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Hi All,
This post is been posted after undergoing too much of frustration with the dept. There are 3 in the HR dept 1 Female 2 Male.The colleague is not taking any work seriously , spending lot of time on the net. The work which is been assigned by the to the colleague, only then he does it else, the lady has to take all the responsibility and complete the work. After taking all the pain the credit is going to him.No body is questioning him about his work.Sr.Mg mt wants results from the dept and not from each person in the dept. It is frustrating and stops showing interest towards work.
How can this be stopped and put a check on what is going on??
Request anybody to help come out with a solution.

From India, Bangalore
Dear Friend,
I understand your frustration. Don't be frustrated. Do your job as better as you can. Love your job. Love yourself. Don't think of others. Don't see who is doing what. Don't see who is getting credit. And don't make your life miserable. Life is beautiful. Enjoy it.
If you can no do all the above, LEAVE it. LEAVE the .... World is so big.
Either you LOVE or you LEAVE. There should not be any thing between those two L.
With LOVE.

From India, Mumbai
Dear friend,

From your statement I can understand that your concern is that out of all the three in the HR department the senior most is simply whiling away his time and as a result of this the other two have, particularly the lady, to shoulder more burden without getting the due credit -- okay? Since you are claiming anonymity, shall I presume that certainly you are not that lady? Whether the lady makes any complaints to you in this regard? If so, you both together may politely bring it to the notice of the senior colleague as if you both are seeking his guidance.If she has no complaints in this regard in spite of the over-work, then why should you get frustrated unnecessarily? you say that your management is not interested in individual contribution but group performance.That may be the obvious reason for posting two hard working juniors under an easy-going senior. I think either you are a little bit jealous about the senior colleague or suffering from the atavistic craving for recognition.Remember, one can not always fly with borrowed feathers.Jobs are generally designed in such a way that one moves up along the organizational ladder, lesser physical activity or petty responsibilities coupled with more brain-work or wider responsibilities. A Clerical Assistant can have no complaints when a detailed and time consuming office note he prepares is either approved or rejected by the Officer just in a minute or two and the next file is taken for perusal. As told by Mr.Korgaonkar, don't peep into other's activities nor crave for credit or recognition for your work. Try to concentrate on your own work and always explore the possibilities of still performing well. See, some feel-good movies or read some didactic literature.

From India, Salem
Hi there
I would start by talking to the manager - suggest to sit down and review the financial year in the department.
Ask him for feedback on the specific contributions that you have delivered
Tell him that you love your job but sometimes feel overloaded with work. Suggest that the three of you sit down together once a week to review the tasks and priorities
Also, tell him specifically the areas that you would like to be more involved in and suggest that you set and document specific goals for you for the new financial year
I hope this was helpful

From Denmark, Copenhagen
Dear Anonymous,
The only way to sort out this issue could be to fix performance metrics for each person and spell out the roles and responsibilities of each person and a measure of the metrics at a specified interval may throw light on those who have really performed.

From India, Madras
Hi all,
Thanks for the replies.
I would like to specify that: The pain is taken by the lady who has joined the comp. few months back.The colleague is the senior and not taking risk.Moreover there is no performance metric for the HR dept. Sr.Mgmt has given the responsibility of forming a performance metric for the dept. but none of them are bothered to take it forward.The HR Manager always goes by the words of Sr.HR.
Its the matter of proper judgement of what is been done by who ?Being a junior the lady is taking all the struggle but, easily the credit is going to the other colleague.
Can anybody suggest in preparing a performance metric for the HR dept.

From India, Bangalore
Dear Anonymous ,

We have all worked atleast for once in a role, where the accountabilities were not clear, hence the smartest one took away the pie.

However, those situations were not permanent . We did exactly what Mr. Korgaonkar and Umakanth had suggested, we moved to a new assignment .

As we look back what would most of us reflect upon ? Few loose screws about us, could have fixed before we moved on ?

How good or bad is the job content in this role? Is the reporting manager bullying the team? What is the scope for learning and growth that you find in this role?

I suggest, patience to stick around for some time, unless there is a really big offer somewhere else.

You have started on the right note, identify the metrics . Here's the best post on KPI , that I would suggest . KRA KPI KPA

However, the implementation might remain a far cry. Stay focussed on building operational excellence. The team member who doesnt work is leaving an opportunity for others, to learn and deliver.

Visibility and recognition are supposed to be the undeclared award. However, its the proficiency that takes the cake.

Continue delivering just as you have been and take close mentoring from the reporting managers. That way, you almost discuss everything that you do , not to take credit but to develop. This will go a long way .

Wish you all the best

From India, Mumbai
Great comments from everyone above! It's always difficult to handle sensitive behavioral issues when dealing with the HR Department. This is especially dicey since they are the ones to establish the rules for everyone else in the first place.
Having said that however, I'd like to point out that you mentioned that, 'pain is taken by the lady who has joined the comp. few months back...' From what I gather, she is new to the company and the management. However, the Senior HR personnel, has already established himself with them. Maybe totally unfair to you and her (my sympathies)... However instead of creating a scene and crying foul, I'd personally play it safe for now. Please give it a few more months, before taking a call to quit or doing something drastic.
(Cite Contribution) has shared useful links to metrics. The trick would be in suggesting to start using these.
Good luck to the 'lady!'

From India, Mysore
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