In a company where I am working, sometimes suddenly this questions comes up, so how was your experience working here till date? or say something about your co-worker, what do you think about him/her? For eg: in my previous organisation one lady announced that she is resigning and we were called in seminar room. Now I was sitting first in row. The manager said that we all should say something about our experience with her and say something in honor of her. And lets start with Risy (i.e. me) and I started thinking like oh, what should I say? I wasn't prepared and wasn't expecting this.

I am not very good communicator. whenever such situation or questions comes up about giving views or saying something positive - at that time - because of my lack of communication skills and lack of ability to construct effective sentences and using creative words I end up saying simple words like - He/She is nice person and I enjoyed working with him/her, It was nice... I feel good etc.. But even a kid can say this. Actually we are expected to say few lines about how was our experience, how we felt and if we have any suggestion etc...

I need few common positive lines that we can use to describe our boss/seniors/co-workers and also some lines about our experience with the company till date or our journey.. I know each journey and experience are different and ofcourse I need to add my own words but some common lines or words that I can use... pls suggest

From India, Ahmadabad
And ya, many times I experienced that in such situation I literally have to think that what will I say when my turn comes. I have to prepare words in my mind. But my most other collegues (except some) say it with ease as if words are ready on their mouth. In above case my turn was first so I didn't even get the opportunity or time to think. This happened often. So I want to prepare atleast with specific words and lines that I can use while in such situations.

I know that some of you may suggest that I just have to say what I actually feel or what my actual experience so its not that difficult. But look at it this way.... You grown with your sibling and you know him/her well, but suddenly on his./her wedding day if you are asked to say few lines and give a speech about him/her, will you be able to without preparing for that? Despite you know your sibling very well and you just have to mention your experience, but doing that by using creative lines that too infront of everybody and without having prepared for it, may be difficult for those who are not used to great communication or don't have great public speaking skills..

From India, Ahmadabad
Hi Rinsys,

It happens. Anyone who's given a first chance would have to think about what should one do or say...

As you said you face little issues in communication, try to boost your self confidence by talking to lots of people - try with your colleagues.

If you want you can always do this -

Maintain a diary wherein you can keep a note of all good words about your different colleagues on a monthly or quartely basis and share it out to them. Or what you can do is, keep n no. of people you'd observe this quarter, (this way you wouldn't be burdened by keeping a note for all) and keep their names and notice their positives, their area of improvements, their success points, something they shared or did that really awed you etc and at the end of the quarter, on any particular day, just give a one-to-one feedback saying you've observed so and so qualities to them. That way you can actually prepare what you're going to say and since it would be just 2 of you or just a few people in the group, you wouldn't have the fear of how are you being judged...

And if incase such situation arises ever in future when you know about the person but need some time to frame your thoughts, you can always say, we have had quality time spent together but i would really be obliged if you give me a couple of minutes so that i can filter out what the effective memories. That way you'd get 2-3 minutes to frame up what you speak and it would also make people feel nice that you're actually observing people and are spending time to recollect the events you've done together.

Hope it helped :)

From India, Mumbai
Hi Rinsys
Completely agree with the post of Ankita. Noting good vocab and go through it oftenly will help you over come this situation. You can also recall the past jokes if you had shared with your colleague. May be the different thoughts or an argument you both had shared and what you have learnt from that.

From India, Delhi
Hi Rinsys,
yes many times we do come across to such situations of having mixed feelings on finding it tough to express.we could over come this only by improvising our communication skill's,I have personally done this and have overcome.I suggest speaking to your colleagues/friends/anyone spontaneously on what ever you feel..we should keep reading stuff daily though you may not be able to know the difference on this immediately but your would surely find a difference.
Confidence while speaking is one thing that is counted while we are speaking. Though you speak all little simple words we got to speak with a strong vocal all thse will do 80% of the job.

From India, Mumbai
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