Hi Friends,
I am working in an MNC, since 5 months only. I made a big mistake by sending an email to HR Manager regarding improvements needed in our company.
My one of big mistake is , i send it by hiding my identity, which i thinks boss recognized by any means.
Now, that mail went to main branch .
-- He replied me and asked me to meet him in cabin but i didn\'t went (on mail).
I am not very sure about my revelation to him but his action speaks.
Actually i mailed him due to daily harassment and insult in office and my team leader silence on matter.
What should i do ? Should meet him or keep waiting for my removal?

From India, Bangalore
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Well you have done a mistake, and it is not that you have sent a mail to your HR Manager regarding your bad experience and conditions at work (Anonymously) with whatever you are going through, but to disobey you’re your Boss on his wish to meet you.

You are responsible and working under him and it is your duty to obey his order but you didn’t. I understand that you were scared and worried about his questions and reaction but the reaction, as you said in your query, are you still seeing, so you must have not avoided this meeting. Now you do not know whether your Boss got that mail and wanted to speak about it or was there something else.

“When you realize you've made a mistake, make amends immediately. It is easier to eat crow while it is still warm. ~Dan Heist”

Could you share the reactions of your Boss that you are talking about, so that, we can understand your situation better.

And, If the mail was containing facts and the real situation at work, you must have not scared to face to your HR Manager and share yourself directly. HR People are not there just to do their work or make policies and maintain system but also are responsible for Employee Welfare and to handle these kind of situations that you forget or never realized I would say.

“A man should never be ashamed to own he has been in the wrong, therefore, I would suggest you to speak with your Boss first and answer him with his questions and also need to share yourself completely with reality and your experiences at work to your HR Manager.

Without getting facts about your situations and the reaction/actions taken by your Boss/HR Manager, we wont be able to say more, therefore, please share more in this regard

From India, Gurgaon

HR is supposed to take care of this kind of harassment in office (if occurred). So please don't feel bad for the mail sent to HR Manager.
However, you could have avoided anonymity and addressed. Anyway, now you have got an opportunity to meet the HR Manager
My suggestion is to request for an appointment and meet HR Manager. Keep cool, ventilate all your difficulties to HR and try to be less personal interms of allegations and try to pinpoint how such issues are affecting your work, company business etc.

From India, Bangalore

Thanks Anil sir.

I am little elaborating.

I am a fresher process associate in finance.. Problem started by the when our main manager of finance appreciated in telephonic conference. Because of a file/Report prepared by me for myself use. From that time My immediate boss is keeping a close eye on me and prohibited me from maintaining any file/folders/Notes etc.

Asking me to work like him ( on old fashion) .

If i make a slight mistake, he criticize loudly in front of all . He and my teamleader is close to each other, so saying anything is baseless. I tried also but get injured.. Lol!

By the way... Than i started ignoring him, just doing the work. Which again injured me. My teamleader complained to HR Manager, saying i am rude and acting as seniors.

My HR Manager is good , frank in nature. But My TL &HR have good relation, so going and reporting seemed like Hitting my own leg.

Our company maintain a register, on which names are written based on Seniority.

So, one day with a new email id i sent an email , which does not reveal my name,

Wher i said--- please keep the attendence sheet according to performance base . Asked to provide suggestion box etc.

Next day i got reply - He appreciated my thought and asked to meet him to discuss further.

I didn't replied... Till now! After four days a person from HR departments came and said we have 2 more vacancies, refer your friends, if u know some.

whereas our department needs no more , particularly in my process.


I thought to meet him but losing of job stops me.

Also, he may ask me why ur interfering in HR work.. Etc.

This world is not as it looks... Its not flat!

So what would you suggest for a student who has very less career opportunity.?

From India, Bangalore

Dear Anonymous,

First, you STRONGLY FOCUS ON YOUR JOB/CAREER and learn to develop your COMPETENCIES.

Secondly, you need to eliminate PHOBIA which is making you WEAK and this will turn you down as you are LOSING YOUR SELF-CONFIDENCE.


If you are living a ETHICAL LIFE STYLE (HONEST, BOLD, SINCERE, LOYAL), then please address your HR with a POSITIVE ATTITUDE.

Please turn off "AUTO PILOT MODE" so called SELF TALK which can destroy your life. Avoid THINKING NEGATIVE.

Please don' try to be OVER-CONFIDENT.

For sure, you will meet different kind of people in your life and very few will support your move only if you are PERFECT IN WHATEVER YOU DID.

Do not get carried away by others views/suggestions/views nor support them unless and until you evaluate them.

Learn to work with your ENEMIES and convert them into your FRIENDS by POLITE/DOWN-TO-EARTH ATTITUDE(you need to eat away your anger and avoid reacting without evaluating your opponent)

If i happen to be your HR MANAGER or the OWNER of the company, with warm gratitude, honestly i would have welcome your suggestions/complains/views narrating the scenario of the organisation followed by ONE-TO-ONE DISCUSSION. Seriously, i want organisations to function by PRACTICING - UNBIASED CULTURE thus promoting each others COMPETENCIES. The competition must be WITHIN OURSELVES but not AMONG OURSELVES. We may consider others PLUS POINT and fine tune our own WEAKNESS with a aim to convert it into our STRENGTH.

My experience says that, there are very few employees who are well-wisher of organisation/company as they seriously wants their company to focus on certain strategies that will help their company to grow aggressively. Opposing such intentions/ideas, there are CUNNING ATTITUDE EMPLOYEES(like TL) who are just working for MONEY and love to BUTTER UP their Bosses, build GOOD RELATION with them just to prove that, "THEY ARE GOOD ONES". These kind of employees will be a HURDLE for all those who works for the ORGANISATION(SYSTEM) but not for INDIVIDUALS.

