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Thread Started by #Spandana Maheshwaram

Dear All,

I am Spandana Maheshwaram. This is my first post in Cite Communications. From the last 15day only I am reading the discussions of seniors on different topics.

I was very much tensed about my career. I got confidence with this cite that I can get a proper solution from the experts.

My qualification is B.Sc(Maths, Physics & Chemistry), MBA(Finance). I have completed my MBA in 2008 from JNTU with 72% . I have served for an MBA college for one academic year (2008-09) as an Asst Prof. I left the job as I was not satisfaction in the teaching field.

I requested my parents and I came to Hyd in 2009. I am from a middle class family so I cant ask money from my parents. In this condition I joined a company as a tele caller with the salary 6500/- on contract basis, In one year period of time I didn't get Emp Id, Sal account, even experience letter except an Appointment letter. After that I got a Job as an HR in a small company which deals with multiple projects. Here also same problem.

After an year later I joined a Software company(Small) as a HR & Admin Assistant. Here the HR dept starts with me I have full filled everything as a HR for employees and the employer. Every one is satisfied with my work. But my CTC is only 10k p/m where it is not sufficient for my survival in this city . Now I want to change the company for better salary. Am I an eligible person for the post of HR & Admin In top MNC's with this experience and MBA(FINANCE) qualification?

I request you all, please suggest me with a proper solution.

Thanks & Regards,

Spandana Maheswaram

7th January 2013 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Spandana,

Hi, I read your above statement and would like to tell you my opinion for the queries you have raised.

Firstly, if at all you want to make a career in HR and have dreams of joining any top MNC's, you should ideally have a degree or any kind of certification in HR to do so. I would suggest that since you have now got a job as a HR and you done quite well, I would suggest you do Executive MBA or part-time MBA or any HR course through Distance Learning mode. This will help you to understand HR better and also if any Company wants you to call for a interview, they will see that you have also got qualification in HR post your MBA. In case you start looking for a job in HR with your present background, the first thing any interviewer will ask you is why are you working in a HR role when you have done your MBA in Finance. And trust me any kind of answer would not not be justified at that point of time and even in my frank opinion i think your CV might also not get shortlisted for a HR job. All the best


Aditya Ambekar

098679 89399
7th January 2013 From India, Mumbai
Dear Sir,
I am very much thank full to you for your suggestion, but if I go for any HR course in distance or regular mode it will take min 2years of time.
So Please will you suggest me is there any university offering one year Certification courses of HR.
Thanks & Regards,
Spandana Maheshwaram
7th January 2013 From India, Hyderabad
Hi ,
Yes .
You can get a job in MNC in HR dept as you have experience .
You can definately try to jump to a bigger company with the help of this
experience .
At the same time enroll for some PG dip in HRM from a reputed institute while serving.
Rajeev Dixit

7th January 2013 From India, Bangalore

You can be a top HR person if you will to!

That "will" will make you work hard (perhaps while working)!

But tell me, why have you done MBA (Fin) and from where?

Do you detest finance and accounting activities totally?

Regardless of that, one would still be interested in knowing from you the reasons for your fascination for HR?

Like every other function, one has to acquire first the "basics" of HR and that would include, psychology, sociology, Organizational Behaviour, more that an introduction with labour law. Even if you do not have to practice in a court of law, your inadequacy in labour will often, at least in the initial stages be a stumbling block in your career!

Formal knowledge is essential though not inevitable but in a competitive world only proven competence gets ahead! You may have the "will" to do all that it would take to be successful HR but you would also need the skills. Formal knowledge of the subject coupled with a lot of practice (for which you need a platform called employment in an organization) to develop the skills to stand up and command attention! This is a price that will have to be paid. You may of course develop expertise in the field without formal knowledge at an institute but than you will have to be fortunate to get a boss (who is actually a GURU) under whom you will be able to learn! More pieces of the jig saw puzzle have to fall in place for you to succeed in the profession of your choice and comparatively less number of pieces will be required to fall in place when you have acquired a formal qualification! Even in such a case hard work, patience, proactive habits and finally a bit of luck (n the sense of getting good people and/or organizations) to work under under!

