Hi All, How to reduce stress during the working hours? Pls guide me. Regards, Venkatesh Naidu
From India, Mumbai
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Dear Venkatesh,

few points:

- Conducive work environment.

- Every one must follow Company's policies.

- Politics free work place.

- Respect each individual & give importance to his/ her work, irrespective of designations.

- Apart from Salary, different variable pays & benefits to employees.

- Work- life balance; the Biggest factor or Cause of Stress among employees.

- Proper Training of all employees to perform their Jobs i.e. "Do not expect from them, first Train them".....

- ..... because, Training has direct relation between Performance & job Satisfaction. And, if Job satisfaction is missing, stress is obvious.

- Out bond activities & games.

- Focus on Engagement activities.

- Reward & Appreciate employees for their even small contribution (for them, that's their big contribution)

- Request your Managers & supervisors to Interact constantly with their respective Subordinates/ workers. as human touch & Emotional bond is very important.

- Keep Open door policy & HR+ senior most Managers must be Approachable.

- Clear & Simple Communication across levels.

From Japan

Dear Venkatesh,
Generally employee feel stressed at work when they feel harassed by someone, feeling powerless, lack of job security, Office politics and many more.
There are many techniques to get distressed. Few simple techniques which I use to get distressed are-
1. Discuss your problem with someone you trust. It helps a lot.
2. Read & share funny story or a joke with your friend.
3. Buy a good pedometer. Pedometer principle says you should walk 10,000 steps per day, equivalent to 5 miles (8.0 km) for an active lifestyle. Whenever you are stressed just check your step count in pedometer. If it is less make some strategy to increase your steps. You will feel good.
4. Don’t look at downside of situation. Think about positive things happened in your life. Stay away from negative thinking co-workers.
5. Balance your personal and professional schedule by prioritizing your task.
This was all about personal stress management. About group stress management, Ms. Jyoti has already explained.

From India, Pune
shubha Lakshmi

Dear Venkatesh ,
We live in stressful times. We are holding down two or more jobs. We are putting up with heavy job loads and unreasonable demands. We are swallowing outrage and frustration with unfair situations and irrational superiors because we cannot afford to be laid off or fired. Or we have already been laid off and we are struggling to find another job. Or we have given up and are coping with unemployment.
Outside strains like these are called stressors. Stressors are the barely-tolerable pressures that bring us unhappiness and, eventually, disease.
Some people hardly seem to be affected by stressors. They maintain a sense of perspective and a sense of humor. They remain calm in the midst of adversity and catastrophe. Other people are overwhelmed by a lesser number and intensity of stressors and slide downhill, losing relationships, jobs, and eventually their mental and physical health.

From India, Patna

1|) Allow music in the office 2) Allow them to check Facebook for one hour at least Regards, Anitha HR Manager Saltmangotree
From India, Cochin

I also agree that employees should be allowed to gothru Faceboo and listen music or play online games for an hour but is that neccessary that all employees will do so only for an hour, many time we see that some employees are on facebook and game the wohle day.
They work for 4 to 6 hours and side by side whole day on such thing.
Then what to do in this case....

From India, Jamnagar

Excellent input from seniors!!
But i think working hrs. stress can not be separated from one's personal life. if one follows certain steps in personal life this as well as other sort of stress can be avoided.
a simple exercise if one does regularly morning and evening for at least 10 min. he/she will feel changes.
"sit on a mat etc. in straight and comfortable posture with crossed legs. close your eyes. no movement in any part of body except normal breathing.
after few seconds one is able to see thoughts in mind. now you have to take care that you do not think / brood over the thoughts coming to mind. you have to only watch the thoughts. a series of thoughts will come and go but you have to only watch the thoughts not brood over them."
if one regularly does this mental exercise for min. 10 minutes morning & evening, peace will come to mind as number / frequency of thoughts reduces.
all the best !!

From India, Delhi

Try some meditation sessions, breathing techniques etc. that will be useful a lot.
Meditation can be done at any time for a minute or two.
just concentrate on breathing while looking at the tip of nose or closed eyes.

From India, Mumbai

Dear Friends
Please understand the following things which will surely reduce your stress
Stress is a pain, which comes to tell me there is something I need to change.
Stress is our creation of wrong thoughts, which has an effect on our efficiency, memory power, decision power and hence our performance.
Stress has an impact on our physical and emotional well being and hence any amount of stress is damaging.
This I learned from Ms. Shivani of Brahmakumaris at Brahma Kumaris Official Website - Home.
You too can download and make use of it.

From India, Kumbakonam
Dear Venkatesh

Stress means depletion of mental and physical energy.When there is depletion of energy in your body mind is disturbed. When you work you spend your energy. So you need to regain your energy to be stress free.

The simplest way to regain mental and physical energy is normalizing breathing.

When you are stressed you get irritated , become angry easily, your are afraid of failure, your boss, your future and become unhappy.

Please try the following simple exercise to normalize your breathing and regain energy and control on yourself and the work situation.

Unless it is an emergency situation, take 5 minutes break from what you are doing , if you can.

You can do this exercise keeping your eyes open or closed being where you are.


1. Do deep breathing in and breathingout three times

2. Now breathe normal and tell your mind that everything is ok as it is

3. Sit quiet , relax and count your breathing 1 to 10. [ when you have breathed in and breathed out , count in mind 1 and so on]

4. Repeat this three time again starting the count from 1.

Just try this once . You are relaxed and your energy level is up.

Practice this as and when your mind gets disturbed or you start experiencing negative thoughts and negative emotions. Good luck. Be peaceful, happy, healthy and abundant.

From India

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