Respected Seniors, As i am very much new in HR Profession, I am very much confused regarding Employee Engagement. Could you please describe to me what is Employee Engagement in a very simple way, and what are the activities generally used for the same...
From India, Jalgaon
karthik nayudu

Hi Vaibhav
It's simple engaging employees not interms of work interms of Organizational Development.
1. Prepare the list of date of Births of all employees and start celebrating them it's upto Management wheather Individual or on Monthly Basis.
2. Implement Rewards and Recognition Schemes.
3. Organize general training programmes (Behavioural Traits, Leadership etc.,)
4. Organize outings, Picnics etc.,
5. Conduct Games competitions etc.,
6. Weekly lunch with all staff (Special Lunch provided by Company)
7. Have an Indoor game like TT, Snookers etc where employee can go and play.....
Hope you got the basic Idea.....,

From India, Vijayawada

Dear Vaibhav,

As the name say it is to keep the employee engaged. Because idle mind is the devil's work shop.

When an employee thinks he is stressed in the work / No learning / No growth / No recognition / No Relaxation then he/ she looks to leave the company.

Employee engagement is a attrition control tool used to create enthusiasm and motivation to the employee to stay longer, perform well and work for organisational goal.

Employee engagement activities should be conducted in such a way that it should have an impact on employee heart so that the bonding among the employees and the organisation gets strengthened.

The following EE activities can be done

1. Birthday Celebration.

2. Child birth or Marriage Celebration.

3. Rewards & recognition program like Best Employee of the month / Year, Best Department, Mr. Perfect / Ms. Perfect (For grooming).

4. Outings / Picnic (Without restriction)

5. Group Discussion / Role Plays.

6. Conducting Cultural like singing, dancing, rangoli , Food preparation, Fashion show Etc.

7. Family get together.

8. Self development training programs, Train the Trainer.

9. Conducting games / tournaments between departments in cricket, carrom / chess, Sports meet.

10. Implementing newsletter which has employee contribution.

For each employee they have their own strengths & weakness. They may be happy at work but not at home due to family or financial problems and vice versa. There are many internal & external factors which makes the employee unhappy. Here the company(HR department mostly) has to identify the potential employees and give counselling session for the employee to overcome the problem.

The EE will be successful only when the employee feels happy else what ever you do there is no use.

From India, Mumbai

There is difference between employee satisfaction and Employee engagement..
Satisfaction is about being contented with what you have.. Engagement is when employee is psychologically connected and committed to the organization..
There is enough material available on the Net to get more details about this..
Engagement operates at different level.. mere having fun at work does not bring the engagement.. engagement is much bigger than this..
There are many ways to to assess engagement level and only once you know what the areas you need to focus, you can take the appropriate action..
You may try below link to know more Engagement and assessment..
The Enabling World!

From India, Bangalore

An engaged employee goes beyond the call of his duty and just does not stick to his JD.
An engaged employee is someone who looks forward to Monday's more and is generally more productive at work than not-engaged employees.

From India, Bangalore

It is simply getting work done from the employees and keeping them motivated...
The key to keeping employees motivated is to understand what makes them tick. This
may be different for each member of the team. Its about finding out their personal triggers,
spends time with employees informally, say over coffee or lunch, or other
For instance, if noticed that one of the employees got a kick when he was given importance. So
when a freshman joins the office, makes this employee a mentor to the new recruit.
Also looks for other things like how an individual
takes orders does the employee prefer to be told what needs to be done, or does he or she prefer to be a part of the decisionmaking
Understanding these little things helps personalize the
management style for all employees.
Cheer with awards & recogntions: we all like it when our hard work is recognized. This will motivate them to do a better job next time.
But beware of praising too much als

From India, Hyderabad


Most of these responses have misled you, except for the last.

The goal of managing people is to create an environment that causes employees to become highy motivated, highly committed, and fully engaged with very high morale and innovation literally loving to come to work and at least 300% more productive than if poorly engaged. Guru Stephen Covey stated the performance difference as 500% and my own experience in several turnarounds makes me agree with Covey.

Engagement is the word we use to describe that, but how to achieve it? Simple and easy!

Management is responsible for supporting work by providing training, tools, parts, material, information, direction, discipline, planning and the like to employees. How well management achieves employee engagement is dictated by the quality of this support with poor support causing disengagement and very high quality support causing very high levels of engagement. So all management has to do is make that support be of the very highest quality.

The only way management can achieve high quality support is to listen to the users of that support, employees. Listen to their complaints, suggestions, and questions just as you do to customers of your products and services to make them more acceptable and pleasing to customers. Listen face to face and respond face to face to the satisfaction of employees, the customers of your support.

If you don't want to listen to them or insist on giving them orders about doing their work or dont share every bit of information you have that they want, you will convince them you don't respect them and they will become disengaged. Would you treat an external customer that way? In short, if you insist on using the traditional top-down command and control approach to managing your people you will fail miserably at creating a fully engaged workforce.

But meet your responsibilities to the very highest standards and your people will be so thankful for being treated so well, far better than they had ever expected or hoped, that they will eagerly unleash everything they have on their work: all their creativity, innovation, productivity, enthusiasm, knowledge, experience, skills, etcetera.

I know because that is what I experienced as an executive.

From United States, Tampa

Hi Vaibhav,

Mr. Bensimo,has brought out the very correct facts about employee engagement.Thanks, Mr. Bensimo.

I just want to add up my views to it, That till the time work is profession,we work with professional attitude,When Work becomes passion,then,the profession turns out to be passion and any thing done out of Passion does Miracles. Then no motivation is required,Employee Engagement is a mere trend/tool that has been devised to bring out/extract max possible talent,intrest,skill,creativativity etc.But remember that all these traits are menifests of What we call passion,an eager,a desire to be something.

Organisations and hr on behalf of organisation must ensure and fascilitate through various resource supports media to bring about this interest in the employees where they can feel that "Yes, this is the place where we work and where our passions get wings to fly and explore.

Employee Engagement is not a simple term, lot of organisations resources,energy,expenses goes in to it to bring about employees engagement in its true sense.

Last But Not the least ,an humane and emotinal touch with all the employees should never be forgotten,as this is the driving force of HRM.



From India, Vadodara
anil narayana
employee engagement means how we are helping our employees in staying with our company-in short how we are retain our employees as long as we can by mutual satisfactions. it is depends upon the company strategies like salary, benefits ,work environment, pears support. all activities which help to retain our employees in our organisation. and reduce labor turnover

From India, Pune
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