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I have been working in mnc company since last 4 yrs.There was a performance appraisal this year and I have been rated "I"The manager has already given ratings to my official mail-id that u have been rated as "G". But when the actual results came out in the portal, i have been rated as "I".The manager has tampered with my feedback comments just before the one day of the closure of the appraisal cycle.Then i took this matter to the corporate level by mail and they said that its just a process lapse that you got to know your precalibrated rating before the appraisal cycle, but they did not answer my another question why my feedback comments were tampered before the one day closure of the appraisal cycle and said that what ever the circle level gives a rating that is final.After that i went through the investigation policy(whistle blow) of the organization where i filed a complained regarding my change of feedback comments and rating.Almost 3 months passed the investigation Team is saying that we are chasing to the company and we are yet to receive any response to them. once there is a feedback from the company side we will get back to u soon.During these 3 months I have been put on Perfomance improvement plan and said that u performance is not up-to the mark and u are not meeting the expectations of the company.Now as the employees of my department of the company is transferring to new pune location due to centralized centre, i have not been selected.The HR of the organization is saying that all employees in your department has been interviewed but u were not selected, but i am 100 percent sure that none of my employees in my dept has been interviewed for transferring to new location.I am sure that company has made pre plans for me to terminate or to give forceful resignation that they are trying to seek revenge what i have done with them earlier.Now they are saying that u were not selected for pune location and ur pip is not upto the mark.The HR now is saying to put down the papers .Please suggest me what to do next??
From India, Bhubaneswar

Mr. Rinku,
When the environment is forcing you to do so... just do it... but make sure that you've got another opportunity in your hand...
Even though you donot do it now, definitely one or the other day.. you will again have pressure from management coz they have already decided something... If possible try and find out as to what are the reasons for your forceful resignation properly and then act accordingly...
I would like to tell you.... You cannot SURVIVE in an organisation for a long time... but you have to LIVE longer...!!!!
Hope this has helped you... and now understood the meaning of your other posting made by you asking for the difference of termination and forceful resignation....
Read the clauses of your appointment letter carefully twice before acting...
Think twice & think wise, before you act wise...!!!
From India, Bangalore
The trouble here is you should ask your appraiser politely first instead of shooting mails to higher ups You are a small fish. To survive in water do not fight with crocs. Bye
From India, Bangalore
There are many situations where in Manager's with the selfish desires do such acts. Whoever opposes him (Manager) he tries to suppress by these means & those even though not good will be made leaders just for the reason that the leader will obey the manager for any deeds.
There no option if you cannot prove your capabilities. Try getting help of some other managers help if possible from different dept..
If you have older good appraisal ratings or any certificates which proves you are good, may help you in future (Either to fight back or to showcase it to the other employer if you get a chance), so take/collect those documents before leaving the org..
There are several opportunities waiting, improve your skills for a better company. Do not forget the Humiliation & change yourself to tackle the similar problem if arises in future.
Best of Luck.

From India, Bangalore
with that condition you must resign, management seem to have decided to suck you out long time, because of what you did to them ealier, as u have just said, they were only waiting for the right time and opportunity to do so, performance evaluation seems to be better way to get you. they are the one who evaluate your performance so who will question their findings.? absolutely no one.. documenting the Performance appraisal result is just to try to collect evidences that you were incompetent employee thats why they fired you. am certain that, even if you wont willingly handover your resignation now, prepare to receive your termination letter in no time. so its better you do so for the sake of your good CV in future.
From Tanzania, Dar Es Salaam
consider the grounds for the termination, if you wait them to fire you, you will be terminated on the grounds of incapacity(incompetent) and that is bad for the future company will be willing to hire such incompetent employee hope yo aware of that.. and you will be required to state the reason as to why you left your past employer on the interview..think of what you will say... also there is an issues of background check ..even if you will lie they will get to know... so beta resign and reconcile with them.
From Tanzania, Dar Es Salaam
Please do not decide on his capabilities without understandidng the situation. Dictating terms like this seems you were never under company politics & with this rash words it proves your ignorance at what ever position you are in.
More than you he himself knows why he is removed, you dont have to educate him on this regard. He is already broken.

