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Hello Seniors,

Our company is into IT/ ITES/ KPO/ BPO sector. The founder is in USA, and he is the Technical Head to our company. Two months back, due to a management dispute, the Founder had changed. The management appointed the two other Technical heads, as Director to our firm

Now problem is that both the leaders are from Technical field, with no knowledge of Finance or HR, They are asking HR Manager and Finance Manager to teach them every area of Finance and HR. Founder has full faith in him, as they are with them in the business since last 8 yrs. One leader holds a Diploma in Engineering- Computers and other is B.com Graduate.

Now both the leaders are changing every rule in our company including the policies, even sandwich rule in leave policy.

Since they are our reporting Managers in company, there is no direct coordination with founder. He is not even ready to listen any thing ..

Please guide what should the next step for Finance and HRD people, Company have 180 employee strength.



From India, Pune
Dear Ashish
Stand firmly in front of them and submit that we may discuss some consultant or subject matter experts( Labour Law Consultants) before we alter any existing policy, this will help you to make them aware that you are a genuine well wisher of company and consultant can better guide them about the things.
You may suggest our company name to your management for any query or discussion, we will make them satisfied for their every question.
for Red Star Group

From India, New Delhi
Hello Redstar Team,
We have very good HR Team in the company for labour laws and even management not interested for third party.
You will provide solution for external labour laws what abt internal matters so not possible.
Thanks for your suggestions.

From India, Pune
Dear Ashvan,

We can give some valid suggestions, you can let us know some incidents happened in your company.

Anyhow, Don't get disappointed. You clearly said that they are from different function and they do not have knowledge on Finance & HR. So They will not understand the effects of changing policies easily and it will take time, It will not happen immediately.

I would suggest the following things:

1. Instead of getting disappointed, Try to understand their expectation, try to see why are they insisting or changing the policies and what is their positive intention of doing that. if you can be very clear on the above points then you will not take all these things on a negative note.

2. We would diffidently be disappointed if someone from other function comes and removes something without understand our points because, we formulated / executed the polices and we feel its our area.

3. Try to collect data which support your arguments and project the same to your managers. Let them realize the effects of their act. Tell them diplomatically that if it continues, it will create negative impact on the business or among the employees etc.

4. But ultimately, what management wants to see that is Profit and growth in business. They can be flexible if your policies & activities contribute something towards the same. So, try to project in such a way that if they change something, it would affect the result of the company but while projecting this, you should support your statements with evidence (Attrition / Dissatisfaction among employee / Fraudulent activities report / Cost saving report etc).

4. If you can see better result even after changing or removing some policies, then leave it as it is. There is nothing in accepting others feedback for the benefit of the company. But if it affects business growth or employees satisfaction then you get into the picture with relevant date and let them understand the effects.

5. Do not forget that you need to work under them and they become your boss now. "BE A ROMAN WHEN YOU ARE IN ROME" but you have the rights to be the best Roman.

6. If your boss does not want to have something, you suppose to accept but you have the rights to disclose your views but if your words do not get accepted then leave it and let them come back after facing the consequences.

7. You can be very happy that you have a good platform to learn and see the real time effects if we change some rules or policies in the company. Follow if you like it or keep it in your mind as it will help you to develop your subordinate in future.



From India, Madurai
Hello Mr. Kannan,
Thank you very much for valuable suggestion , i will keep it in my mind.
Please suggest me what can we do about Teach them Finance and HR functions including labour laws? as they are wishing that we have to thought them.
As an HR Person how can i give them trainings on labour laws...PF, ESI, PT, TDS BONUS, LEAVE ENCASHMENT., GRATUITY, MINIMUM WAGE, ......ETC
They are asking Finance people to give training on Tally and other Government rules..
What about our job security of we train then on all subjects??? bcoz mainly every individual wants to be like as a HR...
Sir, please guide us
Thanking you,

From India, Pune
Dear Ashvan,

Assuming that you have your learning plans in place with them. Have you tried sharing the Statutory and the minimum standards to be maintained, in terms of functioning ?

An understanding of the employee friendly environment comes with time. Please share the data to the repercussion of the policies that they may implement.

They have seen the support function since the beginning of their career. Help them identify the difference of being managed and managing these functions.

They will begin from the premise of what they had seen and what is good for business. Running a show is different than watching it. When they make a suggestion, help them define a map for implementation and its risks.

Attrition is an extreme case. What will eventually brew is discontent at work. Its a killer to productivity and they know it better as they have been managing teams all this while.

Use their ground zero understanding to design better HR function. What may sound good for business, might not turn profitable when its the talent of the firm in question.

Help them see every dimension to the way they want to operate . Believe that they are here for good and will turn things for better.

From India, Mumbai
Hello Naboita,
Already shared the Statutory and other tools to maintain the functions and even trying my level best to guide them about all HR Functions.
Thanking you for your valuable inputs, facing lots of problems but i will try hard to learn something from this situation as i am working for company not for them.
Even thinking that what should i learn from them ? every one is learning from their seniors..

From India, Pune
Dear Ashish,
In that case you are right on track. Keep your expectations low and share data on what they want to implement. Prepare your reports on the Industry practices and help them review the current standards.
Check if they are ready to involve any external agency to audit . This would add value to their assignment too.
Follow up with insights on what they have implemented so far.
They should help learn a lot more about the business. All the best!

From India, Mumbai
Hi Ashish,
I think your bosses are curious to know how things are working.
If they will try to get involve in everything they will themselves mess up their life.
I think best thing is to co-operate them (Only for right things),
If they are doing something wrong make them aware of implications of their decision politely; if they don't listen leave it.
After sometime they will feel exhausted and comeback to you.
It happens, when a someone join an organization, one wants to prove him/herself, so you bosses are doing to showoff their bosses.
Don't be impatient, things will settle down with time.

From India, Mumbai

Boss is a boss and you can not become his boss. You have to follow his instructions. I remember one of our colleagues in Govt. service was an engineer in a senior position but was never exposed to field conditions. He was posted in field and was supposed to construct the electrical system, maintain it and to run it on even extra high voltage level. When he was posted, he came to the lowest level of workers, sat with them and worked with them and learned the technical practical things and in a matter of 6months only, he was capable of controlling them all. So the boss has to understand all things and only then he can remain boss. You have to cooperate with him else you will have to leave the company. So try to make them understand what they want to understand. Never think it is not your duty. But make him aware of the pitfalls of wrong implementation too. I am sure he will realise your worth and capability and will trust you. You are not going to lose your job on his learning the tricks and the subject, definitely. Act positively and behave positively without any fear of losing your job.

Mahavir Mittal

From India, New Delhi

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