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Jennifer Colosimo

hello folks
please let me know what are the options a men have to protect own-self from female mental harassment at workplace.
why people think that women are innocent? why people having too much sympathy for women? Why men and women support only female ?
Men are more strong then women is perception. women can hold a baby for 9 months and women can resist a pain of baby born.
so this shows that woman are more powerful then men.
misuse of laws for woman protection
why there is no helpline for men when women mentally harass a men?
Please share your experiences and ideas
How deal with women at home and workplace?
The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace
The Dowry Prohibition
The Eve Teasing
Sexual Harassment At Workplace
Gender Inequality
women insulting a men is achievement of a women and everybody feel proud of it rather then punish her

From India
Deputy Commissioner Of Labour..a.p.
Recruitment/talent Acquisition, Career Counselling
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Jennifer Colosimo

please make a law on Protection of men from Domestic Violence by mental harassment by women
From India

It is interesting to note that a woman not only speaking in favor of men but has initiated the discussion herself. As per my knowledge even the Indian judiciary has acknowledged harassment by men by women (especially in a marriage), and has made some room for this possibility. I am not aware of laws protecting men from women (or from other men, too!) at workplace.
Jennifer your topic reminds me of Sapna Bhavnani's (she's a celebrity and a socialite) recent quote of FB. It's not verbatim but she said that anybody can abuse and harass anybody. And the motive is to stop violence against everyone.

From India, Mumbai

I don't know the thread starter is a male or female. Let me opine.
Biologically, men are stronger than women in terms of muscle mass and strength. Women are weaker sex. Favour is always made to weaker people.
your point of women holding a baby for 9 months is called pain endurance but not strength. They have more pain endurance than men.
Except some sporadic incidents of female harassing male, more incidents are reported contrary. There was no physical injury reported to men in those incidents which you mentioned but may be mere teasing.
Hence the anti harassment policy supporting females is justified, I opine.
Pon, Chennai

From India, Lucknow

Hello Jennifer Colosimo,
I am with Aditya's remarks "....It is interesting to note that a woman not only speaking in favor of men but has initiated the discussion herself".
Coming to the issue you raised, I think there's one aspect of Human nature that everyone seems missing-out. At the EoD, EVERY male & female is a human being.
And ANY & EVERY Law/Rule/Idea/Act/Opportunity that can be 'used' can ALSO be 'misused/abused'....the gender isn't & shouldn't be the focus.
If one were to go back a few years into Indian History, we can see how laws promulgated to handle specific POTA, COFEPOSA, 498A, DVA, the Licence Raj in-vogue till the 1990s, the Acts that give specific rights/privileges to Government officials, etc......have been BOTH of great use to the target audience/expected victims AND ALSO led to their being misused by some rotten apples among those for whom that very Law was meant to protect.
In our Indian context, it's quite easy to 'frame' someone I guess. All one needs to do is to file a case--criminal or civil--& let the law take it's own course, which would in years. So until then the 'framed person' would face the ignominy of the consequences of the situation. Whether the Complaint was right OR wrong in the first place will be decided in the Court after years. And to add to this situation, the latest fad is the "Trial by Media"....though the media has been in the forefront in exposing many a misdemanour.
There are TWO aspects of Indian Laws that are very different & totally inadequate vis-a-vis the Laws of USA--
1] Factoring-in the basic aspect of human behavior that a Law CAN be misused & incorporating into the Law the consequences of ANY such misuse/abuse...sort of addressing the 'what if abused/misused?' scenario....TO A SUFFICIENT LEVEL/SCALE. The punishments for the complainant are far less severe than for an accused--so the disincentive for a false/wrong complaint are not very high OR to put it in another way, the incentive to misuse/abuse still remains.
2] The balanced approach--if one were to see the scope of our Indian laws, when something drastic happens, the action swings from one end of the pendulum to the other extreme. And in the process, THE SCOPE FOR another fresh set of unwanted & avoidable situations is AUTOMATICALLY in-built into the solution for the current problem.
W.r.t. your remarks "There was no physical injury reported to men...........", I think you have missed out the whole point of the repercussions on ANY victim..male or such situations. Ask any psychologist & he/she will tell you that 70-80% of the trauma the victims suffer from, in sexual harassment/rape situations, is EMOTIONAL/MENTAL, rather than physical. And again, Emotional/mental trauma takes years----YES, I am NOT exaggerating--to heal. And IF the victim is a child, it COULD extend thru his/her WHOLE ADULT LIFE SPAN [just check with a Child Psychologist]......meaning LIFE-LONG Trauma.
At least, that's my take on the subject.

From India, Hyderabad
Mr. Parm

Dear Seniors

Nice to see the discussion initiated and going on for understanding the other part of story. Their are two different aspects : One is at work place other is in family structure. Both are totally different and must be handled/discussed separately.

As of saying Men are considered more strong and initiator of harassment (specifically Sexual) and women are always considered victim and receiving end of story.

This is also because biologically and physically build of Man is in such a way that he can force any women to harassment or act of sexual offense, She only can resist(physical wrestle, try to harm man physical and cry and scream, Which a man due to strong build up easily thwart) but she cannot stop him due to way her biological/physical build up.

On the other hand a women cannot force a man of sexual interact against his will. She even can not physically force man to such a situation. Finely Biologically men are more prone to these act as they are easily lead over by their desires and situations, Men cannot resist their temptation, instincts or desires as women can; so the act/law is inclined towards women and is justified.

Such harassment by women can only up to mental harassment or verbal abuse but again this is against basic instincts and build of women so are very rare and also not very serious.

Rest harassment in marriage is totally different act and consequence of make up of our Indian society or in the basic of family structure of our society and they way women are positioned or treated within family.This is different and vast subject to discus.

Hope I have added something valuable to this discussion. Thank You.

From India, Patiala
divya hari

Dear Friends,
The discussion is a valid point, but it depends whether which gender is a dominating one, mostly men are nowadays being dominated by emotional circumstances that too after marriage. But this trend extending to work place has to have some restrictions posed.

From India, Delhi

Good to see that we all are becoming sensitive to talk about emotional distress /mental harassment. I tried to find the law which covers mental harassment but unfortunately our govt. is not so sensitive. Even I was looking for medical policy which covers Psychological illness, but didn\'t find any. I, myself the victim of mental harassment at my workplace due to which I went into depression and forced to quit the job.Though I left the job in 2013 ,march ,till today I am not able to find new job..and still take the minimum dosage of medicine...In India people are not ready to talk about these issues openly ...that\'s why there is no law for the same. Only option left for the victim is to suffer and suffer.

From India, Delhi

Hello Shipra,
While empathizing with your situation, suggest post your resume in this Forum....NOT that something WILL happen, but neverthless something CAN happen if others get to know your profile & they too have a similar job where you would fit-in.
All the Best.

From India, Hyderabad

Very interesting topic, and in this i would also like to add something which is not related to harrssment but about the common thing which every men is facing these days who travels by bus. There are almost five to six seats reserved for Ladies. but interesting to see that ladies are seating on the non- reserved seats keeping their reserved sets veccant. why not because they have choice to sit on any seat but a men cannot seat on the ladies seat. When govt. has made seats reserved for ladies then there should be one more rule added to that that saying ladies should seat on their reserved seat first and once they are full then only they should go for other seats.

From India, Mormugao
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