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Does a dual dress code policy exist in the market? having 1 code for normal business hours and another for night shifts, request your comments and thoughts as well.
In my view policies cannot be made dual it should be 1 for all in the organization irrespective of the shifts.

From India, Hyderabad
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Sr. Hr Executive @ Polymerupdate
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Hi Sandeep,
Can you elaborate on following points:
1. Which industry do your serve? (Is it manufacturing, IT, BPO, hospitality, etc)
2. Core function of your firm.
3. How many shifts do you work in? You said normal and night. Can you give the shift timings?
4. Workforce data - male/female ratio in each shift.
5. Current dress policy for your firm.
Again why do you think there should (should not be) dual dress policy. Basically the intention to ask this question.
A brief knowledge on the above questions would actually help us to give you proper answers.
All the best.

From India, Mumbai
Appreciate your quick response and we are in to IT industry, we support our customer 24*7 in 3 shifts, when i say night shift means here is that is from 7 PM to 7 AM....there will not be any females works in that shift. we have a general code like no round necks,no open toes, no faded and shaded jeans, etc.

From India, Hyderabad

Hi Sandeep,

You mentioned you would work in 3 shifts -

Night shift for 12 hours (7 to 7) whist the other two for 6 hours (splitting the remaining 12 hours in 2)

Usually in IT industry the dress code is formals for weekdays and business casuals for weekends. Business casual meaning - No shorts / capri, no sleeveless / bandis, no tee-shirts with inappropriate message on it.

You mentioned that there are no females in the night shift. But we need to realize that females might be in the other two shifts. Since you are to work 24*7, there would be some over lap of time allowing the employees of any two shifts have a brief intro or meet while walking in/out.

Appropriate dress code would keep the office formal. Also I believe the night shift would not have an HR. If that is the case, there has to be proper tracking system to track the dressing of the night shifters.

Again I always say, we can only give you suggestions. When it comes to implementation, you need to weigh pros and cons of all the things as per your industry and staff members and act accordingly.

From India, Mumbai

what is the need of dual dress code.
you can give ID card in different - different color for the recognition of shift member, provide them three color code and rotate color code according you.
i am not aware of dual dress code let others to give more suggestion on it.

From India, Gurgaon
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