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I completed my master from UK university in International HRM. came back to India in april. I tried for HR job in Ahmedabad but find struggle because of fresher. finally got job with different designation due to I haven't any exp in india as HR but they offer me good salary and promised me to I will look after employee relations, labor solutions and other HR stuff. Now I finished 7 month hear but I asked lots time for HR work to do but they didn't gave me. even they didn't involved me in recruitment as well. I am doing just normal admin work such as making reports, labor attendance and leave records etc..,which things any one can do. I feeling I am spoil my time here. and this designation will give bad impression in my CV. if I will start searching new job and if they find that than I don't know they will give my reference or not...

I am interesting to use my education and my skills. I want to do work in performance management , motivation , recruitment or as HR assistant so I can police my skills.

please give me some idea how to handle this situation?

From India, Solapur
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Dear have patience. You have just entered in the field and 7 months are nothing to achieve anything. At this stage of career every thing for you is LEARNING. Learn, learn and learn whatever you can learn. No experience is worthless. Do your job at your best but at the same time try to indulge yourself in HR activities without highlighting. Silently observe that how HR department of your company do its job. What are the procedures they have. What are their policies, what are there rules and once you think that you have got enough knowledge then start showing it in front of your boss.
It will take time but will definitely work. Everyone should try hard and work hard to get his favorite role in his career and one more thing, Try to improve your writing skills. You must have good communication skill for getting any position in recruitment.

From Pakistan, Karachi

Palak ji
u should keep eagle eye on activities in which u r much interested,once u get chance anywhere u should shift immediately, but
it does not mean what u doing is worthless,it is also part of experience.

From India

Dear Palak,

What you are suffering is a reality which most people who do international studies have faced in india, lack of practical exposure to Indian HR. Not that people do any great job but still more value is provided to actual hands-on work then the theoretical knowledge. If you would have worked there in UK in some company for a year or so it would have reduced this stigma.

Yes i fully agree with many other responders that you need to have patience and be more observant in different HR processes and understand the gaps between actual ground reality and theoretical concepts.

First job is of very critical importance for anyone and one need to spend at least 2-3 years and this is always the foundation on which you will build you future. You may not do many things but observation, interaction and learning will; definitely add you knowledge on process. Its frustrating to be a mere observant and more so if you see and feel others who are doing the job are less competent and you could do the job much better. But being patience pays....remember in any future interview you knowledge will be checked not your actual work during your discussion.

Observation and learning are more important than being master of few task, and thus my suggestion would be to be patience and enjoy your life...since you are getting a decent pay you should concentrate on enjoying work and focus on learning. Join HR forums and try to improve your PR and contacts, they help in long run.


Shridhar Bhagwat

From India, Mumbai

Suggest pl go thru very carefully the thread mentioned below--a lot of similarities with your situation--which is still active.
In general, suggest give off your VERY BEST to whatever comes your way--than loosing your sleep & peace-of-mind waiting for what you MAY WANT. Else, in the process, you COULD only end-up even loosing what's in your hand.
All the Best.

From India, Hyderabad

Dear PalakPR
Please do not judge lower about your existing work nature. Every HR people was done this job only on their starting period. This is the base for all HR jobs. Please continue with peaceful.
I want to coat some thing to you. I have seen your letter. In that you have mentioned "recruitment or as HR assistant so I can police my skills".It is not police but it is polish".
You should learn so many things now. Study well and learn extra activities like oral communication and written communication, Leading training programmes etc. It will give more courage and talent to you.That will help you in future. Please do not think to change your work place frequently. Show your full strength in the Existing position.
This is my suggestions
Manager HRA

From India, Madras

Hi Palak

Admin job is not very easy. Its take lot of efforts and confidence, communication as admin is the personal who handles team, responsible for organizing calendar of directors , SVP and VP many things of company / BU and the important point are very professional in terms of keeping management decisions and discussion confidential. In a some companies like Microsoft, Convergys , CA , Wipro, Polaris, Infosys, Google admin also takes care of interview scheduling and Attrition rate for respective unit. Hence its possible for everyone and coming to your job / role frustration. Its common when we start our career, these all struggles are nothing but exams and are existing only to check our patience level. Hence as said by other cite member and seniors. Please be patience try to learn and also an Important point whenever you get time go through company HR policies because in case you get chance for an internal mobility in your company for HR position you might be asked about HR process and policies. Hence be prepared.

Also there are many things related to your area of interest on citeHR, Please browse it and I will advise you not to change job in 7 month/ 1 year as its gives very bad remark on your profile. Hence all you need is patience and right time.

All The best 



From India, Hyderabad

Hi Palak,
I agree with what the others have said. You need to have a lot of patience when you start working. As a fresher, you may not get the kind of job you are looking for or are interested in. The initial bit of work that you are doing may not seem very great and may not be what you are interested in, but please be patient.
I am saying this out of experience. I started my career in the IT industry as a Secretary in the HR department. I was given the jobs that no one else wanted to do, but stuck to it. At times, I would wonder whether I was doing the right thing by continuing to work for the company. After some time I started enjoying what I was doing and took pains to learn the job. Today, after 23 years, I am the Director - HR, Administration and Finance of a software company. (By the way, I am not an MBA graduate).
Sorry if anyone thinks I am bragging, but this was only to explain to Palak that she needs to be patient and enjoy what she is doing.
All the best, Palak

From India, Bangalore

Hello Sujatha,
Don't worry 'if anyone thinks you am bragging'--you have company in me [though not in designation] & MANY others in this Forum :-)
@ the EoD, you did your job in advising the member who posted this query--HOW it's taken [as long as, of course, it sticks to the topic] by others is THEIR problem--quite often we end-up forgetting that "Truth is stranger than Fiction"--howsoever it may sound strange.

From India, Hyderabad
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