Respected Seniors, Please help me in standardising Safety trainings in our organisation. Regards, Habeeb S.
From India, Rajkot
Dear , I ma enclosing here the training schedule. It will helpful to you. Regards Paresh Vadher
From India, Trivandrum

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While the schedule at Post #2 above is quite good, any training programme is to to be planned taking into account the target group, the training objective and the business of the organisation. If you can spell out these details, the schedule can be devised more effectively.
From India, Madras
We at Srijan Solutions can carry out the needed training at your location or at our locations. Please update us detailed requirements for the training so that we can customise the same for you. you may reach to us through this space or direct calling on our number 9871626575. For your information we are working out of 4 locations as of now Faridabad (NCR), Kolkota, Chennai and Pune. Will be glad if your location is also known to us so that can plan accordingly.
SK Jain

From India, Delhi
Dear Habib,
You need to specify the following things
1. Type of your Industry
2.Products being manufactured
3. no. of employees
4. Processes
5. Hazards
The training contents depend on the above parameters.
Thanks & Regards,

From India, Nasik
Dear Sudhir Sir,
Please find the details:
(1) Type of industry: Manufacturing industry
(2) Products: Automotive ancillary and components
(3) Processes: Gear cutting, shot blasting and heat treatment
(4) Hazards: Cut injury due to sharp edge of components, shot blasting dust, fumes from heat treatment furnace, slippery surface and other hazards are similar to other maufacturing industries.
Thanks for your input.
Thanks and regards,
Habeeb S.

From India, Rajkot
Dear Pughazendi Sir,
Currently we are having a full fledge training centre at our company. Safety training is also provided in our training centre but we need to standardise the entire process of Safety training like
(1) Induction training
(2) Safety specialised training
(3) On the job training
(3) Other trainings
Thanks and regards,
Habeeb S.

From India, Rajkot
The need and content of training will vary as per the level of the employees. You may broadly divide the employees as - 1. Operatives; 2. Supervisors; 3. Middle management; and 4. Top management. The design of training will differ for each category.

As far as the first category is concerned the design should basically be based on the process flow in the manufacturing activity. Each process can be broken into various activities. [For example in the machine shop, let us take a work centre - 'turning'. Each activity involved in turning such as preparation of material for turning, clamping the piece in the lathe, setting the proper feed and speed etc should be noted.] Against each activity, you should note down what knowledge is required to perform that activity, what skill is required to perform it, and what attitude (if any) is required to perform it should be noted. All this should be with reference to Safety. You should then decide whether and to what extent this Knowledge, Skill and Attitude can be imparted by training. This will be first step. The next step will be to decide upon the learning events based on your above analysis. Against each learning event you have to then decide what will be the training method and how much time is to be allotted for each event. The completion of these steps will give a good design of training for that particular category. This is a very elaborate procedure. To complete the design you should also decide about the method of assessment, validation measures (to see whether the training helped in achieving the objectives) as well as faculty. While designing you should also take into account the various constraints such as time, money, facilities etc.

From India, Madras
Dear Mr. Habib,

It is good initative you are into.

I suggest the following trainings.

1. Induction To Operators: The gear manufacturing usually will have following operations machines and hazards.

CNC Machining from forged gear blanks.

Lathe Machine or CNC Machine - Hazards - Flying opbects, slips and trips, material handling (Lifting), Body part trapping in machine. Training to be provided : How to guard the machine while in actual operation to avoid flying objects, Prevention of Slips and trips - Usually sliping hazard would be there because of use of coolant being used while operation hence house keeping and upkeep of machine. Material Handling - Hazards of back pain because of lifting / handline raw and finished jobs. Training on not to bend at waist, instead bend at knees. Ergonomic Design of work places. Body part trapping in Machine because in case guares are not provided - hence training on machine guarding.

Gear Cutting.

You must be having either shaping or hobbing machines.

Hazards of slips because of cutting oil spillage. - Training on Housekeeping and prevention of leakages

Gear hob or Shaping tool changing: Cut injuries because of sharp edges. You should use special fixtures to handle the sharp tools -Trainig on same and use of PPEs.


Usual Grinding machine hazards and the corrosponding training.

Heat Treatment:

Exposure to fumes. Training on how to control the generation of fumes and better exhaust systems. Heat Stress - training on wbgt index and associated control measures.

Pl revert in case you need nay more information.

Thanks & Regards,


From India, Nasik

Reply to these 5 will help you: Why ,Whom,What,When,Where and 6th-How.
You also need to decide on total hours to be spent for each category. Training sessions can be designed depending on How much time they can be spared and also on the faculty-outsider or insider. Whether trg to be conducted on the site or outside? To be conducted by any outside agency or yourself? Budget?

From India, Coimbatore

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