From India, Bangalore
If you are not satisfied with the work environment & policies of your company, better make an honorable exit. If you are a competent person, capable of performing under pressure, it is always possible to get a good job; but if you are the cribbing type, keen to find faults with your managers & the internal systems/ processes of an organization, you may find it difficult to survive.
Remember, you are not there to change an organization, you have to adapt, adjust, perform & grow. My advice to everyone, therefore, remains that before you start lodging complaints & thus enter into a negative thought cycle, quietly search for better avenues elsewhere. You may at least be able to maintain your peace of mind.
I am writing this with 45 years of experience, but you are welcome Rinku to ignore my views if you feel to the contrary.
B K Bhatia
From India, Delhi
I have already resigned from the company but i want to know why such managers are playing with our careers. first they are giving "G" rating then "I" Rating??? What is the reason for that.
From India, Bhubaneswar
Dear Rinku,
Pl do not get disappointed when you've already chosen what's right for you.
Anyway, can you pl inform that the rating declared by manager was officially informed to everyone in your team i.e. your counterparts or were you the only one who came to know about your rating before the actual ratings were declared next day?
Did this happen with others in the organization too? Has this happened for the first time ever in the organization's history or with employees working under this manager? How were your previous performance appraisals / review experiences since you worked with this organization for 4 years?
If you answer to this, probably experts will be able to guide your correctly. Best wishes for your new employment.
From India, Ahmedabad
my apology, i wanted him to understand the gravity of the situation he is in,what i meant to say is, mgt used P.E as a way to get him, if u refer to what he said earlier, he said he did something to them back then which they ddnt like at all, so now they are getting even with him. i wanted him to understand that termination on the grounds of incompetency is always very hard to win, coz it is the mgt themselves who evaluated him, yet he was given the chance to improve himself, still they said he cldnt perform( not to me...but mgt saw it like that).. those are enough evidence to terminate him. you can see mgt followed all the procedures required for such ground of termination so that , once they do it they will face no penalty at all. Am talking through experience here.
From Tanzania, Dar Es Salaam
The rating was disclosed by the manager covertly to 2 of his employees (including me)to the their official mail id.The other employee has resigned due to the same "I" rating.
All the rest of the three appraisals were given as "G" rating. and this is the last one where i have been rated as "I"
my manager was first time given the chance in the company to be the reportee of 4 employees.Three of the employees has already resigned(including me).This is the first time happened in the organization history for the first time in the company.
From India, Bhubaneswar
He said "seek revange for what he did back then" was in the contaxt when he initiated the Investigation against the tampering & rating, not before the P.E. Your statement gives an idea that P.E was the end result of what ever he has done (Investigation), which is not true.
Presumeably the Manager is quite influential. What document was given as a result in the performance improvement plan (PIM). Have you shared these docs. ie Mail with G rating & the PIM result with the Investigation team.

From India, Bangalore
Hello Rinku, I had been following the details you have provided with regards to your forced exit. I dont want to be illogical in explaining things to you but, let us say , you are the employer and you dont want an employee to say in your organization. What ever may be the circumstance, you will throw the individual out of the organization. And with regards to the legal obligations that would have supported you are of no use in India what i have seen over my years of experience. It is a bit demotivating to hear such things, but better to face the truth than to live on empty hopes and expectations. Please remember what i am talking about is the valuable time you can invest in looking for better opportunities.

Every other proof you are going to accumulate with regards to your experience are in the possession of your company. Your peers, subordinate, files, clients and documents everything. I can give you sympathetic views but every thing in in your office seems to be occurring without any response to what your are trying to show or justify. Trust me on this, 4 years is a good number to get a new job and profile. And please dont think that other companies would comply with what this company would quote about your performance after the interviews or discussion that would take place in the future course of time in other organization. You have the talent and experience, you can grow in other set-ups. There is nothing left in winning this battle against of this company. If you really want to show what wrong they have done, then join a competitive setup and help regain your position and experience in lieu of the company standards. I am saying this out of my own experience that matches with that of yours.


