Dear Senior,

I need your help to handle following situtaion

I am working as Corp Sr. HR Executive and i am handling Recruitments, Trainings, Employee engagement. I come across following situaiton many times.

Sometime employees do not give sufficicient notice and they leave early or sometime due to absconding.

In such situation All pressure come to HR Dept. as Concerned Head of department start saying we are not able to perform as we are not having suffient staff. But being HR we know recruitment is a process not an event. We also need some time to hire appropriate canidates. Also if one person is missing from there team, how this is effecting performance of whole team. Moreover why these people cannot coordinate with recruitment team by working a bit more for atleast for 10 days wen recruitment team is serching for new candidate or is this just a excuse.????

Please tell me some solutions to handle such situation as I really get shocked hearing such answers form managers /general managers



From India, Chandigarh
You may think out to start recruit some training candidate given one or two years consolidated paying during the time of training if any one absconded you can absorb the candidate based on the performance.
Before that you frame training policy.
P. Xavier Raj

From India, Pondicherry
I hope that you have a right opportunity to develop your career. You may collect some sample from Internet and choose it best of your Industry.
Further If you want help you may touch with me.
P. Xavier Raj

From India, Pondicherry
To deal with such situations, the following steps may be of some help.

1) Always do job rotation among employees so that every one knows the other job. When an employee stops coming without noice, the Hr nedd not panic since there is some one ready to handle even fomn paying over time.

2) the second step can bwe what Mr.Xavier Raj suggested. Keep a buffer of one emloyee, if your management permits it, who can be rotated among various jobs whenever a regualr employee goes on leave.

3) Conduct exit interviews and try to know why some employees are leaving abruptly and take steps to amend or emnd the situation so that it will reduce attrition.

4) Don't hire in hurry. You may hire a wring candidate who may not stickaround for long.Try to asceratin the candidates expecattions, needs and cultural fit etc through some sustained interaction with him so as to ensure that you are not merely filling a vacancy but hiring a resource taht will contribute to teh organisation.



From India, Mumbai
Hy Sana,
Thats a good question mostly faced by the Recruiters.
Saiconsult has given valuable suggestions in regards to it.
I just want to add up that you can prepare out some recruitment related policies which can mention the whole working of a Recruitment department.
Additionally you can keep a bracket of days needed to recruit a person after a manpower requisition is raised.
We at present in our organization follow this practice which also helps us to find a suitable candidate in a proper given time.
In regards to the production or some other department, they find some or the other way to harrass the HR guys because they dont think HR as a valuable input department in the organization.
So dont worry and give your best.
Vivek Ranaut

From India, Valsad
I suppose the appointment letter has a clause, wherein an employee needs to serve a notice period when he resigns. Don't pay them for that month if they are not ready to serve the co. for that period of 1 or two months as per the co. policy.
Ask for internal references, this helps in instant closures.
Ask the Department Manager to consider increasing salary of the employee leaving, as recruitment involves time and money too. If he doesn't agree tell him as it is the co. policy a recruitment process for any position it takes a minimum 30 days for closure; to find an appropriate candidate who fits into the defined JD.
And please do keep a check, in the job portals that you use for recruitment; whether the employees working in your organisation have recently updated their resume(through co. search) . If yes check whether they are seriously looking for a job change or they have just updated their resume and try to attain them.

From India, Mumbai
You need to first try and find out the reasons for which employees are leaving the company. You can keep a suggestion box wherein you can ask employees to share their concerns anonymously as many people are more comfortable to share their concerns without disclosing their identity. This worked well for my company.
Good luck

From India, Bangalore
Dear Sana,

The basic problem is one of engagement. If employees were fully engaged, they would be so emotionally thankful for how well they were being treated that they would never leave early or abscond. So the real cause is that the management of the concerned departments are not treating their people in such a way to convince them to choose to become fully engaged.

Having created several fully engaged workforces myself as an executive as well as having done the opposite as a young manager, I am well aware of the pitfalls and the actions required to succeed. The required actions are simple to learn and execute and have very sound scientific reasons (the science of people and how they react to managerial actions and inactions) why they will produce the desired effect as well as why other actions will not succeed. People appear quite different on the surface and that is confusing, but underneath the surface at a deeper level we are all the same as concerns managing us.

If you would like my help, please contact me through my website where you can learn much about my methods

Leadership is a science and so is engagement

Best regards, Ben Simonton

From United States, Tampa
Dear Sana........
It is not about H.R Roles exactly Sana, its all about the policies,its acceptance by entire employees and management in fact,
Take power and issue a common notice covering rules and regulations of organisation, timing should be declared ,punishment or action to be taken by top management if such steps are picked up by any employee in office hours, take consent of your seniors as well as top management,distribute it to various departments,areas of your organisation, as it is not about any employees wish that he/she can leave office or make absenteeism without leave application and grant of it or notice ,as it is all about companies code of conduct & policies, if any of employees does this or repeats this is purely undisciplined action.
Manish Srivastava
+91-96707-66 888

From India, Lucknow
in reply as mr. p_xavierraj said.. you can use that technique and till then if u can spend time., you can also start arranging intervention wid all the HODs and try to convience them to cordinate... this will increase ofcourse your efforts but your strong Rapo too....
I may not be right but dis is just what i wanted to share.

From India, Mumbai

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