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Dear All,
A help is required in the project.
Increment period is going on. Employees are expecting / waiting for it.
Management has already decided not to give the increment because of sales going down. Management has decided to hold a meeting with all the HODs to inform them about not giving the increment. Management has decided that while discussing in the meeting HR should come up with 10 different ways to make employees happy without giving increment so, that the meeting ends up with a positive note and all the HOD walks out with a smile on their face.
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I want see any body reply on the same with 10 different ways to make employees happy without giving increment
Mr. Ashok Negidi, if you find out the 10 ways for the above stated subject Pls. share with all, as I do not think any motivational theory than monetary benefits.
Hi, Good Morning,
I think if we want to make employee happy without giving any kind of increment we have to do some kind of adjustment in there leave or in a month we can reward them with gift or cash.... if the employees is really loves the company than he/she will accept the HR decision and from this activity we can find out also how much employees love their company...... and again for next year we can appreciate that employees for supporting us on our bad time by giving good increment etc......
1) Helping him out from their any Social Problem
2) Helping for their Children Education and Health
3) Helping for their Family Budgeting
4) Parents Health Enquire
5) Sports
6) Entertainment Programs
7) Personal Goal National Achievements Progress
8) Future Plans
9) Weekend Programs
10) Discussion on Price inflation
I dnt have too much expereince to reply the above posting but i am trying to my views.,
1. Its always better to convey to employees that why we are not able to give the increament ? i hope employees will understand ask them how to overcome the present condition.
2. Or else prepare the budget for conducting the employee engagement activities and check with management.
3. meanwhile create an motto that mgt trying to take the employees by conducting the indore games like carmes, rangoli and someother funny activites (employees has to feel that mgt is good),
4.or else prepare one questionaare and issues here to all HR (what you do if mgt is not able to give increament?)
5. but meanwhile have buffer for all designation? because the employee may some expections
6. I hope the HR eill personal & group counselling on the same.
Dear Prachi
I re-read your post, several times.
"Management has decided to hold a meeting with all the HODs to inform them about not giving the increment. Management has decided that while discussing in the meeting HR should come up with 10 different ways to make employees happy without giving increment so, that the meeting ends up with a positive note and all the HOD walks out with a smile on their face."
I am still unable to understand; What kind of Management would want to do this ??
HOD's to inform in meeting that there won't be any increment;
the employees to feel happy about it;
and HOD's to walk out with a smile !!!!
And the responsibility to achieve this; on HR !!!
This is an interesting, if not a funny situation and the company is relying on the Chief Fun Officers !!!
Do share your success story.
Best wishes and warm regards.
Hi Prachi,

As Raj has stated, this is indeed a funny situation.

Whilst I can understand that increments are not possible due to falling profitability, there is a danger that if you carry forward some of the suggestions then the employees will feel more disgruntled on the grounds that if the company is able to spend money to "keep us happy" then surely that money can be given as increment !!!

However, I have given this some thought and though I have struggled to come up with ten suggestions, you may wish to consider:

1) Recognition.

Acknowledge achievements, this shows that the employees are valued, a pat on the back is amazing for morale.

2) Personal Time.

Ask Senior Management and HOD's to spend a few minutes a week face to face with each employee to listen to their concerns and get feedback, this shows that you care.

3) Work Environment.

Create a pleasant work ambiance, survey the employees working conditions and improve them, even if it is cosmetic. This creates a plesent environment and boosts morale.

4) United We Stand.

Create a sense of unity, as you would in a family. Foe example ask senior management and HOD's to occasionally sit with employees during lunch. You will be amazes at how people bond when there is food around.

5) Extra Time Off.

Time off is as good a motivator as money. Get competitions going where the prize is an extra half an hour off. But allow the employee to be able to choose, i.e. they can come in half an hour late, or leave half an hour early, or have an extended lunch break. Or even set a team goal allowing all in the team to leave half an hour early.

6) Fun Time.

Coming to work and or meeting deadlines is stressful enough. Have some fun in the day, this will make coming to work a little more enjoyable. This in turn makes it easier to come to work.

Employees want to know that they matter, many are willing to work harder when they do - without increments.

I hope the above helps.


Hi Prachi,

While reading your post i felt that, I am reading quest and you want make fun of others.

Let me try,

exactly what type of company is this - Manufacturing, Trading, service provider, etc.???

I assume that so many HOD's were called for meeting by management, means it is fairly big company.

if it is big and professional company; then they don't do such mistakes. even though assume meeting is called and HOS's come out with smile, Possible reasons,

1. HOD's always listen to the management and get agreed for anything and everything.

2. Comes out thinking " Good at least indication come in time, let us contact Placement agency for switching."

3. HOD's feels, No use of putting our point. better enjoy unavoidable circumstances.

and so on.........

This scenario is little illogical, even though If you are really looking for solution in such conditions.

1. Call the companies well wishers and key position holders, explain the situation and ask their views. it will be better than not giving increment (it is observed people got agreed for some salary reduction, stopping additional facilities).

2. Inform your decision and ensure them losses will be matched up as soon as things improved.

3. Declare only performers will get hikes.

4. Talk to every individual and explain situation, let them come up with the decision not to ask for increment.

5. Increase overall performance of the company and reduce extra fats and create money.

6. Appreciate every extra efforts and acknowledge full heartedly.

7. Create several group of employees & let them meet periodically to senior management members to increase involvement.

8. Explain companies future business plans and efforts management is taking to improve the situation. let them feel message is not fake.

9. Be prepare for backup plan.

10. Do not ever come to this type of situation and put yourself in trouble.


Hemant Kadam

All the above members have done their best in helping you out..

1. As a HR head (also a people representative) try to tell the truth to the management. best option try and do a home work ... prepare a questioner and included all non monitory benefits with ratings and also list few monitory benefits with rating. Few questions on work environment and culture... get a minimum 30 questions specially rating question (using numbers). last ask an open end question stating that to explain what they feel about the company, what they expect from the company.

Distribute the questioner and collect the responses and compile a report..

2. Also keep the 10 list of non monitory benefits

Discuss with the management keep CFO also part of the meeting and tell them clearly when its time to provide monitory benefits, its no good talking about non monitory benefits.

Non monitory benefits have be initiated at any time of the year and not at the time when monitory benefits have to be released.

Try and work out some deals with the management like bonus (quarterly, half yearly, annually), variable pays related to performances. Shortly arrange for team lunch and family get together along with the above said 10.

Remember non monitory benefits do not totally mean that the management does not have to spend any money, that also involves money only thing you don't give it to individual employee you do a collective action.

Hope I have added value to your initiative.

I had faced similar situation at the beginning days of my career as a HR, I was not aware of any forum which could help then.. I had to go with the management at that time.
When the Management decided to convey about the Increments issue to the HODs, do they also INTEND to give details of the PoAs to increase the Sales? Rgds, TS

Lot of views have been received on the topic. I will just add a few points:

- Sharing the fact that there will be no increments for employees will be disappointing for almost all employees. Hence I don't think "the other initiatives" can do a lot to reduce the disappointment. However, in bad times, such scenarios can happen and employees are expected to support the company. Implementing "the other initiatives" also requires expenditure, hence decision needs to be taken whether to invest money here or give employee minimal increase.

- After addressing HODs also address the employee in groups/one to one to explain them the market reality and seek support

- If you have a robust PMS, you may look at paying Top Performers only.

- Identify the top talent and try to keep them with you during the tough time by regular communication, giving challenging projects etc

Keep a list of “the other initiatives” ready (lot of suggestions have been received) and do update post the meeting as to how you handled this situation

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