Can somebody help me with how to set up a new HR department in a start up.
I have recently joined a start-up, i have understood the current company details but need more inputs from professionals. Looking for real-time data and details and not bookish data though cause found most of it but need an understanding where to start from.
Awaiting response.
Thanks and regards

From India, Pune
Dear Generationnext20,

The Human Resources Department requires the necessary information to start from the Executive Commitee Members in your organization. For that reason, you may ask them to list out what exactly should be ideal requisition to set up the HRD. This can be made easier as per the treatise had with your team and the Exe Comm people, list the commonly executed perimeter including hiring, payroll, IOC - interoffice communication, compliance, employee handbooks, labor law and benefits management etc. Install data locked safegaurds (for files to be kept secluded), IT Dept strong to keep the computers password- protected, Bio-metric systems for attendance and leave tracking and budgeting for other adminal and personnel requisitions.

An Hr Generalist for steering the Human Resources Department can be hired, where an encouraging HR dept. would be responsible for hiring corporate ambassadors responsible for finding top talent at college and job fairs. Send department members to workshops devoted to helping HR professionals handle workplace violence, conflict resolution, mediation and other incidents that pervade the work environment.

From India, Visakhapatnam
dear Generationnext20
Good day regarding your start up with the HR Dept , make sure to start with the Manpower plan for your company start gathering information about what , how match and when you going to start hiring people , identify the budget for the salary to be paid and the recruitment needs for the organisation , if you answer this questions you can start put your plans and steps for starting
Yousef Naser
HR Specialist

From Saudi Arabia, Jeddah
Dear Gen

Merry Christmas!

Bhakti Narang has given a list of key areas where HR Dept. needs to work. However to set up a new HR Dept. the following may be areas of priority to start with:-

1. Attendance system : The attendance can be marked either through Biomatric Access Machine or manually in registers with arrival and departure time.

2. Late coming : How many late coming your employers permit to the employees. Generally 10 to 15 minutes late comings is allowed subject to three or four in a month. Beyond that half day leave should be deducted for each late coming.

3. Leave policy : Casual Leave, Earned Leave, Compensatory Leave are the common types of leave. Generally one Casual Leave after one month service is allowed subject to a maximum limit of 8 or 12 as may be decided by the Management. Similarly quantum of earned leave is to be decided.

4. Policy for overtime payment : If your company employs factory workers, then it would be applicable.

5. Personal Files : To be maintained with complete documents of educational and experience certificates and other letters issued to an employee from time to time etc.

6. Performance Appaisal Forms : Annual appraisal of employees performance in a form suitable to the policy and need of your company.

7. Disciplinary Rules : Should be framed to take action against the misconduct of employees. Penalties should be provided in these rules.

8. Pay Structure : It is the basic thing to be made for all employees according to the financial health of the company.

9. Recruitment Rules : These should be made laying down required minimum qualifications and experience and pay package.

10. Training for the employees : Need assessment is to be made for what training is required to be made.

11. Promotion policy : This is also necessary to keep the employees motivated

12. Profit sharing : By way of payment of bonus etc.

13. Implementation of EPF, ESI and other labour welfare measures from the date of joining of employees.

14. Staff Welfare Programmes : Giving tea/coffee at work station of the employees etc.

The above are illustrative examples to set up a HR Dept in a new company. Suitable modifications/adaptations can be made as per requirement of your company. If any specific advice is sought you may mail your query at for suitable response.

With good wishes.

C.M. Lal Srivastava

From India, New Delhi
ENOUGH STUFF IS WRITTEN ABOVE. i wish to add my view. connectivity between all member sof organization is on priority. a superior must know the domestic background of his workers. keep a difference between a working donkey and horse. make sure they are not treated same. never use the working place as revenge place. never over load. the working atmosphere must be pleasant. maintenance of working tools must be upto date. have humanitarian connectivity.
From India, Bangalore
The members have given enough inputs on the tasks cut out for HR Department. I just want to add that it is equally imporatnt to pay attention to staffing the department. You should know how much is the requirement of the staff.It should be neither too little to leave the depatment burdened or too much to allow the staff to while away time in the department which may prove to be a pain latter as Hr wil have so mush information tat interests others . Selection of candiadtes, therefore need also to be looked into carefully. HR needs to be transparent at the same time maitain confidentiality also with regard to certain matters as it may come to handle sensitive matters also. Therefore, the people working in HR department shall have certain degree of maturity, tact and must be trust worthy.
HR & Labour Law advisor

From India, Mumbai
Hi All,
Thanks for all the information this would completely be useful to go ahead with. Among the processes the major process lacking here is appraisal system. Can you please provide me with templates for appraisal for the Technical department employees. I have set their KRA's. How do i go about with the appraisal and which is the best approach and mechanism in the IT industries.
Awaiting positive response and support.

From India, Pune
Dear Swapna,
Many thanks to you for appreciating the contributory efforts of all members who expressed views as above. With respect to PA form I have to say that there are number of formats on web site but you have to assess what actually suits your department. You want a template for technical employees. But the word "Technical" is very vast. If you can specify the job description of your technical department, then I would be able go give an appropriate template suitable for your company.

From India, New Delhi
To start with i am looking at daily reporting format of employees working as developers (Java, php, etc) and testers (Manual, automation, etc) in various technologies.
I was designing an excel in which the employee would be required to fill the number of projects working on, hours spent on each project, in particular duration what part of the project has been completed, are there any additional pointers that i can put in to assess and make the reporting such that it would directly help me understanding and measuring work performance.
Awaiting your support as it has always been.
Thanks and regards

From India, Pune

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