As we have been appearing for interviews(Core HR profile) from last few months and we have certain queries to solve so please help us out.
1. Is it really hard to get a job into Core HR profile for fresher or having 1 or 2 years of experience in similar field?
2. One of my friends, she is an MBA in HR (fresher) but due to certain reason she
couldn't start her career after completing her master and now after one and half year she wants to start her career in HR but again she is facing the same problem that I am facing now.
Please guide us and will appreciate it.
Thanks a lot.

From India, Pune
It shall not be difficult for some one with oe or two years of experience related to HR if not in core HR to break into core HR as in the case of a fresher. You can try the following suggestions.

1)If you are a fresher, it will help your cause better if you have some experience atleats as an internee or a trainee even as a nonstipend basis.

2) If you have one or two years of experience related to HR, try to showcase your experience as to how it is relevant to core HR.

3)Analysue your performance at the interview - what questions they have asked- how answered them- whether they can be answered in aprudent way- whether they are lookin for any specific skills and knowledge etc.

4)After such analysis, try to updtae your knowledge and skills so that it will improve chances of success at the next interview.

5) Ponder over the option of acqiring some certifications that enhance the success possibility.

Such analysis and research will help you to understand the factors that are standing in your way to the core HR job.




From India, Mumbai

I have a specific query , if we have 1 or 2 yrs experience in IT recruitment , is it easy or tough to get an opportunity for Core HR in a reputed MNC? or are we asked questions like why are u interested in core hr? why not recruitments? why are u aiming for MNC? you don't have experience in core hr, how shall we recruit you?
how can we answer such tricky questions and why are there no opportunities for MBA or recruiter with 1 yr experience in MNC's?
Kindly keep my mail address confidential if thats possible.

From India, Hyderabad
Dear Anonymous
It is neither.The questions that have been posed to you, can very well be answered by none other than yourself. You should be knowing as to why you want to leave an I.T recruitment job for a core HR job If you are not able to answer it by yourself, then there should be some confusion in your mind. if it is so, then you should first clear those clouds so that the real reason becomes apparent.

From India, Mumbai
Hi Sai,
I am PGDHRM from Symbosis and having almost 5 years exp in the HR field but still I m feeling legging behind. Want to enhance my Career in HR only hence want to do some certification. So please suggest what certifications I should opt for.

From India, Mumbai
Hi Meenkashi
Please explain in what areas you feel you are lagging behind and why you think so ? In most cases the solutions lie hidden in the problem itself but we do not properly define the problem.Please define your problem in clear terms.

From India, Mumbai
Thanks Sai for propmpt reply.
If you dont mind shall I call you sometimes to discuss about the same. If yes so please let me know your convienient time or share your mail Id so that I can write to you.

From India, Mumbai
hii, i have done mba (h.r). and i am a fresher. but it is very difficult to get a core h.r job. company's not not even considering my resume .becoz i don't have experience. what should i do in such case?. plse.. help me.
From India, Faridabad

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