See, which ever route one takes success takes more knowledge and efforts than one would imagine initially!

But do not get disheartened with all that I am saying. I am only putting forward reality scenario so that your determination becomes like steel and you do not get carried away with the so called "successful" people.

The qualifications that you have acquired and the time you have spent on the job in being employment will always stand in you in good stead! You are, a I see it, wishing to change track from "finance" to "HR". That by itself is perfectly fine. But to excel in the new field you have to do a lot of home work as it were!

Finally just sharing a very popular truth! Common sense can see you through many situations but common sense is not common. There is a story I picked from a book by Mark H. McCormack in a book called "What they don't teach you at Harvard Business School?" It goes like this, a friend is telling the author, "its very funny really. The harder I work, the luckier I seem to get!"

Get the message? Sorry about a long reply but your question only drew me out!

Cheer up and start working towards your goals!



January 7, 2013

7th January 2013 From India, Pune
Dear Spandana,
I do agree it will take another 2 years time to complete any further course, but Symbiosis is offereing a distance course MBA, where the entire course duration is for not more than 15 months. You can enrol for such courses and also continue working in your present Company and gain experience OR alternatively you can start looking out for a job change till the time you finish your MBA
Aditya Ambekar
098679 89399
7th January 2013 From India, Mumbai
Dear Sapna,

Time taken to work towards and achieve your goals never looks pink and rosy. During our school days, we have all been studying for an year only for that one glorious day, where we would find our dream grades in the report card. That too, only to begin another year in a different class.

There was no glamour in doing the homework every day. Most of them were not connected to any ranking but corrections. Plainly hardwork without any reward.

Same goes for our career, a long drawn effort to make it where we dream to be. Best part of our career is the unpredictability. When we begin, we dream of a way, which soon either seems boring or impossible. So we end up carving out a different niche, either by accident or by choice.

You are already putting your best of efforts to build your portfolio. No sooner , you will add many more capabilities. Probably even you would reflect one day, that you had come very differently and better than what you thought you would. Remain as grateful as you can be and make most of everything that comes your way.

Wish you all the best !
7th January 2013 From India, Mumbai
Dear Spandana

You've done you B.Sc. with PCM and than MBA in Finance which implies your analytical and numerical skills are strong. Do you not wish to work into financial department?

You said you wish to pursue a job in mnc as hr.

May I know why HR? Is it because

You have served as HR-cum-admin in a small firm and have that experience that you wish to take forward

Your people around you are happy with your work

You have anyways switched to HR so why not a huge firm with good pay

You discovered you're more inclined to HR than Finance

Kindly provide a reason for the switch.


In any case, as you do not have the certification/degree in HR, it would be little difficult to get HR openings in a bigger firm with decent pay-scale.

I can understand you can't repeat 2 year's MBA but enquire about distance learnnig / part time course which you can complete in 10-12 months or some local certifications in HR.


Also before further discussions, what responsibilities you handle in your current role?

It would give a fair idea about how much have you been able to guage up in HR and which area needs focus.

Hope it helped....
8th January 2013 From India, Mumbai
Hi Spandana,
You have the great potential to achieve the success in industry and reach the top level in the industry.You are fit and capable enough for performing the best in what ever field you choose. Your education and certifications are the gateways and guides that will open new horizons for you.In my opinion what you require now is great confidence in your own self and You must have a definite focus towards what actually you are looking out to achieve.
With your entry to cite hr, I welcome you and wish you the great success in your life.
Pls be focused and determined and you are eligible for anything and everything.
8th January 2013 From India, Vadodara
Dear Spandana, You can go for Advance Diploma in HR at Ajax Management. It will helps you to go as you like. Regards, M. Vinod Kumar.
8th January 2013 From India, Hyderabad
First, I would like to say thanks to you for showing your interest and confidence to this community and whole heartedly welcoming you to CiteHR Family.

Second, whenever I found badly distracted people like you, feel never good. Seriously, this is the time to wake up and put yourself to the right track.

