Dear friends, please let me know how to improve for good letter writing skills.
From India, Hyderabad
Hello Srinumukkala,
Have you tried Cite HR Archives ?
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You will get a lot of information.
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V.Raghunathan…………………………………………………Navi Mumbai

From India
Practice make the person perfect. You have to work hard on this. Please use some follwoing tips:
1) Read newspapers and try to understand how the statements are framed.
2) Keep the good dictionary with you always.
3) Read, read and read
4) Check some drafts avaiable, their language, how they are framed.

From India, Pune

Check out this link and you may get appropriate inputs related to the information you seek on 'drafting effective mails'

From India, Mumbai
Dear Friend
1. A letter has to have the basic pattern of ABC Left & Right. That is A (Accuracy), B (Brevity), C (Clarity), L (Logic) and R (Relevance).
2. Having said that the Introduction should give a clear picture of the issue, followed by the main body which should deal with the proposal and recommendation etc and finally the Conclusion should be clear idea that you wish the letter should speak to get the output.
3. Aim should be that if a reader reads the introduction and the conclusion he should be able to take the decision. The main body only helps to derive the conclusion.
4. Hope this gives you enough information for writing a good letter.
Best Regards
Cdr S Panda, IN (Retd)
+91 8885515755

From India, Hyderabad
Dear Srinu,
First start reading news papers(editorial), english magzines and good novels. Try to understand the construction of sentences, punctuations and importance of paragraphs. Everyday try to learn the meaning of atleast 10 new words and try to construct the sentences. Every word has its own meaning for different circumstances. You have to use your wisdom in constructing the sentences. If you know the meaning of 10000 words and its usage, you can be a good writer. Reader Digest has brought out a book " Right words for right usage" Refer such books. Always go for simple sentences. Communication should have the principle of 5W & 1 H - What you want to say, whom to address, where to, when and why. H is how to draft.
It is not one day's task, it needs continues efforts .
Sr. Manager- HR

From India, Bangalore

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