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I am new to citehr. I am currently pursuing distance learning MBA-HR from IGNOU and finding new job. When I go for an interview, should I tell that I am pursuing MBA or should I not reveal it right now? The reason I am asking this because I have known some people who hide about their further studies from their employer. In my very first job, one of my colleague was doing weekend part-time MBA but he never told about it to anyone including employer. But one day one other colleague came to know about it and the discussion about it happened in meeting that he is hiding it. In another case, I was working with one other company where too I observed such incident, there one of my female colleague was doing distance learning MBA from one institute, but she never told it to anyone including our employer. But one day I went to inquire in same institute about distance mba (as I too was interested in doing it) where she was studying & by-chance I saw her there & I came to know she is studying there and she then requested me that I do not to tell our employer about this. In my MBA batch too some of the co-student said that they haven't told their employer about their MBA so they have to make some excuse to take leave during semester exam. BUT to be frank, I don't understand STRATEGY behind hiding this from employer. I don't understand what are the pros and cons of hiding or revealing about your distance learning MBA from your current or new employer. And I am confused whether it will be beneficial or it will be disadvantageous for me to tell the employer that I am doing MBA. - Pls guide me what do I do?

From India, Ahmedabad
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please never hide anything from employer, it will come as a boomerang if they come to know abt this..
secondly i dont understand why you will hide about something which can help your employer??? you will be gaining more new skills, which would enhance the talent base of your current employer, every employer encourages talent and new i dont think you should hide, rather inform them , they shud be pleased to see the motivation and urge of yours to grow in future..

From India, Calcutta

Truly agreed with Soumik Mukherjee. There is no need to hide such things with your employer. If today you will hide about your studies with your employer, then in future how will you be able to take leaves for your exams etc., if required.???????
From India, New Delhi
Gaurav Sareen

Dear sr3971,

I totally agree with your assertion that you don't understand why people hide their studies from their employer. Because, even I don't understand their premise. This ties in with Soumik Mukherjee's response - which also, I completely agree with.

In my view what my staff do in their time is none of my business as long as it doesn't compete (directly or indirectly) with the my business, is legal, and doesn't impinge upon their performance and the time that I pay them to do their duties.

Thinking about it, I wouldn't be mortally upset or angry if my people didn't tell me that they were enrolled or studying a part-time course.

Why? Because its their life and they are at complete liberty to choose for themselves and act accordingly. After all, I only pay them for their services and time during our mutually determined working hours. I DO NOT own them or their thinking process or their ambitions or their TIME!

But, yes, if they did tell me, nothing would make me happier! I would go out of my way to ensure that they get all the support and time needed to complete their education for which they are investing their time, effort, energy, and money.

Are you kidding me - I TOTALLY RESPECT people who work full time and study part-time. Why? Because that's how I earned all my college education in Australia.

To me, nothing is more demonstrative of a person's enthusiasm, zeal, motivation, amibition, and self-belief than working full-time, and when their peers are busy whingeing about their life, this person picks themselves up after a hard days' work, re-energises him/herself, and hits their books, classes, or assignments. What a fantastic, productive, positive, and totally success-oriented way to utilise our most precious commodity - TIME!

So, answering your question, by all means please make complete disclosure to your prospective employer about your part-time education. And, if they have an issue with it, perhaps you should re-consider joining an organisation that is hesitant and perhaps not supportive of its people's self-development, particularly when it isn't costing the organisation a single penny!

You may not know it yet, but Your Thinking and Life-Decisions have Destined You for Life-Success!

Good Luck & I Wish You All the Very Best!

From India, Gurgaon

First I have few questions for you.

Are you ashamed of your distance learning?

Why you enrolled yourself for Distance MBA-HR?

Do you wants to follow yourself or others?

I will start now with my 3rd question to you first. What I meant to say with my third question to you is that you must not do or think what other made you feel or ask you to do or suggest you but the things that you wanna do or have interest and what your heart and consciousness says to you. You are not a child now and a educated person who is a Management Student now (No Matter you are studying regular or distance).

Second, You have not just enrolled yourself for Distance Studies with some reason but you actually you wanted to continue your studies and because you couldn’t go for Regular with whatever reasons. We can suggest you, direct you but ultimately the decision you have to take at your own which matters alot. With every right or wrong decision in life we are accountable for not others whom we have trusted or advised in anything by anyhow, therefore, we must take our all decision at our own.

Third, if you are not ashamed of you distance learning and confident with it, there is no need to hide this from your recruiters. We all knows the value of distance learning for one and the reasons that made one to go for Distance Studies. I also agree with Mr Sareen. And I don’t think you need to be scared with the things what are rolling in your mind these days but must prepare yourself for interviews. Your confident answers to your recruiter, your knowledge and understanding of concept does matter that can be appreciated by them and work for you.

There are many successful and well settled people on this place and out there in this world who have completed their distance study/MBA and working with reputed company and I know personally many of them. Therefore, I wont say Distance study is bad and one need to hide it by anyway. In short you are unnecessarily worried and scared of something that you have not tasted. If you believe on yourself, and prepare will never taste it too. Best of Luck

The same kind of problem “DISTANCE STUDY” on another thread I am discussing on a post where I have shared my views on Distance Education/Study and would like to share with you here too.. Hope this will help you in anyhow to boost your confidence.

From India, Gurgaon
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