Hi All,
I have joined a top MNC in India. I worked for 2 weeks and didn't like the work profile. I would like to join another company as I have another offer. I am planning to abscond from the company. What all actions they can take on me ? do they block in NASSCOM like that. Please help me.
Thank you in advance.
2nd November 2013 From India

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Yes thereis every possibility to create some newsence, even bring to the notice of NASSCOM. Why you want to abscond, joing other company with out getting clearance If you are not interested.
Pl. talk to HR, get relived and join.
Regards - kamesh
2nd November 2013 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Nikki
Your Query: I have joined a top MNC in India. I worked for 2 weeks and didn't like the work profile. I would like to join another company as I have another offer. I am planning to abscond from the company. What all actions they can take on me ? do they block in NASSCOM like that. Please help me.
Position: Act of absconding from Workplace is deemed as an act of Misconduct punishable per applicable Law.
Leaving the current Employer in lurch may result in criminal prosecution and or recovery of
Payment amounts on several counts like Salary, PF Contribution, Induction Costs other incidental
costs and Career blot. You have option to tender Resignation and honorably exit.
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Harsh K Sharan
2nd November 2013 From India, Delhi
Hello Nikky007,

Like the other members mentioned, your present Company CAN take any drastic action--whether they actually will is a different matter.

You MAY NOT like this, but your line '..........and didn't like the work profile' only shows that EITHER you don't take seriously OR take lightly your responsibilities OR have just used this opportunity until you got another job with a higher CTC.....without the courage to mention this aspect.

Weren't you told about the job profile during the Interview process? I am sure it was--even a small company does it--and you mention that this is a 'Top MNC'. If you had any queries at that stage, you SHOULD have asked. Why did you join at all when you weren't clear about the job profile?

Even assuming that the job profile IS NOT good, did you discuss with your Reporting manager? Or with HR? Based on what you mentioned, it DOES SEEM that you didn't. And you don't have ABSOLUTELY ANY QUALMS of declaring that you 'are planning to abscond'. Looks like it's for such cases/reasons that NASSCOM have devised the List you know & talk about.

Like the Saying goes: 'As you SOW, so you REAP'.

Like the other members mentioned, leave the right way, IF you are really serious.

All the Best.


3rd November 2013 From India, Hyderabad
"Absconding " is not advised at any cost. since you have joined recently, the company may relieve you earlier, as they will realize that you not be productive. Also understand that the world is round and you may meet your current Manager , later again which will be embarassing for you
3rd November 2013 From India, Bangalore
It is nothing but knowingly or unknowingly inviting problems and mind set is required to be changed in a right way so that career path will be clear.
As far as possible fair dealing with any organisation will be healthy. Hope you will take a right decision as suggested by the senioors.
All the best.

4th November 2013 From United States, Cupertino
Its better talk to the Hr and get the matter settled either by paying the settlement amount or take a proper approval so that we avoid getting blacklisted in NASSCOM
4th November 2013 From India, Cochin
I would suggest you have a look at your Appointment Letter - more likely than not it defines a "Probation Period" within which the Company can terminate you without giving any Notice - this is usually a reciprocal right, i.e. you too can leave without giving any reason or notice.
If that's the case, you can give a resignation under the same clause and officially seek to be relieved immediately.
As others have said, absconding is the worst thing you can do - as you will NEVER be considered again by the Company for employment at any level.
If you do resign, they may actually make a counter offer acceptable to you and in any case, you won't be burning any bridges.
Jayant Tewari
4th November 2013 From India, Bangalore
I agree with Mr Jayant Tewari for you to go through your letter of appointment regarding termination of service by either party during probation. Usually, no notice is required or the notice required may be very short and act accordingly. If you are not under the bond you may as well apply for leave on some urgent ground and may choose not to return thereafter absconding thereby, necessitating the employer to terminate your service for absconding. Act of absconding have the following impact on you;
1. Loss of salary and PF contribution
2. Loss of experience certificate
3. Loss of reference for the check made by the next employer.
Nothing beyond.
Suit your self.
4th November 2013 From India, Delhi
Dear Mr.Nikky,

Reading between the lines of your statement reveals that you had attended two interviews with different companies. Presumably, the first company gave you the job offer and you accepted it. The second company gave you the job offer two weeks later probably with a higher CTC, May be you even told them about the offer you received from the first company.

After you received the offer from the second company with a higher CTC you decided to abscond from the first company.

This presumptions have arisen in my mind because, I am surprised that you have found the work profile uninteresting within a span of two weeks.

If my assumptions are wrong, I am sorry about it.

Never abscond from a workplace. Deserting a responsibility assigned to you without proper relieving is considered inappropriate.

I am 100% certain that none of the learned members in this forum will subscribe to the view of absconding from the workplace just because the work profile was found uninteresting within 2 weeks of joining.


5th November 2013 From India, Madras

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