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I have just started up a recruitment agency in New Zealand, I am trying to find out a list of general forms I will need to make up to cover my bases when it comes to the recruitment process, Does anyone know what exact forms I should have, also any information on what systems to use or what you have found works for you would be greatly appreciated.
From New Zealand, Hamilton
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Hello Caleb,
Looks like you are inquiring about country-specific Forms [New Zealand].
Suggest send a PM to 'Aussiejohn', a Senior member & Moderator of this Forum--he is based in Australia & should be able to help you better than others of us who aren't based in your part of the world.
However, if you need any suggestions/assistance reg the operational aspects of your new business, you will find many members who can help you out.
All the Best.

From India, Hyderabad

Thank you for your reply,
I am initially after a general understanding of forms needed for the recruitment process, and then will alter for the NZ market.
Also in regards to operational aspects I could definitely use some guidance, Imhave set up a basic website and started work on my database of candidates, I am currently using excel to keep costs low along with seeing what functionality we specifically need, I have talked to a few recruitment professionals who say they have a floating pricing structure depending on the company,
With my model I'm looking at recruiting self employed contractors (personal trainers) into gyms, what pricing structures would you suggest would work?
Currently doing a % based one with reference to management roles, but contractors I was looking at doing a weekly fee for the trainer to be placed?
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

From New Zealand, Hamilton

Dear Caleb,

Greetings and Best Wishes for your New Venture,

The general trend here in India for charging your customers for providing candidates who get selected is to charge 8.33% of the CTC (Cost To Company) offered by the customer to the new recruit, which works out to about 1 month's salary. However, if such selected recruit referred by the Placement Agency leaves employment within 3 months, the Placement Agency needs to provide a replacement acceptable to the hiring Company free of charges.

From my personal experience many fledgling Placement Agencies just grab Resume's from Job Portals and forward them for evaluation of their Customer (Hiring Company), in which case I believe that their charging a hefty 8.33% fees is unreasonable because there is no value addition by them in this process.

I haven't understood exactly what you mean by forms?. In our case, we have a system wherein, irrespective of the source of the Candidate, fro our independent data base or through referrals, after short listing the candidates for Interviews, prior to the actual interview, we make them respond to a Questionnaire which has 3 portions: 1. Personal Information of the Candidate 2. Questions to judge his/her aptitude and 3. Technical Questions related to the Job / Position for he/she is to be interviewed.

If you need more information from a person who is having her own Placement Agency, please let me know your email ID which I will forward to her, so that, you can communicate independently with each other.

Have a successful start ...raj

From India, Mumbai
I have just started up a recruitment agency I am trying to find out a list of general forms I will need to make up to cover my bases when it comes to the recruitment process...
From India, Mumbai
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