Dear Sir,
What should be the criteria for measuring performance for service departments where target is not possible as we are doing paper work like filing of E Return, making Invoices our work is totally different from production department where target is fixed to measure performance.
Manoj Pandey

From India, Mumbai
Time based targets for preparation & submission of Invoices & e-Returns etc.. are one way of defining goals for office staff.
Basically, if you have well defined 'job responsibilities' for any Job Position, you can always add a dimension to ensure accountability of the person in that job position. This accountability can, in general, be linked with quality & time, and supplemented by the additional work done & some creative contribution. It does require effort to device KPIs for the job responsibilities assigned to those providing services, but there are many experts available today to offer consultancy in case you can't proceed on your own.
But be sure that anyone who can define the KPIs for his/ her own job, is the person who can deliver performance. Therefore, do make an effort & you will succeed.

From India, Delhi
In a service assignment, the following could be the measures of performance could be as under;
a) Accuracy of the returns
b) Timely submission of returns
c) Accuracy of data on invoices
d) Having no legal issues like notice, show cause, demand from the concerned government authority on wrong / defective returns.
e) The number of invoices handles in a fixed timeline.
f) Your ability handle the software used for making these invoices and returns.
These can be further developed based on your job contents.
kind regards

From Singapore, Singapore
Due to a lack of enough information on the scenario, I searched the web and found some useful discussions at KPIs For Accounting Department & Finance Department. May be reading the contents and digesting different views may trigger some more thoughts.
From United Kingdom
Dear Mr Manoj Pandey,

I think Dayanand and Bhatia have beautifully shared their insights of their working knowledge on the issue. I may add that you please start writing down the detailed job description of the whole department including all the activities of the service department. Then you may find that some are primary and some are secondary and so on. A detailed job description will enable you to study the actual job performed and gaps if any. This will be again broken down different job titles and grouping and the results arising out of them.

As a HR consultant in 2006 I have prepared roughly 25 appraisal formats for different roles of job and responsibilities for employees for a logistic organisation which is basically service industry. It took nearly 6 months to make them understand the importance of employees appraisal and take them into the final stage of actual salary revision. It is certainly interesting and challenging too. Finally it was a scenario where WIN WIN emerged for employers and employees. So all the very best.

Do Well.

V. Ranagarajan. Chennai.

From India, Pune
V.Muthukrishnan Member

All Workers benefit from performance measurement and appreciate fair productivity assessments. This can only happen when performance is measured consistently across an organization. In doing so, individuals can see how their work compares to that of other workers and industry benchmarks.
Workers should feel good about their contributions to the company and any gaps or performance issues should be viewed as opportunities for improvement that will benefit both the worker and the organization.
Ultimately the committment and the out put that counts. It is not only the production or sales etc.

From India, Madras
Kindly refer to my earlier comment and also take Mr. B.K.BHATIA’S contribution

To quote “Time based targets for preparation & submission of Invoices & e-Returns etc.. are one way of defining goals for office staff.“ Unquote. I agree with him.

An easy solution for measuring paper work performance:

To say that there is no pending work with any one section concerned is the best performance, but with quality and time.

How to achieve it?

Start a self targets practice for staff and to yourself if you are the in charge. Before doing this, as Mr. Bhatia said, you have to set well defined job responsibilities for every person or to the group

Allot the concerned work to each person with date and deliver it in the mornings only. This does not applies to priority tasks.

Each person will load this to his self target sheet and mark his own priority and time but not exceeding any prescribed time.

Collect all sheets on every Monday morning and compare with your total load of the individual which is available with you. No questions asked except under any alarming situation. Mark if you have any change in priority and just return the sheet. This practice has been experimented by me in my office and have proved highly successful as one could see there is some improvement every week and soon you will find the staff are relaxing and waiting for the next task.

This works under work measurement and self improvement as there is no pressure from superior. The also understand that this is solid proof over their contribution which will speak during the annual report and promotion and any other rewards.

This also give you lots feedback over individual live performances and situational response and also if anyone is overloaded etc. If an individual performance is not satisfactory he can confidentially and counseled. Also rotation of job every year make flexible working easier.

I am an Rtd.officer from Defence Quality Assurance Organization and this has helped my staff in annual confidential report and promotion assessment and recommending for yearly performance awards and some other divisions also followed suit.

But a sustained practice and performance from the in-charge is essential.


From India, Madras

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