You have done B.Sc (Maths, Physics & Chemistry), MBA (Finance) in 2008, worked as a Tele caller for a year and now working as an HR & Admin Assistance, now, Ill take the words of Ankita and really keen to know, have you ever tried or wished to work with Finance & Accounts?

In addition to this, can you please consider your qualification and experience again and let us know what your career objectives are? You may have tried and could not get fair chances initially and had to work with very first possible options but still I do not think, you were not able to get freshers/trainee jobs with your career field (MBA-Finance). Like Ankita said above about your analytical and numerical skills that you obtained by your MBA in Finance but never used them further and got distracted with whatever life uncertainties, but now working with HR & Admin which i as well as you know, is not a fair dealing with yourself even to your educations I would say.

We understand sometime life put us on a different track and due uncontrollable conditions, got distracted but one must not stop fighting with it, and the most important thing that matter here is to FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT THING WITH A SET MOTIVE. You still can make a new start bcz this is a question about your CAREER / a professional life.

In simple words, I would suggest you to make a fresh start. Make a new CV and start looking for Freshers or trainee jobs with respect to your educations qualifications side-by-side working. Also revised your knowledge, learn/study as much as possible but for sure you must not continue with HR & Admin which is not your line, no matter you have spent 1 year and have earned some knowledge. This one year of experience, not matter concerning your professional life and career that you have to go along.

You now have to put yourself on the right track that you have lost a long ago and, I request you to read all the responses you have from expert above, so that you can now understand on how and with what you have to move ahead.

Note: Make a new CV and send it to me, I have some good contacts there in Hyderabad; maybe I can help you in something. Go to my profile for contact/emails
8th January 2013 From India, Gurgaon
Dear Spandana,
Wishes for you in the New Year.
I find that you have been encouraged by every member on this site. I feel that all the members have correctly expressed their opinion that you should acquire some additional qualification appropriate to suit the qualifying criteria for the job of HR Manager. Experience will support your selection. MNCs will consider your candidature provided you pass their qualifying criteria.
Since you are a science graduate and then changed your specialized degree to Finance, then in such a situation it is possible that some bank may choose you for their risk management portfolio. For that you may also try.
With good wishes.
8th January 2013 From India, New Delhi
Dear Frndz,
I have done BBA (Regular) from IP University, New Delhi (2007). And after that I opted to MBA (HR) from Punjab Technical University (Correspondence) (2010). Now I am doing a job as Accounts Executive in a Govt Society from last two years. But i am not satisfied with the salary and also not sure about my future also, becoz i have qualification of HR and doing job in Accounts department. Even I am satisfied in working in accounts.
I request to my seniors and frends plz suggest me about my future plans. Should i change my field to HR????
9th January 2013 From India, New Delhi
Firstly I fail to understand 1 main thing, even after thinking a lot:

Why many of us are pursuing our degrees in something and later we end up working something else, which is not even remotely connected to each other.

A finance graduate works as HR and a HR graduate works in Accounts...

Perhaps we may still be a little amature while selecting our graduation, but we definitely can't be so immature whilst pursuing post-graduation...

Anyway, to answer your query Ms. Mamta -

The answer to your query lies in the answers to foll questions:
  • You said you did MBA (HR) Correspondence from PTU. So whilst diong it were you on job somewhere? In which department.
  • You current Accounts job was pre or post your MBA (HR) ?
  • If it was pre-HR, why did you not think of switching your department from last 2 years?
  • If it was post-HR, why did you take up this Accounts job?

I can understand that sometimes one needs to take up what comes on the way but a career shift is something very sensitive issue. The 1st question (at least I would want to ask you) when you look back at HR and wish to come back is - What were you doing for 2 years in Accounts if you were qualified HR back in 2010. You need to prepare for this hammer question.

I might have sound rude, but honestly, I wanted to give a honest feedback, an honest review of the coming scenario. Rather than showing you goody-goody picture, i believe its better if you're prepared for tomorrow's issues that may just strangle you more.

