I am working as a HR Executive what should i have to know/do to become a HR Manager? I know about recruitment and leave management.
From India, Visakhapatnam
Dear Swathi
Your question is not meaning full, as you have not given any details how many years of exp in HR and what is your basic study details.
As becoming as HR Manager is depending upon your seriousness about job responsibility
Thanks and regards

From India, Hyderabad
100 % me to agree with Mr.Lakshminaryana... Lot of qualities are required to become HR Manager.. Regards B.Anand Kumar
From United Kingdom, London
I have 2 years 5 months of Experience in HR and Business Development.
I started my career as an HR/BD Executive
1)First company-i worked in an Elearning company as BD Executive
2)Second company-i worked as HR/BD Executive in a Consultancy company(my role is like Recruitment,Payroll processing,Business development,Lead generation)
3)Third company-Presently i am working in a Training institute as HR/BD (Inhouse recruiter and Placement coordinator and HR for consultancy newly started by my training institute).
Can anyone give me suggestion how to get the job in IT or manufacturing company as purely into HR related job (i am not interested to work as HR-recruiter,because i am not comfortable in making calls continuously and target oriented work).
If any requirement and suggestion for me.kindly share with me.

From India, Bangalore
go to hr manager room peep into his system
watch ur manager what he doing for atleast one month
whom he is meeting
what is he talking
how he is behaving to employee
what strategics he is giving
one month stay with ur mgr u yourself will learn everything

From India, Hyderabad
I can say, it's your professional qualifications, skills, working experience and capability to handle the responsibilities, people management can help you to become HR Manager. If you are an HR executive then keep learning about HR and people management from your seniors and grasp thing from them as how they handle the critical situation related to HR that will sure help you in your professional career.
Also, when you have few years of experience then you can apply for the role of HR manager if you pass the eligibility criteria specified by the other companies.

From India, Lucknow
Dear Swathi, As mentioned above also, there is no thumb-rule for becoming a Manager. But still you should give yourself some time before you really think that you are a manager material. Shikha
From India, Chandigarh
Hi Swathi,
Our seniors have given you good answers.But i would like to add some point may it helps you out.
1. Higher Qualifications and Practical Knowledge.
2. For becoming HR Manager,Person need to be self motivated. And should have (calmness and flexibility)
3.I would not say Excellent communications but what i realized,Communication should be clear,soft,precise,Effective and most important should be qualitative.
4.Have to provide high quality leadership to the HR Operations Unit and HRs capacity to meet current and future needs.
Moreover HR is a very wide field.... HR has to be diplomatic....in certain ways....

From India, Pune
Dear Swati,
at the initial stage of our career we are concern about our profile and what knowledge we are having not designation.
I have seen so may friend that they are designated with some higher position but actual they are doing work like sr or asst. leave boz of power and authority not delivered or some other reason...
I Feel that designation is not important but what types of work u r doing at what level that's important.
pl share..
Nishant Ghayal

From India, Pune

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