Good Luck
From India, Mumbai
Hi Rinku,

From what you've mentioned, it seems the manager has deliberately done this to both of you. It is a human tendency (excluding exceptions & professionalism) to proclaim high ratings to juniors before the actual ratings are declared hence the juniors have sense of pride and security for their managers. When the actual ratings are different from the one quoted they pass the responsibility on management saying normalization was done which was not informed to them.

Even when the performance review are from bottom to top, such trick helps the managers to get good ratings from juniors (as they know their rating, they'll boost their managers like God which improves their rating).

The only thing you have in your favor is the mail mentioning "G" rating. Basis that you can have a say but nonetheless you've taken your stand to move. If all three of you would have taken this point together probably you had fair chances to gain.

Like mentioned in earlier post, manager seems to be influential that is why things moved the way he wanted.

Anyway, it is said every mistake gives some experience and this will surely help you to take correct decision and act cautiously in future.


From India, Ahmedabad

Everything said by the other posts are right & thatís how it has been in many scenarios. Very few fight back when they are rigidly right. With the Initiation of Investigation it proves you did not have anything to hide.

Even winning the battle may not get back the same job & even if it may, it is not right for you to go back to the ditched organization. Itís to prove your capabilities/Humiliation in the friend circle & may be ur manger.

The only reason to say fight back is that, this removal of employees should not be a trend in future, but should be a last resort to the company & to the right candidate. HR has a policy that Approx25-15% in a team should be given rating as "below expectation" or I (i) rating which is not correct. These are majorly in Indian companies. Few policies should change for good.

The relation between company & employee should be like parent & children. Both should grow. Not that just because of a single manager the whole company gets a bad name.

I also request you to reveal the company name also, so that, peoples know where not to put their legs into, but I know many may object for it.

Since many have different thoughts & experiences, its left you to go ahead..

All the best.

From India, Bangalore
I fully agree with Mr. Bhatia.
You cannot fight against an Organisation; it is like a rat trying to drill a tunnel in a mountain. It is always better to get things done informally in the initial stages itself. If you feel that the odds are against you, it is better to work elsewhere, where your work is recognised, the appraisal process is transparent, where there is genuine grievance redressal system is operational.
Better to quitely search for another job quickly and then put in your papers.
Best wishes
NK Sundaram
From India
why managers are not being blamed fo such kind of activity they do give rating before the final appraisal declares out.organation says we are equal oppurtunity employer,every one is treated as equal in an organization.
From India, Bhubaneswar
I would like to link this topic to another situation that existed few time back. Its sexual harassment in companies. The rule against sexual harassment did not come up when the companies were started. It came up due to many employees suffering from it fought for it. If everyone who suffered from it did the same as suggested by others in these posts, imagine the present scenario. All womenís would be back home just like olden days fearing from the Harassment!!

Fight against the Organization as others said is just the fight against the Manager who screwed you up. But itís tough. A legal person can only solve these issues but only with evidences. Itís always that when it comes to self they want to go against/fight it & when itís to others its thousands give suggestions. Thatís why corruption is nourished. Itís your call, as you may only know the exact situation.

Keep in mind that this may also affect your career even in your future organization.

Fight by only 1 person can be easily buried, but if there are several peoples there are chances. Just look at the postís I am the only person to say fight & all others say I am wrong. You can find the answer here itself if you are single.

Itís good for you to resign, which you have already done. Find out the other ways, crying or getting depressed does not give any output.

Hope the right wins.
From India, Bangalore
Hello Rinku,

I was thinking about your case, i see everyone putting up some or the other advise in against of the company policies. Well let us think, what if every other HR who has quoted some or the other comment on the organization and its policies puts up a letter to the HR of the company in along with appropriate authorities who are supposed to be intimated in such cases, you would actually get appropriate answer to your concern and justice as well. As at any cost they are willing to let you out, so better fight with support and move. My only concern was you fighting alone. Give us the email id of the concerned HR and CEO. Also a group mail will do the work, what is think.

