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I am currently working at executive level & my profile is generalist in HR, have around 3 years of experience and with current co. 3 to 4 months.

I love my job and as per my belief, apart from efficient hard work on daily basis, Value addition is an important factor for fast growth & exposure especially when it gets noticed by senior management & so I manage time out of my working hours for those extra efforts

I got the opportunity to explore here and have made some of highly appreciated presentations, process and methods, My boss is very happy with it and appreciate a lot.

My concern is I can see these new projects/process/presentations which I have prepared have been taken over by my boss and shown to the MD removing my name out of it, which has really demotivated me...Now action against this could be:

- Have already spoken to my boss about it, but she doesn't want me to come ahead and present the stuff which I have prepared

- As going over boss head & speaking to MD about it, can be very harmful for the long term relationship with my immediate boss, as she is an old employee

- Or Is it too early to react on this, but I am making lot of efforts for each successful assignment, & what I believe is When It is my efforts completely, I am liable for credits, which indirectly help me to grow in more fast pace

- No question of switching as this is a part of regular job life, cant run away and don't want to loose hopes

Kindly sugges best actions to be taken against it, as this really hampers, demotivates and one cannot move ahead but cannot back off....

From India, Mumbai
Dear Priyanka,

My observations on your post are as below:

a) People can grab the credit for the work that you have done. But nobody can snatch the skills and knowledge that you have gained in the course of your work. Grabbing the credit for junior's work is not so common but not so rare either. It happens everywhere. Your company is no exception.

b) You say that your immediate manager is long serving employee in the company. In that case your MD might know her better.He must have understood that it is not her work but yours. Nevertheless, he has not told to you directly.

c) When you want to do value addition make sure that it is measurable. Aim for creating some measurable change. Presentations are used for explanation purposes only. Presentations in itself do not add value. As far as process is concerned, what change you could bring in and in what span of time, that you should be able to explain.

d) There is nothing wrong in quitting job as such. "Rolling stone gathers no moss" goes the adage. Every new job will teach something new. Of course do not quit the before you complete some 2-3 years of tenure.

e) Lastly, high quality of the work is the best way of gaining visibility. It is very difficult to be perfect even in routine jobs. This very high quality of your work will give you visibility and will make you indispensable as well. Consistency in high quality work will create your trademark and people will start saying "if Priyanka has done ____ work then it will be 100% accurate. No need to check at all". If you start getting recognition of this kind in even routine work then should you bother about value addition?

All the best!

Dinesh V Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Dinesh Divekar has given you good advice. Only another piece of advice that I can give is, when you prepare something new next time, put a copy at CiteHR, unless it is confidential, prior to showing it to your manager. If you are prepared to take a chance, send a copy to your MD; so, if your boss removes your name and presents it as his own, the MD will be aware that it's your work.
From United Kingdom
Priyanka, I can appreciate what you are doing in terms of value addition to the organization. Your organization, however, has a hierarchical structure like all other organizations. In this structure, you are reporting to the HR manager & are accountable to her. She has already appreciated your work, as mentioned by you. How she presents it to the MD is a part of her responsibility. How do you know that she hasn't already informed the MD about the effort put in by you? Not keeping your name on the presentation which she has given to the MD is a non issue. You need not be over concerned about getting a direct applause from your MD so far as your immediate boss is happy with you. For your career growth that is far more important; for ego satisfaction, a pat on your back from the MD may be more satisfying.

How does it matter if your immediate boss also gets some credit for the work done by her subordinates? After all, she alone has an access to the MD & must be keeping him/ her fully in picture about the performance of all her team members. I am sure she must be talking very high about you, because she has to extract enough more outcome of your innovative talent. Try to remain in her good books & you will be the winner.

From India, Delhi
BK Bhatia may be right. But, I know of cases where the immediate boss has appreciated in private, but taken the credit for the work of his subordinates, and eventually even given the boot to the workers.
From United Kingdom
Hi Priyanka
My approach is slightly different based on how the work was given. If an initiative has been directly taken by you, then you are free to mail it to your manager and Skip Manager. This ensures that you start getting visibility. On similar lines, if this is a task delegated to you by manager, then mail it to her/him only. On practical courses, since you are new to the company, gain your grounds first. Quality work always reflects and people understand that. further it is too early to even comment on what your boss is doing. Write all such initiatives as part of your extra work and keep a record of it so that you can show them at the time of apprisal as well.
Ashish Gupta

From India
Hi Priyanka,
In the longer run,you will find that there are very FEW bosses who Don't take credit of their staff's working.However,such bosses are EXposed during their Boards presentation/Management meetings as they keep on Parroting the Texts on Slides.M.D. will surely understand that the presentations are not prepared by HRD boss.Wait for an opportunity,I am sure if you keep supporting your boss with this,It is possible that you will be given opportunity to present your work to M.D.Hopefully you will be ready to accept Credit as well as Debit in your working Life.
With Best Wishes

From India, Mumbai
hii Priyanka
Mr. Divekar and Bhatia has rightly said. One more aspect might be that your MD must be observing you, it terms of your talent, patience and qualitative and quantum of work. As u have mentioned you have joined since 3-4 months. So in such short period if you expect your boss to appreciate you, it would be too early to do so, for a GOOD BOSS. Because everyone knows in first 6 months, new employees strive hard to show their caliber. But real work starts after that.
so i suggest have some patience. :)

From India, Pune
Hi Priyanka,
I have went through the various blog put in terms of your query. Everybody put their point as per their thoughts but there are example in today's business world where manager always try to let down the subbordinate activity especially when it comes to bossess.
In todays world, everybody is earning bread and butter for ownself and if it become excess then they start to think for others.
My suggestion is-if you are having skills and abilities for doing your job well then you dont have to think about your immediate manager. Success only come through the way of risk.
Warm Regards
Kasim Ansari

From India, Mumbai
Dear Priyanka, I agree with Mr.Divekar & Bhatia....This is too early to react /comment on such issues...Wait for the time & opportunity. ... Thanks & regards, Suki.
From India, Bangalore

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