What is your view on running open calendar programs v/s developmental interventions? For a 5000 member group what tools or mechanisms will help you plan your 15 member team to operate at 100% utilization?
From India, Bangalore
I wonder whether one can give an answer to a question whether it is better to go to New Delhi by flight or by road!!
I urge bloggers to give more information about the organisation and the purpose of developmental interventions, etc. This will help our experts to give precise answers.

From United Kingdom
I second to Mr. Simhan.
would you mind sharing your views about the objectives of organizing OPEN CALENDER PROGRAMMES and DEVELOPMENTAL INTERVENTIONS? I am sure you must be having some knowledge about these types.
kindly don't limit your productivity to your 15 member team but also extend it to 5000 members. If these 5000 members are productive, take it for granted that, your 15 member had delivered their best.
With profound regards

From India, Chennai
Dear Simhan & Abdul,
Thank you so much for your views.
The hope this information helps -
The organisation is a 5000 member BPO set up & the purpose of developmental interventions is carrier progression for different role holders (associates, team leads, team managers, operations manger)
Assuming a monthly release of 10% of 5000 employee for training i.e 500 employees to be trained every month.
What could be the % of open calender programs & developmental interventions.
What tools can be used to plan the training for 15 member training team for optimum utilization.
Also are 15 trainers required or a maximum of 10 trainers can manage the job well.
Best regards,

From India, Bangalore
Dear Cindru,
You are trying to assume something which is not practical as you are aiming without a target or you must be shooting in the air or you are trying to build a castle in the air.
Did you identify those employees who are qualified for undergoing CAREER PROGRESSION?
How can you release xyz employees for training without analyzing the NEED FOR TRAINING and DESIRED SKILLS to be impartedy?
As a part of succession planning, how many positions are vacant viz career progression, that need to be filled up post training and purely subject to performance based facts including matching competencies to take up the NEW ROLE?
Are your trainers having relevant skills for executing KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER supporting SUCCESSION PLANNING PROCESS?
Kindly take small steps and keep measuring your results. This will give you concrete figures but not ASSUMED ONES.
With profound regards

From India, Chennai
Dear Cindru,

I endorse Shaik Abdul Khadir's (SAK) views. I am not clear about the objectives. Is the aim to train staff or keep the trainining department members occupied, to justify their salries?

Even taking the scenario that you have given, let me ask you further questions to ponder over. How large is your training hall? What facilities do you have? How many hours a month will the 500 staff be released for training? Will there be facilities offered for the staff to practice what they have learnt when they get back to their work?

Have you got all the training material prepared? If not do you appreciate the number of hours of preparation work required per one hour of training session?

As an ex-Industrial Engineering Manager and a Learning and Teaching Fellow of an Unversity, i can keep on asking you questions without giving you an answer. As SAK has siad, there are so many questions unanswered and areas not covered, it is not possible to give a definitive answer. I am sorry.

Finally, may I know what is your role?

From United Kingdom
Hi Cindru,
I truly support this statement of Mr. Simhan "Is the aim to train staff or keep the training department members occupied, to justify their salaries?". It is the fact and it is happening in many organisations. Even the top management is doing the same just to safe guard their jobs. With regards to justifying their salary, who can dare to question them?
With profound regards

From India, Chennai

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