I think you must be knowing about - freedom of speech and the rights to question to any authority. Since it is with regards to my specialization - Human Resource i am very much connected and have the right to question its applicability. Being an HR it is my responsibility to talk sense to everyone, so i am talking now. Company policies are supposed to be transparent, not opaque, and when it comes to a single HR in trouble,let us all fight all together, if we really want the future of HR to be strong.

I really hate HR being a toy in the hands of the management, even after being one of the intricate part without which a company will have to undergo issues every other day. Well it was just a wake-up call for every other HR. But understand the outcome can be anything, negative or positive for every other person who would support you. you even might not get your experience letter, or your last pay, will you be able to undergo such a stressful situation, for the moment. A lot of experienced HR are present in here let them as well comment on what i have just initiated. Well the final call would be from the HR as a family or community.

From India, Mumbai
I could have given the mail id of my company he but i feel that i may not be able to get my experience latter/ releiving letter which they may put me in trouble while getting a next job for my employment. Thouh i was was working for one of the biggest MNC, they can be more powerful when again and again the escalation will happen.I took the matter to the investigation policy of the organization(where u can lodge a complaint regarding ur unfair treatment at your work place , performance appraisals, without informing to the line managers and Circle HR) level but no response till date.The response is like that we are chasing to the company and we are yet to receive a response from their side.This could be one of the reasons i think they didnt like and planned me to terminate me with immediate effect which resulted me to give a forceful resignation from my side.I have the documentary evidences like manger giving a precalibrated rating of my self and my team member and tampering of feedback comments just before one day of closure of the appraisal cycle.Fighting alone was very difficult for me but what can i do if they could have given a termination letter. The problem here is all(circle HR Head, Line manager, Network head) were involved to terminate my employment from the organisation what i think.
From India, Bhubaneswar
ok fine. Then you take your experience letter and move to a any setup of your choice, but understand one thing, the same thing or situation may occur in the other organization as well. What i understand, from your situation is, you are way far from company politics and its rules, because of which you faced such an issue. Just be careful and understand that an organization is not a place of worship where you will get satisfaction or peace, rather it is a war zone, where every other co-worker is a gladiator trying to kill the other one to save himself or herself. Just that the intentions hide behind the smiling faces.

And please understand a simple concept, it is you who will make a difference in your career. Your are into Human Resource, and this makes you the most powerful person in any scenario irrespective of the difficulties. No one can interpret the value or complexity of a situation, in the way you can. Even in here also it is you who is taking the best decision. Just dont panic, and accept that you have an excellent track record for which any company will hire you immediately with the best pay. Good Luck

From India, Mumbai
hi ,
HR is also a human ,so they r always right not nessary but I think organization tzaking this decision cause they thought. u r less important than manager andthat is they hide short coming
kanchan sahu

From India
Dear Rinku,

Firstly would like to clear certain points.

Performance Appraisals are done by your supervisors, HR only moderate them.

Reason being, HR do not know much on your progress so basically we cannot give you ratings unless your supervisor shares it with us.

2ndly, most organizations follow a forced bell curve for PMS. Meaning is as explained below:

1. the 1st step may (or may not be) self appraisal

2. then your supervisor appraises you based on your performance and your KRA.

3. Ideally, there should be a one-on-one meeting between HR, Supervisor and the Performer - HR is included to keep someone in the loop.

4. After the individual ratings are declared, those are stated and marked on graph to see a patter.

If you'd know numbers randomly plotted on a graph can take any shape. But some or rather many companies follow strict bell curve graph for PMS. Which means

They would want a fixed X% people as poor performer, fixed X% as the best performer and remaining falls under acceptable category which can further be classified depending on organizations.

So in this case, people nearer to poor performance limit are adjusted in poor performance (if the X% is not fulfilled). Sure, office politics comes into picture in such scenario where a supervisor may say, sure he's got say M rating but he's not as capable as him and so if at all one has to be adjusted, it would be this XYZ person.

If this is done on performance based, fair enough. But if it would be done on favorism basis, it would be real problem as it would lead to dissatisfaction.


