HI ALL The HR dept in my company is totally unprocessed. I need to Streamline all HR functions. Any valuable inputs pls..................
From India, Madras

Please find my suggestions, as shared below:
  • Identify the process flow. Find out the start point, the essential steps, the approvals and information sharing joints.
  • Find out the bottle necks in each process. It can be a clear area where the work gets delayed. Alternatively, it can remain evasive, i.e. if the recruitment for a role was delayed once, due to the unavailability of the Interviewers. It can be the absence of the signing authority to the letters next time. Identify all such grey areas where work gets stuck. Create a second line, where it will move in order to avoid delay.
  • Create simpler processes, with clearer accountability to deliver the tasks and time within which it has to end. Avoid cutting the long processes down, at once, rather chose to do it in phases.
  • Review and benchmark the documents and policies with respect to an industry leader or any organization that meets the required standard.
  • Try and keep the main responsibilities of each process to fewer numbers of employees. This will create fewer dependencies. Incase you have dire situation, you may consider other wise. Please create levels for managing different responsibilities.

Please share if this suits, what you were looking for.


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From India, Mumbai
Response to your query can be quiet exhaustive, organizing HR processes of a company is a huge concept, so in order to get relevant advise, please complete your query with relevant information such as Nature of Company, Number of Employees, Organizational Structure, Size of HR Department etc.
Best Wishes

From Kuwait, Salmiya
Hello sanjeevi.sekar,
(Cite Contribution) has given you the right ingredients.
However, if you find things unwieldy, suggest go step-by-step--meaning take up one process at a time. This way you can remain focused & also begin to show results to your superiors faster--since @ the end of the day, it's THEIR WORD with the Management that finally counts if you have been successful or not.
Also, a word of caution, since such efforts in many organisations have been known to fail for anything else other than pure effort--pl try to take others along with you in this effort AFTER you do the initial groundwork. If you reveal your exact plans/modus-operandi in the beginning itself, there's every chance that they will be hijacked [you do the donkey's work & the other guy takes the credit]. BUT if you delay including others, there's a chance that your plans could be sabotaged [basically result of professional envy]. It's a fine cut-off that you need to handle along with your actual efforts to streamline the processes.
All the Best.

From India, Hyderabad
Dear Mr. Sanjeev
i second to Mr. Hussain.
From your post, it is evident that your HR department is totally unprocessed. But, no member knows what exactly is the scenario at your end. I am sure, you understand HRM in-details, else you wouldn't have said the same.
Do mind if you can update/share with us about the abnormalities you found in your company's HR Department. Based on that, i am sure you will receive much effective/precise suggestions.
With profound regards

From India, Chennai
I guess you know what should be the process for a HR activity and what is happening in your organisation. Hence you are able to feel the need.
Does your management show any interest in streamlining or does the current situation suit them? Before you start your cleaning up activities, take your boss or HOD into confidence. Else it may boomerang.
If they are keen, then go step by step as suggested by others. Take one process at a time, identify the problem, design a simpler method for completition of the task, identify the delegation of authority, identify responsibilities, discuss with the management and take out a policy.
These are general answers which should hopefully help. In case you need step by step processes for various HR activities, kindly let us know.

From India, Visakhapatnam
Firstly try to find out the gap (occur problem) in HR Policies & functions. accordingly analyse, what measures are required to streamline the process. You need to collect different techniques & methods to fill the specified gap. After collecting the data, Go to your boss (Concerned authority) Brief about the problem (Gap). If boss really reacts for the same thing then give different suggestions at the same time. As boss gives you the approval, You can go ahead with the Implementation process

From India, Gurgaon
Dear Sanjeev,
I am attaching a file for your audit purpose. First of all you should audit your HR functions then i clear picture will be drawn which where your department and your organization stands then you should take the effective step to improve HR functions.
Abdul Wahab.

From Pakistan, Hyderabad

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Thanks to Hussain, Satheesh, Khadir, ninpins and Meenu. I am sure this will help Sanjeevi to formulate it better.
@Abdul Wahab , spot on ! Immensely appreciate what you have shared. Have you worked through any of these audit cycles ? Please share your experiences.
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From India, Mumbai
Great list Abdul.
Sanjeevi, I guess (Cite Contribution) has given excellent ways to help.
Two things for you:
1. I feel the need to streamline is essentially linked to your ability to demonstrate the business need. Your post doesn't clearly support a business driver (data insufficiency!). Its more of an improvement perspective, which really doesn't support a business need. You need to be able to demonstrate that need. Thats the BEST way to muster management support.
2. Its easy to look at lists, but I would prefer an organic approach. Try to see what is done now and how it is done. Slowly develop on the concept. You will need folks to drive it within your department and within user departments. After all, you might have a different perspective to develop.

From United States, Daphne

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