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I am working in XXX company in overseas as a EHS professional (Lead) and getting good salary which I never thought in my life and have a good team with me in my program/project we had done a lot of target/milestone in our program/project.

Just couple of weeks ago I came to know that we lose our contract (but we have a project that will take at least 6 + months to complete). However I was on another Program/Project itís a 5+ year contract so I donít have any job security issues (personally). My question was what will going to happen to my team which we built last couple of years after 6 months? I have 4 players in my team all are experts in some special tasks but everybody having a weakness and strength also (they are all married, Iím single).

So in this case Iím going to decide to sacrifice my job for them so someone will get my position and getting job for next 5 + years hope they need at least 2 more EHS personal to run the project it means 3 of my team mate getting job for next 5 years I need to take care of one more player.

Couple of months ago my boss sacrifices his job and gave a chance to us as a leader he done his job (he done a lot for us in last couple of years he back up us in all situation even though we made mistake). Same thing Iím going to do now for my team is it a right decision I took on this time? Or how can I help to my team on this situation? I donít want to see my peoples searching a job while I am working somewhere.

I hope will find the job in few weeks (Already I start searching a new challenge) and re-built my team if I getting a chance in same organization, but I donít think will get better salary than this.

Note: Even though Iíll not get XXX years contract or permanent job surely Iíll find a short term contract so I can move further on my career until I getting a XXX years contract or permanent job (I will not be jobless). Someone may ask me now why you canít work with your team at least for next 6 months. I think I should be pro-active I donít want to give a chance to them (XXX company) to take decision.

Your suggestion/advice on this matter is highly appreciated.

From United States, Fpo
Dear Mr. Raghu,

I have gone through your query and would like you to answer to mine.

What is the SPECIFIC REASON for leaving your current job?

Do you really think that, you are SACRIFICING YOUR JOB for the sake of your team members?

Don't you think that, by LEAVING THIS JOB, you are MOVING AHEAD IN YOUR PROFESSIONAL CAREER? Don't you think, your ex-boss did the same think?

Alternatively, you may consider opinion mentioned below. Let me share my experience with you. I hope you are familiar with this proverb "MEN MAY COME MEN MAY GO"

I was employed with an organisation hold 2nd position in the hierarchy. I too created a small team of young passionate professionals to carry out various activities, with full speed we were delivering our services hoping to bring desired changes gradually. By all means I did my best which is a recorded in the history of that organisation. I left a benchmark in setting a system that produced results though there ware bunch of employees always opposing my decisions as they were employed for long and habitual of buttering up my boss to secure their job. Due to some conflict between me and my boss i had decided to quit. I too taught, what will happen to this organisation post resignation? Whether they will be able to manage without my services? Its more than two and half years now, they are able to manage the show the way it was prior to my appointment.

I still want to join back the same organisation but, i am not interested to work with the same boss as he lack vision and no interest in his own organisation. When he is not taking up the accountability and responsibility for developing his own organisation, why should i? This relates to the proverb "EMPLOYEES LEAVE THEIR MANAGERS/BOSS BUT NOT COMPANIES".

Since i am Muslim practicing ISLAM, i strongly believe in ALMIGHTY. I personally feel that, i cannot do anything without his will/permission. Don't think beyond your limits as you cannot predict anything about your own future. No one knows what may happen next and you are talking about long duration contracts. Move ahead and synchronize yourself with TIME and do try to interpret and understand the prevailing situations. Be positive and THINK POSITIVE all the time. A POSITIVE ATTITUDE will help you to take better decisions as you need to chose between options you have.

Wish good luck to your team, keep in touch with them.

With profound regards

From India, Chennai
Hi Raghu,
It is good to know that you are ready to sacrifice your job for your team, but are you sure they will be able to manage in your absense, as you have mentioned that they all have some week point. I am asking you check this because it should not happen than you leave and later even they will be asked to go if they are not good performer.
There is other option you are in this field for some time now, so I am sure you must have built good relation with your client, why don't you try to use their recommendation to get more projects for the organization. I know it won't be easy, but not impossible. If you are able to get a break through then, no one will have to leave the job.

From India, Mumbai
Hello Raghu,
If you change this job, will you be able to find another which will help you grow in your career, then there is no harm in changing but if you can try other options where you can get more projects and be with your team in the same company, that also would be better. Your team also will find better jobs. If you can find ways to stay in the company with projects...go ahead..else its better to focus on your career and move ahead. As Abdul Khader said, whoever goes or comes....the show will go on....
Situations can change any time.So think and act wisely
All the best !!

