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Respected Seniors, I am working as a Manager HR in one of Medium size manufacturing company. which is a family-managed organization. I have been asked to review all the commercial staff's work efficiency and their occupancy and have been told that a minimum of 25% of staff members should be removed.
I joined this company a year back and I was in the service industry. while joining a manufacturing unit I was in perception that I'll be going to learn a lot of things here. however coz its managed by a family, they don't give proper importance to HR Department.
Please suggest I m really helpless and have no clue what to do.

From India, Indore

Hi Sagar,
Whilst, its difficult to straight way answer your "Cost Cutting" measure required by your company and needs more information, I am surprised why you thing "Family Owned" business don't give importance to HR.
Just for your information, around the world & within Indian almost more that 80% successful business are "Family Owned". And yes you are right to say how this family owned business run their firm in more ethical and professional way is something that will differentiate between successful and growing firms and those who are happy where they are and don't have any intention to grow up.
"Cost Cutting" is a big challenge and its a "art in HR" you are about to learn in your current firm. Use this opportunity to learn and develop your strategy on advising the company how they should be going about their "Cost Cutting". Your success according to me would be in achieving that right mix where you would do justice to both parties.
Wish you good luck.

From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
Gurgaon HR

It is surprising when we educated professional thinking about "COST CUTTING" rather than "COST SAVING". Think when you have tough time to survive with low budget and with 5 family members .. what you will do? will you ask family members to go for COST CUTTING or you will reduce expenses to serve all family members.
I suggest you to guide and suggest your management for COST SAVING, convey message down the line. gain the trust, build the responsible atmosphere. things will change.
Things are simple just to understand.
Chill HR

From India, Gurgaon
This is what i was thinking... dont wanted to share but now i think i have to... i have been told that if i fail to complete this task i’ll be fired. Please suggest
From India, Indore
Gurgaon HR

You got your answer that organisation is not having any worth to stay with. Chill HR
From India, Gurgaon

Dear Sagar,

I understand your situation. In Family owned business of such kind, its very difficult to take decisions as they don't given much power to HR dept to work efficiently. But surely you will be benefited in future.

Kindly define your position in your organization, are you heading the HR Department?

You have to do a lot of working on this. In mid mfg companies they don't have such data with them.

I suggest you need to make a organization tree and prepare the data as under:

(1) How much timre required for the prodution of single product.

(2) Cost of that product after mfg.

(3) Productivity done by every employee.

(4) Per person cost involvement in every product (Comparison with other employees).

(5) Discuss with the Managers/Supevisors separately and create sheet.

After that discuss with Management defining the cost analysis data of every person. I am sure they will like if you can present such data in front of your management specially output of every employee.

I would request senior members to correct me if I am wrong or add your expert comments.



From India, Indore
Thanks Anurag !!
Yes I'm heading the HR department. And its not about production staff, they want to do it with corporate staff. according to department heads all of thr team members are over loaded with work.
No one is in the favour expect the owners.

From India, Indore

Well, you can simply leave the company if your purpose to join the company not full-filled and join some other good company. But also, it will be good if you try to educate them about the need and importance of HR to your seniors if you find suitable and if you find yourself and your position in the company suitable for this and still if you find no change in the process and thinking then sure you must look for a good opportunity with a company that believe in professionalism and as soon as you get you can leave your current company and join the other company.
From India, Lucknow
I m very confused as i m very much sure now that i dont have any future here. here my growth can be only on monetary terms, but learning may nt be here. my only concern is should i start serching a new job or should i wait. I dont want to show such a short period in my resume.
Plz suggest

From India, Indore
Past Master
Dear Sagar
I think we have achieved cost cutting of HR in my company by deploying Technological methods, such as 100% paperless office, watching electricity & Telephone bills, relying more on the internet usage, between our staff members we use CUG close circuit telephone Numbers/lines, which work cheaper in long run, also try to cut on O.Ts . And so on.
Muscat - Oman

From Oman, Muscat
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