A one or two sentence article. Certifications make the certifying authority (who is really a business man) rich and make you poor and stupid.
Tiny Post: Certifications Are a Scam

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Tiny Post: Certifications Are a Scam
@ Sathyaish--what you mentioned is true--that they don't enhance the skills.
But the basic purpose of the certifications is quite different--to give some semblance of benchmarking to the prospective employers in these days where many persons have made it a habit of over-rating themselves in any given field/skill.

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As TS has pointed out it helps organisations to decide on whom to engage. Also for some applications, such as the use of MBTI (Myers & Brigg Type Indicator) Personality Type assessment, getting certified is mandatory. The developers of such instruments have spent a lot of time and effort and they are looking for retrurns on their investment.
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Not much to add beyond the point, really.
Tiny Post: Certifications Are a Scam - 2

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An extreme opinion! Well, we know that many successful people were dropouts from schools or colleges, does not mean that the converse would be true. It is an exception that those few were exceptionally brilliant in their focused subjects and became successful.
Certification is useful for others to understand and make an opinion about someones basic level (expected) of understanding.
That said, it is also important to see the credentials of the institute which is offering certificate. Looking at the craze of people for certificates, sure unscrupulous elements would enter the 'market'. Thus choosing the institution would make a difference. It is safer to join University approved courses conducted by colleges (e.g. Management / Media etc.) for learning. Having armed with the basic knowledge, one can develop through 'On the Job' training as others can give knowledge but to develop skills and acquire wisdom is for oneself.

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Today, every Tom, Dick and Harry is providing some certification or the other. I get lots of spam about certifications. They are all crying out loud that they are dishonest tricksters.
I don't believe in certifications at all.

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What's also funny and interesting is that most of the emails I get about them are not well-written. They appear to be written and sent and signed by someone who themselves isn't great at communication. Wonder what they'll be certifying you for. It's just a vehicle to get some cash out of gullible people.
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@ Tajsateesh:

Absolutely true. The reason a company wants even a couple of references (character/work certification) from a new incumbent is for some semblance of certification. In presence of certificate, there is a clue of the person having some credentials, in absence of it, well, there would be a reluctance to believe. Whether the approach is right or wrong becomes a mute point, that it is largely inevitable and followed consistently is a fact.

People realized long time back that there is money in education and looking at the compulsions of working class being unable to join full time, university conducted courses, part time, convenient time, no attendance necessary-postal courses mushroomed. They have to reach people in large number to tap/trap students. I agree with Sathyaish as many of us would be getting such e mails: bombarding communication,( fundamental principle of marketing), most of them could be belonging to the fraudulent clan. Elegant Institutes like the IITs or leading business schools would rarely do it this way. There could be many reasonably good in-between institutes!

Hence to me, Certificate has no viable substitute in prevailing situation. Choosing the course or the institute is in our hand. Learning from a structured course to acquire knowledge helps in individual development, creating opportunities which ultimately helps sharpen skills to gain wisdom (through practice only).

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I am also saying that the very reputable institutes you mention, that everyone has adored for years and run after, are businesses.
There are no separate people who are a fraud. A con never goes out to say, "I am going to con some people today." The first person a con cons is himself. He cons himself into the con, and thus becomes the agent of the con.
If that's a little too wordy to understand, let me re-phrase it: People who are vehicles of the marketing of education are not bad. They are themselves innocent and gullible people who have become instruments in the hands of a few businessmen who are the truly culpable perpetrators.
Also, education is a single person process. You don't need to go anywhere or to anyone to have it. (Tiny Post: Institutionalized Education Is A Scam)

From India, Ghaziabad
Yes. Certificatiosn are a bid business and a scam. This is no different from government creating rules for tehir approval and extarcting a price for eh approval
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