From India, Kochi
Dear Raghu
As you said, no chance to get another job with the salary what you are getting now. It salary doesn't matter then go ahead. But whether your team person can manage in your absence? If they not performed well then the management may go for some other resource and your effort will be vain. Instead of leaving the job, why don't you get the job for your team member? Think twice and take decision.
Best regards

From India, Bangalore
Dear Raghu,

The message reveals your personal character. Good, first to be a human & think in this direction. I am happy to be a friend of you.

However, we need to be practical in life too & I too agree with Mr. Khadir.

Scarifying a job is not a matter. But how long???? Today you are single & you can manage. After going to a new job, again you will get a good team. When you move out of that company, what will be your future coarse of action?? I am posting this question this because it may also not be your last company to work with.

You were a good team player & had developed your team. I personally feel that developing a team is more important than sacrifice. Also you can sacrifice a job till you get married. After marriage, your personal interest will become more important than common interest, where you may have conflicts there.

This time, since you felt about this, I don't want to discourage you, as openings are always there. Its your call.

Rather than focusing on sacrifice, focus more on developing a good & talented team, who can find jobs as per their wish & stand in life without your sacrifice. That gives a great value for you.

The feelings always differ from person to person & in that way I have given my personal opinion. It may have some difference of opinion with you. But this is the reality. Hope you understand me.

From India, Delhi
Dear skhadir,

Thanks for sharing your experience and your view in positive way. I made a good bridge with my organization I donít have any problem with any of my organization members yet just Iím worried my team and I need to give a chance to my players hope itís a right time too to prove themselves.

I need to see as well his real strength if they proved credit goes to them if they failed surely I will take a blame, because theyíre not failed Iím failed. I believe this quote "Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others." óJack Welch .

What is the SPECIFIC REASON for leaving your current job?

I need to see the growth of my players if they failed Iíll take a blame but they will gain a experience from his failure that experience will help them to make a benchmark on his career.

ĎíIt's important to give it all you have while you have the chance.Ē

Do you really think that, you are SACRIFICING YOUR JOB for the sake of your team members?

Of course (I suppose to say '' giving a chance instead of sacrificing'')


I believe myself than anythingí "If doubt is challenging you and you do not act, doubts will GROW. Challenge the doubts with action and YOU will grow." óJohn Kanary

Don't you think, your ex-boss did the same think?

I hope so.

Even though I move away from them Iíll help them whenever they needed at any time on any case.

Thanks Mr. skhadir

From United States, Fpo
Dear Anitha,
You raised a good question ĎíAre you sure they will be able to manage in your absenceíí?? Thatís what I need to see now.
When I entered in this organization I had a very hard time especially with my boss given a very hard time I thought in those situations why I need to do that? I always asking the question why i??? When he leaving and given a chance to me I got the answer for the question of ĎíWHY I?íí They can perform they will not fail because I believe them than they believe themselves.
Our minimum projects value start with XXX million$ we are working for US government directly.
Will see what will happen Iíll update you..
However thanks for your input on my query.

From United States, Fpo
Dear Vijay,
Thanks for your practical view. As soon as I move somewhere if I getting a chance to re-built my team surely Iíll.
As I mentioned in my previous replies surely they can make it happen (I hope they will not let me down)
ĎíNobody owes anybody a living, but everybody is entitled to a chance - Dempsey, Jack.
Without facing failureís we canít learn anything in our life.
There's no reward in life without risk. - by Farber, Barry J.

From United States, Fpo
Dear KVS,

Thanks .,,

Rather than focusing on sacrifice, focus more on developing a good & talented team, who can find jobs as per their wish & stand in life without your sacrifice. That gives a great value for you.

Thatís what I learned from this incident. Iíll not do the same mistake never in my life. My boss done his job perfectly i think I'm not done my job yet with my team????

Whatever you mentioned Iím 100% agree with that butÖÖ.......

Just this morning received a call from my ex-boss and I explained the situation and he advice me to stay couple of weeks and also getting some positive emails from my colleagues as well hope all will be fine.

If you want to be successful, you must either have a chance or take one. (In this case i need to take oneÖ..)

Every man has the right to risk his own life in order to preserve it. Has it ever been said that a man who throws himself out the window to escape from a fire is guilty of suicide? Ė Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Note: This is the time and age to take the risk if Iím failed it wonít affect anybody except me. If I won most of them will get benefit so, Iím ready to take the risk/challenge.

From United States, Fpo

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