Hope it helped. All the best
9th January 2013 From India, Mumbai
Thanx for reply!!!
I had to join this job after my MBA due to financial crises and with no other options in HR field. And cant change the past so try to shape my future at least. And yes in our qualification time we were not in position to find out the best way for life. Now wat should i do ??? Should i do any qualification in finance?
9th January 2013 From India, New Delhi
Sure we cant undo the past...

Now answer these -

Are you keen on HR or Accounts?

What motivates you - HR or Accounts?

If you are not interested in Accounts, a financial course would make things difficult for you.

Not only would you be doing numbers day in and out, you'd be frustrated.

Don't do something that would not be liked by you... Its a long way to go... You have a journey of 20-25 years more... Calmly understand where you wish to go and accordingly take a decision, as you too know you wouldn't be able to undo your decision anymore.

If you think Finance motivates you, yes, you can take up some financial certifications, master your excel skills before you move up to SAP or other software, do your groundings in such a way that it makes up for the lack in academics.

If you think HR motivates you, your path is a little difficult -
  • Prepare you CV afresh.
  • You can start up with a fresher HR role. (Sure you've 2 years exp, but A/c expereince is irrelevant for HR role, am sure you too must have figured that out, you being HR academia)
  • Refresh all your HR knowledge and understand its application. (Pls understand you should show not just theoretical knowledge but how would you apply them in practice)
  • While changing, pls do not consider salary as your foremost criteria. Consider the profile as you need some base to change.

Also what profile you wish for in HR? HR handles multiple things, what is it that you wish to do?

Hope it helped :)
9th January 2013 From India, Mumbai
Hi, You can persue PGDHRM/MBA/PGDBM from SCDL/IGNOU/Manipal/Annamali Universities. They are offering various programs through distance mode.
9th January 2013 From India, Bilaspur
Hello Mamta,

You are MBA in HR, so you must try to go back and continue with HR as it is your basic line. You just have started your career and at this stage if you take corrective steps, would be really good for you and your career.

Though, you are currently running on a different track and with the situation like you and Spandana are, sometime face difficulties to switch back to the original work field based on education, and this is not an easy thing too. But it is really important to take corrective and timely action bcz this is a matter of CAREER /life.

Life uncertainties and distraction with whatever reason, and it is acceptable but as I stated above in response to Spandana, as soon as one realize this, need to correct it or take appropriate action towards it.

One thing you both must not forget that the new and original work field that you gonna join or we are requesting you to do, can give you the right direction to move head in your career and life and for this you have to fight with your present and upcoming problems.

You now have to try looking and apply jobs as per your educations. By continuing your work as present, you need to start your search. Make your CV, apply jobs and attend interview and also the most important thing you have to do is that will help you to revised/polish your skills and knowledge.

As you are now out of touch with HR, now you have to start your study, practical, learn as much as you can by reading discussions here or visit that will directly put you through the websites where you can learn and study our Industrial Acts
9th January 2013 From India, Gurgaon
Hey frends,
I think Accounts motivates me more than HR, Now wat shud i do??? Please suggest me any type of course or diploma which is well recognised. I dont want to go back to HR as my current job is related to Accounts and also at my graduation stage i gain a lot of knowledge in Accounts also..
10th January 2013 From India, New Delhi
Hi Mamta,

Being an HR person working for Accounts for a couple of years and now having affinity for Accounts. Now in this case, the switch becomes a little tricky as you don't have the base to switch. But it is not the end. You can always re-start knowing the length of time you still have to walk. I would suggest you the following:
  • Reformat your CV to give emphasis on your Accounts. (Place your qualifications below and your work ex above so that people can see accounts before HR. This way when you apply for Accounts job, people would not put it aside by seeing HR on top)

  • Enquire about different certifications in finance.
  • What's your graduation degree? Commerce? If so, be prepared for Qn - Why did you take up HR during your MBA, when your interest lies in Accounts.
  • Check out if there are any part time masters course you can pursue in Accounts so that you can let go your MBA (HR). or better, I do not know if any college/institute in your city provides this, but at Welingkars in Mumbai, we have a course of 1 year which gives you a 1 year diploma course in various subjects including finance. If you get similar course it would really make it look better as it would be of the mark of MBA.
  • Side by side learn excel throughly. Excel is a database and is a substitute in most companies. You should know all formulae and all applications. Make it very thorough.
  • Once you think you're fluent in Excel go for SAP/Oracle courses in finance.