Also usually in such cases, pre-adjusted ratings are not shared. The reason being, it would only lead to dissatisfaction if you get to know you were at higher rating and now at lower as in your case.


But honestly, you can't blame just one person here because there are number of people/factors that play into this game -

Office / Company policy

Your supervisor's rating

Your past behavior

How your supervisor judges you

What is communicated to HR by supervisor.

Your personal track records, etc.


I read you've already resigned. I wish you good luck with your job hunting. But have you prepared what you would say if you'd be asked the reason for change? You can't say this.

All the best once again :)
From India, Mumbai
Hello Mr B K Bhatia
I am working in a company, i have completed 1 year on last September 7th, so i should get an appraisal in that month only, when i asked my manager he told me that he will do that in the next coming month(November) but its January now, shall i approach him or shall i wait
Apart from this because of some reasons between me and my colleagues the relationship is not well and they have been trying to prove that my performance and attitude is not good and and i feel that my manager also wants to take this as an advantage, they may change my department which will have low profile than i am working now.
What do i do now , shall i switch the company before they prove that my performance is not good or shall i approach my manager for appraisal.
Please suggest me as soon as possible
From India, Mumbai
Hello ankita
i am working in a company, i have completed 1 year on last September 7th, so i should get an appraisal in that month only, when i asked my manager he told me that he will do that in the next coming month(November) but its January now, shall i approach him or shall i wait
Apart from this because of some reasons between me and my colleagues the relationship is not well and they have been trying to prove that my performance and attitude is not good and and i feel that my manager also wants to take this as an advantage, they may change my department which will have low profile than i am working now.
What do i do now , shall i switch the company before they prove that my performance is not good or shall i approach my manager for appraisal.
Please suggest me as soon as possible
From India, Mumbai
Hi Vivek.

Congratulations for completing a year. Your queries are answered below:

As a general practice, Performance appraisal do not take place when an individual completes a year or there of.

Every organization has a period to conduct performance appraisal. Most organizations conduct performance appraisals once a year (either in Jan or in April) while only a few conducts it twice a year and rare are those who conducts quarterly.

Be patient as you would be appraised with all your colleagues together in April.

Generally there is a mixed attitude towards a performance appraisal.

Everyone wants to be the best performer and all do something to be on the top. Some people genuinely work the best while some others misguide others. But there are organizations who would have forced bell curve system where-in apart from your individual rating from your supervisor, other factors play a role as i already explained above.

There are lot of people who switch before appraisal start out of fear of a low grading. It is very common trend. However also note that switch around appraisal period is looked at this way be recruiters also.

Apart if you wish to switch what would be your reason?

I would suggest rather using your knowledge base ask your manager if there is anything that you could help with. We can never know how situations would turn up in future. Perhaps what you said may come true, perhaps not. Believe in yourself and do your work the best. A switch around appraisal period (both before and after) though a common trend is something I would want people to avoid if possible.

Also I would want to ask you, why do you wish to switch?

Is the outcome of your appraisal the only reason?

Are you other wise satisfied with the way your career is shaping up and the roles you're doing?

Hope it helped you :)
From India, Mumbai
I have been cleared for 2 technical interview of 2 different companies ,but now now hr round is pending.please help me out what to say why u have left ur previous company though u dont have other offers in hand. should i tell the actual reason what has happened to me during my previous job which i have narrated in this site .Citing the personal reason will be good ? Should i tell i have other offers in hand which actually i dont have or something else i need to tell so that i could be hired?How should i negotiate as last revised ctc was 4.2 L.P.A?What actually the HR person want to hear exactly from us?
From India, Bhubaneswar
Dear Rinku,
Your case is really a serious issue of concern but at the same time you also have to think ,the organization which is not ready to listen and clarify your concern I would suggest you, if in any organization such conflict comes and you find management is not in mood to answer and they start harassing the staff it is better to leave the organization. Therefore no need to go in the matter and burn your precious blood there are many organization who works on "respect and result" philosophy treat employee as asset.
From Taiwan,
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