Dear all,
Could you please help me on drafting the policy on mobile usage and i need a memo format to be issued for an employee for the usage of mobile inside the office.
is ther any helping hands?????

25th September 2007 From India, Madras

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u can draft some policy regarding usage of mobiles,
but dont think u are some person in a fair handing out pamphlets to visitors,,,
because if you think of handling memo to employee, its unfair, and you policy should state that usage of mobiles inside office premises in banned, or if anyone gets a call he can go out and speak,
dont invade the privacy of employees, and first tell can u stop the top management from taking mobile calls inside their air conditioned cabins.
If you are so much strong why not install a mobile jammer inside the office so that no one can use their mobile..
Though your policy idea seems ok the memo idea seems not ok.,, hope u tell me what trouble ur facing regarding mobiles,, as in my company everyone uses mobiles, and speaks but it does not harm . affects the other person / staff,, and what if official discussions are done on mobile,, how can u issue a memo for that,, please clarify me.
25th September 2007 From India, Pune
Dear HR,
Thanks for your valuable inputs. Really in our office i.e. we are in to e- publishing services and while in duty their phone calls increases the nonproduction time in the production area. so as to avoid the nonproductivity we are in to this idea.
pls help me
26th September 2007 From India, Madras
Hi Raghav,

U can alter the following lines as per ur company

Dear Team,

The use of a personal cell phone while at work may present a hazard or distraction to the user and/or co-employees. This policy is meant to ensure that cell phone use while at work is both safe and does not disrupt business operations.

No cell phone call is permitted none whatsoever during team meeting. All cell phones to be turned off during meeting.

No personal calls can be attended inside the office premises. Employee needs to go outside the office to attend personal phone call.

All personal calls should be limited to not more than 5 minutes.

This policy should be followed with high priority. All the staff working [UR COMPANY NAME] is requested to co-operate in implementing this policy without any deviation.

Team leaders are asked to give strict order to their team member to follow this policy. And those who go beyond the policy should be reported to (CONCERN PERSON' S NAME)

let me know whether it is okay.. :) :)

Thanks with Regards,

26th September 2007 From India, Madras
Hi In my company people speak on official calls on their mobile for as long as half an hour.
Since you are making the mobiles strict. How would you be in touch with your employees / or if your employees stop giving their personal mobile number to outside clients, stating that that is their personal mobile and they would not like to receive officials calls on it, including your own call.. :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
So may be next time when you call some employee or colleague for urgent work and he tells you that it is his personal mobile and not for official discussion and talks.
and if your employees are taking official calls on mobiles how can u distinguish whether those calls are official or personal.. so as to limit the calls to 5 mins,,,
You have to see the ban on mobiles from all angles, and then make a decision. May be as you think it would not be that much useful as you think.
26th September 2007 From India, Pune
For official calls they can use office land numbers... right??
May be I accept that there are real time problems in following this policy
But we have to be little bit strict right??
B'coz me tooooooooooooo faced the problem of staffs using mobile for even 1hr continuously for personal calls.... this led to down to productive time
Anyway we can't reduce the time upto 5 min may be around 10 - 15 minutes :) :?: :?:
Thanks with Regards,
26th September 2007 From India, Madras
That depends on whether every employee has got extension nos, landline at his desk, what his job profile is related,,
becoz i ve seen some of my frnds they have to give their nos to their clients, outside office persons,, and mostly when it becomes difficult to catch them at their place, the client, outside person calls them on their mobile and disusses the issues... also If some needs to be discussed with me working on computer,, and i dont have landline on my desk,, then i am not doing wrong by speaking official matters on fone..
IF the job of ur employees is routine, which needs no discussions , etc, then u may go with 100% mobile ban and not to take personal calls unless in case of urgency..
:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
26th September 2007 From India, Pune
Yes HR.,.
I accept but mine is an Software Development Center and none of them are in need of talking official matters in mobile except HR Department people and System Admin people
So we gave this policy to our company staffs
and also i have asked Raghav to edit the policy as what applies to his concern
Thanks with Regards,
26th September 2007 From India, Madras
well aruna :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
dont think anything like that,, :? :? :? :?
I just observed, that raghav plainly accepted your view,, but may be he should have first diagonised the situation of his company and then follow any of the suggestion, because here in cite hr we are working in N number of industries, N no of profiles, N no of cultures,,
so what works for you might not work with me... and what works for me would not work for you,,
so if raghavs work culture is exactly similar to ur companys work culture then he can use ur suggestion.
We all are here just to express our opinions, and nothing to get hurt as such ,, but to properly guide our fellow cite hr members,, with a suggestion but leave the decision to them,,, :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
26th September 2007 From India, Pune
Sure Ravi, Thank you so much for your words :) :) I am very new to this site (Joined CiteHR sterday) So those words from urs were very useful Thanks and Regards, Arunaa
26th September 2007 From India, Madras

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