Hi, I am basically in a fix because of having my last working day and date of joining as same date.

I left my organization "X" with 22nd June 2010 being my last date as per the resignation tool used in the company. However, my manager changed the date to 23rd June 2010 and even the HR manager supported him. When I confronted them they realized they have made a mistake and agreed to get it fixed through backend (as the tool did not allow them to update it from front end).

Till my last day i.e. 22nd June 2010 they could not get the tool updated and the HR told me to consider 22nd June 2010 as my last date and proceed with that which I did. But she also told me to fill vacation for 23 June 2010 in the time sheet.

Now when I joined my next company "A" the date of joining is 23rd June 2010 and faced no issues till now, in fact I have already changed jobs after that and have gone through various background checks and all have been positive with no issues around this space. I am joining a new company and they have not even asked for any proofs for my 2010 employment (as they were only interested in last 2 years of it).

Now, the problem is that my relieving letter from Company "X" states my last working day as 23rd June 2010 (I know I should have got it fixed at that time but I somehow missed it and its kiiling me now). I also checked my full and final settlement and I have been paid till 23rd June 2010 (though I thought vacations are taken as loss of pay during notice period). and my date of joining the company "A" is also 23rd June 2010.

Would this create any issue in future specially in getting work visa and stuff? Is there a way to get this fixed?

And yes one more thing I have the mails from my company "X" with detailed discussion that happened over email where I did ask HR that would there be a problem because of the mismatch between the tool date and the my actual last date and she has clearly mentioned that it would not affect it and to consider 22nd June 2010 as my last working date.

Can these mails be used as legal proofs in case somethig goes wrong?

Can I use these mails to get in touch with company "X" to get the corrected Relieving Letter?

Please advice. Many thanks in advance

From India, Ghaziabad
I dont think you should panic. As you said you've already switched jobs, and nothing was mentioned on it, it means that the problem was either overlooked or was solved.
2nd why would you have problem in getting VISA? God forbid, but yes, in worst scenario you can show your mails to explain that 22nd was ur last working day and due to some error it was mis-typed as 23rd and can show your company mails for reference.
You can get in touch with your seniors only when such situation arise and can ask him/her to explain the situation to the one who wishes to get it clarified from the authorized person, else just keep your calm.
All the best.

From India, Mumbai

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