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My Dear Seniors and Friends,

Recently I joined in US Staffing Company. This is incorporated in US. We had an offshore office @ Hyderabad. We are working on W2 & 1099.

It's a job with many challenges. In our organisation all employees are seniors and they are working from past 3 to 5 years. They are not doing their work properly in the sense every day they are calling to 15 to 25 Job seekers. the average call ratio for an employee (he have to call min 50 to max 75) but they are not doing their work and mean while of work they are sitting idle and discussing with each other, unnecessarily. They are not coming on time (Strictly timings form 7.30 p.m to 3.30 a.m) and they are doing this every time. We won’t work after 3.30 a.m. and if there is any urgency in the work they are very ridiculously taking leaves continuously for 4 days in a week. On Friday they are coming to office and working for one day. Our MD, observed all the things and he warned them for several times. Finally he told them that if you people are not willing to work you may quit from the organisation. They are not listening to him. When i joined he assigned this challenge to me, and he asked me that every employee is to come on time and every time. We are paying very good salaries to them, and we are paying on time and every time. Yesterday one of the employees comes to me and she discussed with me about all the things.

Finally what i observed is there is no employee engagement activities mean while of the work. Maybe it will motivate them for working. Please suggest me how would i create healthy environment...??? And as of my knowledge as a employee we will spend most of our life time in offices. How would i retain and attract them to work and to be productive.....????? Please seniors and my dear friends please suggest me on this. Your immediate response is highly appreciated.

From India, Hyderabad
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Sharmila Das

Dear Mr. Hrmurali,

Globally, employee engagement activity is observed to raise the job satisfaction and commitment to the organization. As an HR it should be your KPI to boost the employees in laying out the corporate mission by setting fewer goals and provide benchmarks for progress and let them know what is the employer expectation.

Since your's is generally not a shift that is regular in nature and the slight deviation for the night section reveals a loads of facts. You can generally --

- Measure quality work by limiting the calls to X number in that day (fluctuating to the needs) for resumes gathered, screened sourced, aligned and sent to client. Decide a group that skillfully does the sourcing, then scrutinizing handed over to another group. Finally shuffle duties as per the requisitions made. I'm sure seniors would not be biased thi way & may not feel inferiored.

- Weekend programs in the premises, mostly last half of the session i.e., Friday -- group participation on games, debates etc. (In U.S. weekend is observed low productive in nature)

- Improve the quality or size of their workspace. Reward them with high-profile assignments appealing to their particular talents.

- Any predicament there of can be discussed privately & aptly for a reason on mutual business relationship.

From India, Visakhapatnam

Dear Murali,
1. Take few of them in confidence & understand the cause of their behavior. In spite of god salary and warning if they are continuing negative behavior, there has to be some important reason. Mostly it is related to lack of Job Satisfaction.
2. Games & Activities are fine, but more than that the work given to them shall be challenging. Only engaging activity will not help.
3. Any solution without getting full facts is half ripe. So you have to to talk to them. Play the role of a Counselor. Being in HR, you cannot avoid this talk. There is no alternate.
Arun Chitlangia
99200 30412
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From India, Mumbai

Hi Murali,

As someone who has been working in US staffing since last 11 years, to assess the situation of the organization, you might need to look into the various aspects of the operations in place. Does your organisation have a challenging work environment? does your organization have an aggressive incentive plan? is performance assessment done at regular intervals?

If you can first assess these parameters, and put in place the required processes. Also sometimes its necessary to flushout old blood and bring in some new blood to have a right balance of work environment.

Also if someone is working for so long in an organization doing the same routine work complacency sets in. Also i don't think your measurement of doing a number of calls should not be the criterion of measurement of work. It does not mean that some one who makes so many calls is being productive to the company. It should be only one of the measures of the work. Specially in US staffing business.

Doing only specific job of 1099 or W2 hiring is not an easy job.

Also as Mr. Chandrakanth has pointed out having do outdoor programs once in awhile rejuvenates the staff. You get to know different dimensions of their personalities and take necessary counselling action.

There is no one solution to your problem you have mix and match the suggestions and choose to do the right thing at right time. May be the management also has to give a look at the Business Process and do some tweaking or adding a new & different approach to excel in business which might be interesting and motivating to the staff.

You may reach out to me at 9985590609. Would be glad to help you if you need any more assitance.

From India, Hyderabad
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