I have been working in mnc company since last 4 yrs.There was a performance appraisal this year and I have been rated "I"The manager has already given ratings to my official mail-id that u have been rated as "G". But when the actual results came out in the portal, i have been rated as "I".The manager has tampered with my feedback comments just before the one day of the closure of the appraisal cycle.Then i took this matter to the corporate level by mail and they said that its just a process lapse that you got to know your precalibrated rating before the appraisal cycle, but they did not answer my another question why my feedback comments were tampered before the one day closure of the appraisal cycle and said that what ever the circle level gives a rating that is final.After that i went through the investigation policy(whistle blow) of the organization where i filed a complained regarding my change of feedback comments and rating.Almost 3 months passed the investigation Team is saying that we are chasing to the company and we are yet to receive any response to them. once there is a feedback from the company side we will get back to u soon.During these 3 months I have been put on Perfomance improvement plan and said that u performance is not up-to the mark and u are not meeting the expectations of the company.Now as the employees of my department of the company is transferring to new pune location due to centralized centre, i have not been selected.The HR of the organization is saying that all employees in your department has been interviewed but u were not selected, but i am 100 percent sure that none of my employees in my dept has been interviewed for transferring to new location.I am sure that company has made pre plans for me to terminate or to give forceful resignation that they are trying to seek revenge what i have done with them earlier.Now they are saying that u were not selected for pune location and ur pip is not upto the mark.The HR now is saying to put down the papers .Please suggest me what to do next??
From India, Bhubaneswar

HR Assistant
Mr. Rinku,
When the environment is forcing you to do so... just do it... but make sure that you've got another opportunity in your hand...
Even though you donot do it now, definitely one or the other day.. you will again have pressure from management coz they have already decided something... If possible try and find out as to what are the reasons for your forceful resignation properly and then act accordingly...
I would like to tell you.... You cannot SURVIVE in an organisation for a long time... but you have to LIVE longer...!!!!
Hope this has helped you... and now understood the meaning of your other posting made by you asking for the difference of termination and forceful resignation....
Read the clauses of your appointment letter carefully twice before acting...
Think twice & think wise, before you act wise...!!!

From India, Bangalore
The trouble here is you should ask your appraiser politely first instead of shooting mails to higher ups You are a small fish. To survive in water do not fight with crocs. Bye
From India, Bangalore
There are many situations where in Manager's with the selfish desires do such acts. Whoever opposes him (Manager) he tries to suppress by these means & those even though not good will be made leaders just for the reason that the leader will obey the manager for any deeds.
There no option if you cannot prove your capabilities. Try getting help of some other managers help if possible from different dept..
If you have older good appraisal ratings or any certificates which proves you are good, may help you in future (Either to fight back or to showcase it to the other employer if you get a chance), so take/collect those documents before leaving the org..
There are several opportunities waiting, improve your skills for a better company. Do not forget the Humiliation & change yourself to tackle the similar problem if arises in future.
Best of Luck.

From India, Bangalore
with that condition you must resign, management seem to have decided to suck you out long time, because of what you did to them ealier, as u have just said, they were only waiting for the right time and opportunity to do so, performance evaluation seems to be better way to get you. they are the one who evaluate your performance so who will question their findings.? absolutely no one.. documenting the Performance appraisal result is just to try to collect evidences that you were incompetent employee thats why they fired you. am certain that, even if you wont willingly handover your resignation now, prepare to receive your termination letter in no time. so its better you do so for the sake of your good CV in future.
From Tanzania, Dar Es Salaam
consider the grounds for the termination, if you wait them to fire you, you will be terminated on the grounds of incapacity(incompetent) and that is bad for the future reference..no company will be willing to hire such incompetent employee hope yo aware of that.. and you will be required to state the reason as to why you left your past employer on the interview..think of what you will say... also there is an issues of background check ..even if you will lie they will get to know... so beta resign and reconcile with them.
From Tanzania, Dar Es Salaam
Please do not decide on his capabilities without understandidng the situation. Dictating terms like this seems you were never under company politics & with this rash words it proves your ignorance at what ever position you are in.
More than you he himself knows why he is removed, you dont have to educate him on this regard. He is already broken.

From India, Bangalore

Director of Company
If you are not satisfied with the work environment & policies of your company, better make an honorable exit. If you are a competent person, capable of performing under pressure, it is always possible to get a good job; but if you are the cribbing type, keen to find faults with your managers & the internal systems/ processes of an organization, you may find it difficult to survive.
Remember, you are not there to change an organization, you have to adapt, adjust, perform & grow. My advice to everyone, therefore, remains that before you start lodging complaints & thus enter into a negative thought cycle, quietly search for better avenues elsewhere. You may at least be able to maintain your peace of mind.
I am writing this with 45 years of experience, but you are welcome Rinku to ignore my views if you feel to the contrary.
B K Bhatia

From India, Delhi
I have already resigned from the company but i want to know why such managers are playing with our careers. first they are giving "G" rating then "I" Rating??? What is the reason for that.
From India, Bhubaneswar
Dear Rinku,
Pl do not get disappointed when you've already chosen what's right for you.
Anyway, can you pl inform that the rating declared by manager was officially informed to everyone in your team i.e. your counterparts or were you the only one who came to know about your rating before the actual ratings were declared next day?
Did this happen with others in the organization too? Has this happened for the first time ever in the organization's history or with employees working under this manager? How were your previous performance appraisals / review experiences since you worked with this organization for 4 years?
If you answer to this, probably experts will be able to guide your correctly. Best wishes for your new employment.

From India, Ahmedabad

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