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Indian children are more interested in protecting the environment from ill-effects of climate change than their counterparts the world over and are concerned about lack of proper sanitation and drinking water, according to a global survey on children's hopes and fears.

The survey on the hopes, aspirations and fears of the future generation also found out that children are "deeply concerned" about pollution and other environmental hazards, with more than a quarter of children in India wishing to make a difference through planting more trees.

The survey conducted on 6,200 children in 47 countries by ChildFund said 27 percent of Indian children, more than the global average of 22 per cent, are interested in contributing to environment by planting more saplings.

"While one-third of children around the world cited pollution as the environmental problem they worry most about, 21 percent Indian kids said lack of sanitation worries them the most, followed by pollution (17 percent), lack of drinking water (14 percent) and deforestation (11 percent)," said the survey.

This year, children were surveyed about their hopes, dreams and fears, as well as their thoughts on the environment.

Dola Mohapatra, National Director of ChildFund India, said the results suggest that Indian children are not very happy with the environment which they have inherited from us.

"Thus, it is essential to listen to their concerns and consider their views while we make legislations on climate change," Mohapatra said.

Other interesting details emerged out of the survey are that in the Americas, the number of children concerned about pollution is over 50 percent. However, in Africa and Asia, where close to half the children have experienced drought, natural disasters are the biggest environmental worry for over a quarter of children.

Another interesting finding of the survey is that children in developed countries dream of becoming professional athletes and entertainers, while children in the developing world aspire to be doctors or teachers.

In India, 34 percent want to become a teacher or academician, while 25 percent wish to become doctors to serve people.

The Indian children were asked what they would do to improve the lives of the kids if they were the President or leader. "55 percent of them said they could have improved the quality of education and provided all enrichment opportunities to children going to school. Globally 39 percent expressed the same wish," the survey said.

Source: PTI

From India, New Delhi

Dear Ramesh,

Thanks for the post.

I have many times posted that "Training and Awareness" make improvements.

When I started working for ISO14001, and when Hazardous Waste Management and Handling rules came, It was a big surprise for me, and was difficuly to digest the COST of HW Disposal. At that time I always used to think this as undue expenses to the company. Just within atwo months I got an opporttyunity to undergo Lead Auditors Training on ISO 14001, and I realised the Importance, later I took the lead to get all units at different locations to dispose the HW to authorised agencies even at a cost which was not budgeted.

This happened only because of Training.

We have to thank Govt of India to start the subject of Environmental Science ever since standard Five.

I have delivered many lectures in schools and the response I get even after lecture is very encouraging. Students ask a lot of quentions and informal Discussions happen even more than the time of LECTURE.

I dont mind spending more time, as I get a satisfaction of doing something for the society.


Thanks & Regards,


From India, Nasik
Bhardwaj Ramesh

Dear Sudhir, Thanks for your repply. Yes we all are getting togather to deseminate the gained knowledge with our team. It will be our endevour to continue share our knowledge.
From India, New Delhi

Mr. Suresh thanks for sharing the nice post with statistics of kid’s mentality about thinking their future. It is quiet true that kids can be shaped by imparting proper training and makes them more aware about their future.
Nowadays children also have started thinking about pollution, unemployment, and politics. The saying ‘CHILD IS THE FATHER OF A MAN’ is correct.

From Oman, Muscat
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