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Dear all, As we have set rules for Late coming at factory still employees reporting late at work place what we should do for it???
From India, Jalgaon

Sr. HR Manager
Rashmi: as u mentioned, u have set rules for late coming. so, pls check the rules, what penal provisions are there in the rules.
From India, Mumbai

Making rules and implementing and following the rules are two different things and need proper management.
Just check for once that all the employees are well aware of the rules?
Are the new rules enough to convince or force employee to come on time?
Are the rules implemented and followed by the employer strictly?
Have't you seen even a little improvement regarding punctuality?
Have you given your employees enough time to cope up with the new rules as if the employees are coming late and not punctual for a long time then it will take some time to them to be punctual.
Please check for the above once as it looks you are missing at some points.

From India, Lucknow

HR Recruiter
Dear hr,
We also communicated all late coming rules to all employees & even fetch list of late comers still people are not serious about said communication and finding ways & reasons to justify the reasons of late comings.

From India, Jalgaon
vijayan Krishnan


To make employees punctual, first you need to take stringent action plans, by strictly penalising the late comers. At initial stages, there may be hues & cries, however, strictly implementing the rules will definitely awake employees to know the importance of punctuality. In our company, I have strictly followed the rules by implementing deduction of leave for late comers (there should be a grace period of 10 minutes, and in excess of 3 late marks in a month, you can deduct half a day leave from their credit). To make it success, it took almost one year, however, I am happy that people are now punctual. If any employee is at habitual of coming late even after taking such actions, you can warn him/her or caution him./her for disciplinary acton. Everything is possible by srictly implementing rules and followed by action plans. Few employees may defend saying that they will not sit late hours in case of any additional work, however, make them understand that "by coming at right time an employee shows the punctuality and by sitting late for completing his/her assigned job shows the responsibility" You start implementing the rules right from today and do not keep the step backward. You will success. Finally, for all these things, you need top management's support also.

All the very best.

Vijayan Krishnan


Corporate HR

Dear Vijayan, Namaste

I had also faced similar situation, not only people came late, but seniors too took liberty of coming way beyond stipulated office timings.

I enforced the same rule, but in different way, (as here the employees are pretty old in the organisation, deducting leaves would not have been beneficial)

1. The incoming office timing was given perpetual grace upto 9.45(actual office timing - 9.30-6) then even if it is 9.46, the person coming late will sit back upto 6.30 P.M. even if he/she does not have any pending work.

2. If the person is delayed beyond and comes after 10 AM then in a month upto 2 genuine reasons are allowed by HOD's discretion and beyond that straight away half day's salary is deducted, which is not deducted in salary or wages but collected as employee fund. (in last 3 months there has been no collection, the collection happened only in the first month, which is lying here in office, to be used as employee welfare or any other way employees deem fit)

Post this rule there is no one who comes late, even if they do, they need to have the HOD's approval on the same, and trust me no HOD can keep giving reasons for late coming, even if the late comer is best performer.

Other than this, if someone has some contingency and if the said employee will be late by more than 2 hours, half day CL is granted, but only after the employee comes and sends email for the approval taken from his/her HOD to all the HOD's and HR, this results in total transparency and no one takes free ride.

It is now more than 4 months that this rule has been implemented and no one comes late, people usually apply for half days....

Best Regards

Bharati Joshi

From India, Mumbai
Hi Rashmi,
The system we have introduced in our Company is anybody coming late after the grace time of 15 minutes from the opening hour of the office, are marked late and for every four days late arrival, we straight away deduct one day's pay even if leave is available to their credit. Now employees are 99% punctual.
S. Balasubramanian

From India, Calcutta

sr. exec
Dear Rashmi,
There are two types of late comers in any organization. One is occasinaly late comers and other one is habitual latecomers. Mat have to take disciplinary action against second one Then only there will be discipline in any organization

From India, Chennai

Officer HR at Western Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd.
Dear, Follow the Industrial Employment Standing Order Act for legal action.
From India, Pune
I have alos faced this problem in last 3 months.
But now we have control on late coming of workers & also Managemenet Staff through following steps.:
1. Discussed with Management in group meeting at our concerence Hall.
2. Discussed with workers at shop floor.
3. Kept register at Security gate & deduct their wages from monthly salary.
4. Display notice on late coming at notice board.
4. Initiate disciplinary action under standing order - oral warning, written warning, show casue notice under certified standing order.
5. personally discussed with workers (Their problem)
& this through we have control on late coming of employees.
Thanking You
Ramdas Vasant Pawar

From India, Pune

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