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Dear Friends


Go thru it carefully and see how you can apply it in all areas of your life.

You are most welcome to share your experiences having applied it


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Now we know how the Japs did it after world War 2. A very good lesson indeed.

The Taj hotel group had invited Mr. Masai Imai from Japan to hold a

workshop for its staff. The staff were very skeptical- the hotel is

doing excellent business, this person from Japan has no exposure to

hotel industry- what exactly is he going to teach?

But everybody as planned gathered for the workshop in the conference

hall sharp at 9 am. Mr. Masai was introduced to them- a not so

impressive personality, nor the English all that good; spoke as if he

was first formulating each sentence in Japanese and then translating

it into rather clumsy English.

"Good morning! Let's start work. I am told this is a workshop; but I

see neither work nor shop. So let's proceed where work is happening.

Let's start with the first room on the first floor." Mr. Masai,

followed by the senior management, the participants, the video camera

crew trouped out of the conference room and proceeded to the

destination. That happened to be the laundry room of the hotel. Mr.

Masai entered the room and stood at the window, "beautiful view!" he

said. The staff knew it; they need not invite a Japanese consultant to

tell them this!

"A room with such a beautiful view is being wasted as a laundry room.

Shift the laundry to the basement and convert this into a guest room."

Aa Haa! now nobody had ever thought about that! The manager said,

"Yes, it can be done."

"Then let's do it.", Mr. Masai said.

"Yes sir, I will make a note of this and we will include it in the

report on the workshop that will be prepared." Manager

"Excuse me, but there is nothing to note down in this. Let's just do

it, just now." Mr. Masai.

"Just now?" Manager

"Yes, decide on a room on the ground floor/basement and shift the

stuff out of this room right away. It should take a couple of hours,

right?" Mr. Masai.

"Yes." Manager.

"Let's come back here just before lunch. By then all this stuff will

have got shifted out and the room must be ready with the carpets,

furniture etc and from today you can start earning the few thousand

that you charge your customers for a room night."

"Ok, Sir." The manager had no option.

The next destination was the pantry. The group entered. At the

entrance were two huge sinks full of plates to be washed. Mr. Masai

removed his jacket and started washing the plates.

"Sir, Please, what are you doing?" the manager didn't know what to say

and what to do.

"Why, I am washing the plates", Mr. Masai.

"But sir, there is staff here to do that." Manager Mr. Masai continued

washing, "I think sink is for washing plates, there are stands here to

keep the plates and the plates should go into the stands."

All the officials wondered - did they require a consultant to tell them this?

After finishing the job, Mr. Masai asked, "how many plates do you have?'

"Plenty, so that there should never be any shortage." Manager.

Mr. Masai said, "We have a word in Japanese-'Muda'. Muda means delay,

muda means unnecessary spending. One lesson to be learned in this

workshop is to avoid both. If you have plenty of plates, there will be

delay in cleaning them up. The first step to correct this situation is

to remove all the excess plates."

"Yes, we will say this in the report." Manager.

"No, wasting our time in writing the report is again an instance of

'muda'. We must pack the extra plates in a box right away and send

these to whichever other section of Taj require these. Throughout the

workshop now we will find out where all we find this 'muda' hidden."

And then at every spot and session, the staff eagerly awaited to find

out muda and learn how to avoid it.

On the last day, Mr. Masai told a story.

"A Japanese and an American, both fond of hunting, entered a jungle

with guns. In the pursuit of game they entered deep jungle and

suddenly realized that they had run out of bullets. Just then they

heard a lion roaring. Both started running. But the Japanese took a

short break to put on his sports shoes. The American said, "What are

you doing? We must first get to the car."

The Japanese said, "No. I only have to ensure that I remain ahead of

you." All the participants engrossed in listening to the story,

realized suddenly that the lion would stop after getting his victim!

"The lesson is competition in today's world is so fierce, that it is

important to stay ahead of other even by just a couple of steps. And

you have such a huge and naturally well endowed country. If you

remember to curtail your production expenditure and give the best

quality always, you will be miles ahead as compared to so many other

countries in the world.", Mr. Masai.


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Have a great week end.............................................

From India, Madras
Good Morning Mr. AVS
It is nice to see your posts in the morning hours. Always your posts are having some learnings which are required for everyone in their day to day life.
Now we have to find out the MUDA in our life and remove the same to lead a successful life.
Have a great weekend Mr. AVS

From India, Kumbakonam
Hello AVS,
As enlightenment share of message as ever.....Two points that i note are never ever underestimate a person for his looks or language...but pity is that people estimate person capabilities and respect them only based their look rather on knowledge...
next are we all have MUDA in our life which needs be self analysed to step towards positive life.
Thanks for sharing.

From India, Mumbai
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