoid such conditions at the time of appointment.
Best of Luck.

From India, Delhi

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