After all we all are humans. so the condition of the employee demands that it should be informed to his/her parents, then councelling centre to aid him / her to speak out the issues or problems. Later knowing the reasons or causes whether personal or official the management should inform police. by this both humanity and legal documentation are fulfilled
From India, Bangalore
1. Talk to the employee first and identify reason behind her action.
2. Inform her family members without any delay (They can watch her at home and your company also won't be harassed, if she commits suicide in future)
3. If the problem is related to work, give her break for 15 days
4. Seek professional help
Do all these immediately

From India, Madras
Greeting Sudha,
Suicide in a work spot can certainly put pressure on the Management on one hand. But on the other hand she is your employee and she certainly needs counseling. Mr.Dinesh has suggested the center and in my opinion I would recommend that you take her through this process.
If you have good rapport with the local police station, you can inform them. However, if they insist that you have give a letter in writing, you may have to abide by it, as you have the obligation to protect the interest of the Management as well. But I am sure that police authorities do not harass suicide cases.
In the meantime you can consult the respective department head and give the employee time off from work, to avoid any unpleasant situations immediately within the organization.
You have to certainly alert the parents, if required in writing about the happenings and advise them to support their daughter in the counseling process.

From India, Madras
Hi :
I feel one immediate action should be to introduce her to a professional cousellor or psychologist. She may open up in front of a neutral person. Also the professional would know the right methodology to help her to open up. Offcourse as suggested by our esteemed members, please keep the family informed and it is important for the family to be supportive in taking the corrective action going forward. As an organisation we may have limited role but the family plays the biggest role in helping the individual cope with the situation. Meanwhile please be in touch with the cousellor to understand if there were any work-related issues which triggered her to take this dire step.
- Gia

From India, Pune
Hello Sunny,
Please request you not to put any personal comments .The suggestion was based on experience even received the appreciation for the same from moderators.
SUNNYK811 Can i have your personal education back ground and professional back ground for the same.
Never avoid any legal matters in any situation.
HR Manager

From India, Pune
Hello Sudha,

Lots of opinions are coming to you.. but i guess nobody has put himself/herself in that box. It is completely right that you should inform to parents and call them for a discussion. Also inform police to check out if there is any harassment she faced during work or with any senior.

Don't put much pressure on her in this situation. This all should be just a formal session. Actual thing will start after that. I hope she has been working in your co. for more then 3-4 months. surely she will have friends there even good friends.

This is a matter of suicide and person is completely disturbed at that time. so you should check out her 1-2 very good or close friends who can try be more close and find out what had happened to her at that time. Any Dr. or counselor can check her but if i put myself on her place i will never spit out the reason if it is related to my personal life or anything in which i harassed because wouldn't help me out in my relationships, in my insult, look at the level she tried to kill her self.. level of disturbance is very high that she was not seeing any help related to that issue which she have in her mind. so a person who will be close to her for next 3-4 days will surely find out something as a friend and he or she will let you know that issue. Then Mgmt. can discuss with the girl if it related to work or co. and inform her parents if it related to her personal.

From India, Gurgaon

Sir you are right..............its punishable offence.............but what the situation not to punish rather to help the person/employee.........from the human and social counselling
she must be going through a bad stage..........and its the duty of the HR department to give her a helping hand.........rather than punishing

From India, Guwahati

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