Dear Sanjay and friends,

It appears Sanjay has been hurt deeply in his stride somewhere and he started fuming 'why this to me only ?'.

If I'm right your post touches upon all the matters right from the creation of this world itself and evolution of man kind. God Almighty didn't create the earth alone but other earths also like numerous planets which are unique in their own selves. Coming to mankind, the human race, He/She didn't create man all alone but also the woman with her own natural features. Man and woman are not equal, they have their own strengths and weaknesses. Like wise among animals and all living things, animate and inanimate. Then animals & humans created differences among themselves to suit the conditions prevailing in the past, for the present and for the future. As the head counts ever on the increase, “Survival of the fittest” comes to play. No one is equal with other irrespective of who so ever he/she might be. Re: reservations, these are society/govts. made checks and balances to correct certain aberrations. You would agree a weaker child normally given addl. diet till such time that child becomes normal like the other. Differences exists in everything and every where. We don't behave all the time in the same manner, we don't eat & drink the same thing all the time & every time. No one is like the other one. We used to say our own ten fingers are not the same like the other. Honestly you say you love your own family members & friends in the same measure without any differences among them? When you can't why you rue about others?. Differences bound to be there always and no one on earth, why, even extra-terrestrial/aliens can’t avoid this. So try to reconcile to the nature and prepare yourself fit to excel. If you have the will you will emerge a winner. All the best pal.

Friends can add.

From India, Bangalore
Dear Mr Sanjay

SO, the world is an unequal battlefield!

The question here is : What are we going to do about it?

Choice 1 : Accept it and make do / go along

Choice 2 : Try to change ourselves and not practice all those that you see is wrong / unequal.

What I am trying to say here is this : before we can change others, we have to change ourselves. In your daily life, personal and professional,

see and treat everyone as a beautiful human, not along the lines of race, class or creed.

Easier said than done, you may say but in my 62 years of existence in this world, I am still doing that ; not a popular stand but there it is.

I remember a quote from Gandhi ji : "Be the change you want to see in this world"

In your thought and actions others must see the difference. Then perhaps they will emulate you -a candle in the dark room that starts attracting the moths.

Sounds a little philosophical, you may say but do try. I did and it does seems to have some effect.

Best Regards

Audi Narasingam


From Singapore, Singapore
Here's a post started by dr. Jogeshwar Mahanta raising similar question on 'why'
Matter went to HR Head - Preventing Sexual Harassment
Hoping to find practices from firms being shared there.

From India, Mumbai
I agree with our seniors; who are flummoxed by the post.

Kumar s.'s and audi.narasingam's responses are apt and meaningful.

Its not clear how the member has been affected by the Reservation Policy or Vishakha judgement ?? I hope he gives some concrete data and his own experience on these issues.

Is the Reservation Policy applied in his office??

Has he been subjected to the Vishakha judgement ???

What is clear is the sense of frustration and complaint with everything.

I am sure such issues; of being an "angry young man" tend to get clarified as one attains maturity and wisdom.

As far as equality is concerned; the world is not created equal !!

How come a rich man's children enjoy every luxury and a poor man's children even have to starve ???

Is there any fault of the children or did they have any choice in where to take birth ???

Children in Africa are dying before they even reach the age of 5; whereas those in affluent countries tend to live up to their 80's in affluence and luxury.

There is no end to grouse and complaints.

One can just keep on complaining and grumbling and make everyone's life miserable.

What one can ideally do is - have a positive mental attitude and do one's best whatever the circumstances.

and as already said, Be the change one wants to see.

Warm regards.

From India, Delhi
This is the most appropriate reply from among the replies. Mr.Sanjay appears to be seeking uniformity which is never possible. Dear Sanjay! Please command yourself "adapt" repeatedly as many time as you can and please post the effect of reverberation of this single word on you. Best of luck.
From India, Delhi
What made sudden break down of this prolific thread? What does out of box thinking say?
From India, Delhi
Dear Colleagues / Friends

I came across a short story that has relevance to what I had commented earlier on Mr Sanjay's post. You may have heard of it but please allow me post it again.

A daughter was complaining to her mother of all the problems / unfairness she was facing at work and in her life ( I call this BMW : Blame, Moan and Whine).

The mother kept silent and started to boil some water. The daughter burst out at her mother for her continued silence and asked her to respond (Sympathize, I suppose ).

The mother took a carrot , an egg and some ground coffee. She placed each one in a separate bowl and poured the boiling hot water in each.

She said, "Observe all three. All three are facing the same circumstances (hot boiling water) , are they not?"

The daughter nodded.

The mother said "But look at their reactions. The carrot was hard but now is soft. The egg was soft but now it is hard. Now look at the coffee"

The daughter could smell the aroma of the coffee which permeated the kitchen and she smiled as she took a sip.

The mother continued, " Each of them faced the same adversity -boiling water. The carrot went in strong , hard and unrelenting.Now it is soft. The fragile egg was soft inside, protected by a a thin shell. Now it has become hard. The coffee powder is unique. After being boiled, it changed the nature of the water and its inner characteristic (aroma / taste) is now prevalent."

" Now which are You?" she asked her daughter.

Dear Mr Sanjay. I hope that you can draw some solace from the above and dare to become the change that you want to see. I end with a quote:

"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself" ~ Leo Tolstoy.

I was like this some time back Until a friend told me : "For things to change, I must change". I am still changing ....

I rarely comment in these posts but I was moved by the 'anguish' in Mr Sanjay's outburst hence my long winded response..

My best regards to you.

Audi Narasingam


From Singapore, Singapore
I was like this some time back Until a friend told me : "For things to change, I must change". I am still changing ....
I rarely comment in these posts but I was moved by the 'anguish' in Mr Sanjay's outburst hence my long winded response..
My best regards to you.
Audi Narasingam
I am really curious to know what is that in the opening post which attracted so much long responses.

From India, Delhi
If to change then to what?
Perhaps Darwin has discovered the best goal,that is, survival of the fittest.Hpwever,he has not specified the ingredients of fitness.These ingredients are available in an oriya proverb from time immemorial:
Buddhi, viveka, jnaana bale;
Marana jini paara hele.
(You can conquer death easily by the power of your intelligence, conscience and knowledge).
Derivatically we get the proposition-Longevity/life span is directly proportional to the magnitude of buddhi-viveka-jnaana.
Harshad Mehta lived for 48 years.Dhirubhai Ambani lived for 69 years.Oberoi lived for 103 years. Now you please gauge the magnitude of your buddhi-viveka-jnaana and see if it is akin to whom or more..

From India, Delhi

Sanjay 2306
Your feelings that people are being too greedy,selfish etc and so on may be true to some extent.
Survival of the fittest is the mantra in the present state of our nation.
NO wonder Korea which is size of a small state produces almost 2/3 of India GDP and exports double of what our nation does.And they are primarily dependent on imports for most raw materials,where as India has vast natural resources-coal,iron ore, Mica,jungles etc.
Korea or Japan focussed on high quality of education and transformed after disastrous wars into world powers.
Education, class leadership and dedication has brought them up from total destruction of wars.
Applying the same to India we need to control population and see our warts and improve.Simply talking of fastest growing economy is no use when we have 1.3 billion mouths to feed.
Change yourself and work in more accommodative and broad minded style.
Have pride in doing quality work in which ever field you are.
Nation will change when we individual change.Simply giving way to despair is no use.
Have a constructive engagement with environment to the extent possible.

From India, Pune

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