Sure all this would consume time, but if you have to change your career path, I guess the basic grounding should be done.

Also, if you do this, switch would be better and people would know eventually you're focused and have made up your mind and have undertook tasks to prove same.

Hope it helped. All the best :)
10th January 2013 From India, Mumbai
Thanx Ankita for ur valuable comments
I want to tell u dat my graduation was BBA so it include all subjects like: Accounts, HRM, Marketing, Taxation, Computers, Business management and Laws, etc. So I can say that i hav a vast knowledge about accounts and all other subjects also.
Secondly i am rite now working in accounts and very well versed in excel and some knowledge of Tally also.
10th January 2013 From India, New Delhi
Dear Spandana and Mamta

Regardless of the specialization that has to be taken in the subsequent semester; a good MBA degree equips one to take up as a fresher, ANY fields in Management.

That is the very purpose of an MBA course.

As far as the specializations are concerned; at times, in good B-school, they are often dictated by the following :

1. Grades of other students opting for the courses : many such courses have limited seats and irrespective of the interest of a particular student; thee seats are assigned on grades achieved in previous semesters.

2. Ease of scoring : smart students of top B-schools know that what matters in the Final Campus Placement with Top Companies is their CGPA. So irrespective of their interest or aptitude; they select specializations in which they can score well and are ahead of their colleagues.

3. Lack of knowledge and experience : students in B-schools lack the experience to choose between streams which would be particularly suited to them.

Moreover. generally good companies do not strictly take freshers or junior-level employees based on the specialization they have done; in case one has RELEVANT and USEFUL experience in another functional areas.

What it means is, if a student who has specialized in Marketing and Finance; but has had the opportunity to work in HR and has a substantial experience in it; and wishes to pursue it further; can continue in the area of HR.

An MBA is meant to be QUALIFICATION; and specialization indicates the area of your interest; MBA and specialization is NOT MEANT TO BE A DISQUALIFICATION.

Since you both are in the initial stages of your careers; there is no penalty on a re-think; or re-assessment of your strength and interest. Please do not get discouraged by contrarian views. Moreover, both of you are free to pursue further qualification in pursuit of your field of interest.

Warm regards.
10th January 2013 From India, Delhi
Dear All,
Please accept my apologies for late reply.
Thanks to you all for your consideration and valuable suggestions.Really I am so happy to join this cite Communications family.
Earlier time I tried for accounting based jobs but I failed as I don't have good knowledge in accounting. So I worked for many companies with different roles like Tele caller, Asst proff, HR & Admin.
22nd January 2013 From India, Hyderabad
Dear All,
Please accept my apologies for late reply.
Thanks to you all for your consideration and valuable suggestions.Really I am so happy to join this cite Communications family.
Earlier time I tried for accounting based jobs but I failed as I don't have good knowledge in accounting. So I worked for many companies with different roles like Tele caller, Asst proff, HR & Admin.Dear All,
Please accept my apologies for late reply.
Thanks to you all for your consideration and valuable suggestions.Really I am so happy to join this cite Communications family.
Earlier time I tried for accounting based jobs but I failed as I don't have good knowledge in accounting. So I worked for many companies with different roles like Tele caller, Asst proff, HR & Admin.Now I got realized... it is not my destiny.
I will start Fresh career in Finance and I will improve my knowledge in accounting.
I would like to join in SAP(FICO) .
Thanks & Regards,
Spandana Maheshwaram
22nd January 2013 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Ms. Spandana,
As you told that are from a middle class family and not afford for further studies, your MBA - Fin is a good
If you want to have a long, health and strong carrier path, please try in finance department, rather than HR.
Sree K
18th December 2017 From India, Cochin
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