This is a very good CASE STUDY for HR PROFESSIONALS. Every HR PROFESSIONAL must learn to welcome views/suggestions posted by their employees and ensure that, their organisation is PROMOTING AN ENVIRONMENT wherein PRACTICING - UNBAISED DECISION MAKING PROCESS, DISCIPLINED WORKCULTURE, HEALTHY TEAM BUILDING STRATEGIES/APPROACH and keen to eliminate all those employees opposing such OD STRATEGIES.

Let us know the end result of your issue as i am keen to know about your HR MANAGER behaviour/attitude and his final decision while addressing your concern.

With profound regards

From India, Chennai

Dear Anonymous,

This is a condition, which is faced by most of the new professionals. To be very frank, even I also faced the same thing at the start of my carrier. But, I took my senior in confidence and shown him how we can make the work easy by the mean of new ideas and technology! Being a new professional, the candidate always try to expose his/her knowledge to the work area and try to gain the more and more experience.

That was a good experience for me and even for my senior, that's why he accepted my ideas and we worked for almost 2 years together. And still, he is close to my heart.

So, I will suggest you the same, that try to conveyance your senior and before doing anything new, just take a view of your senior for that work. It will make you senior happy that you first asked him and take his opinion. If you will not take suggestion, then he will might think that you are suppose to trying better them him and then he will try to against you and highlight your mistakes. Whereas, if you consult him first, he will help and even support you for that new idea. This is my personnel experience.

But, if still the condition will not improve then you should clearly talk to the top ones in this regard and try for a new and better job.

But, I would like to clear you, New Job Never Means Better Work Place Then Old One.

So, now the choice is yours.

Best of Luck.

From India, Delhi

Either you should be bold and face the consequences or should not have risked sending the email at all ! Or you should have thought of the consequences before hand !. Such risks happen to whistleblowers in this world. If you are honest and straightforward in your dealings, there will be a little amount of backlash and you should have the mental (some times even physical !) strength to brave the consequences. If you feel that either way you may earn the displeasure or even lose the job, go and face it. Tell him the facts, but ofcourse in a nice way, without hurting anybody's pride. Human beings are different and they react differently to different people and that too in different situations. So you can expect some pleasant surprises also. If you are talented and capable of finding another job on your own, no harm in taking an element of risk !
Go ahead without worrying about the results.

From India

I completely agree with Mr. KHADIR and Mr Arya

First, I would like to remind you about a saying that “Boss is always right” which is not 100% true but matters a lot for all of us and you also have to be with it first.

The very first thing that you must understand is that you have to work with your Boss whom you direct responsible are. And to gain his confidence, trust and establish a good relationship are to be your basic and first priorities, but making mistakes like to avoid his call for a meeting are bothering you here.

Whenever one feel or found that Boss wants his assistance/junior to work in his own and old style, however. the same required to be change which is a time demand too or say needs to be modernized but they don’t likely to accept the changes, what a junior/assistance need to do is, to accept this old style of Boss without any object and need to be very careful and conscious with it. By doing this, Junior/Assistance can get trust and confidence of his/her Boss and this confidence, trust and good relationship helps to introduce new ideas to Boss and easily can be express why changes are mandatory or required with due respect to Modernization. And, what you did is all self-explanatory.

Second, you must not feel like Boss is keeping his eyes on your every single activity at work with whatever reason but do your work sincerely and won’t give any complain with your work. Boss is always a Boss and has every right to do so but what you have to do is to accept this and do your work. Try not to make mistakes.

Third, you need to maintain a good relationship with your teammates and if they are saying that you are rude and act like senior to them or treating them likewise, which evidently says, there is a change required in you and your behavior. You may feel that you are not wrong but still you can make some changes in you that can help you to deal with your teammates and establish a good relationship at work place.

Your mistakes:

-You never respond to your Boss on his mail regarding his wish to meet you

-You never respond to your HR manager

-You are lacking confidence and trust of your Boss/Seniors/Team mates

-Your teammates are complaining because you made them feel like you are rude and so on

-You are over conscious and much excited with your work I guess which are not required or need to be wise with these things

-No action with your negative approach/thinking and lacking with self-confidence (Indicated by Mr Khadir above)

Now let me remind you again what I said in my earlier response to you above

“When you realize you've made a mistake, make amends immediately. It is easier to eat crow while it is still warm. ~Dan Heist”

Lastly, Instead of working with your mistakes and learning you are saying that there is no CAREER OPPORTUNITIES for you, is not a good thing and that can cause you more than anything can. You have to change your perception. This is just a beginning and you must not lose your heart like this.

Hope you now can understand what you further have to do...

From India, Gurgaon

Don't be scared.
Talk to your boss. Tell him you wanted him to know of the problems but were scared. Discuss the problems with him in detail. Genuinely try to figure out if the problem is with you (it is possible!) or is the manager really treating you badly.
The big boss will appreciate your forthrightness and genuine desire to resolve the issue.
It's not the end of the world.

From India, Delhi

First of all I would like to congratulate you for the showing the dare and giving suggestions for improving to your manager.
Keep it up and do what you feel like or is RIGHT (at least as per you) because your satisfaction/happiness is more important than anyone.
The most important question is how many such employees do open up with issues, share their bad experiences in office or disclosing the office politics played by seniors/managers or in that case anyone?
Be Positive,Have a daring attitude and perform the job like a best employee.
Last but not the least make sure that YOU ARE ALWAYS POLITICALLY RIGHT and handle such matters with much more maturity.

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