Work-Life balance & Work outcomes of a Mid career women in Traveling job

Reason to choose this topic

I have good exposure in Corporate as well as Academics & in both the domain I found females have to face too much challenges as compare to males, both are educated & have equal responsibility towards their family too, but why does a great number of sacrifices comes in favour of women & this become more challenging when she opts migrating career.At a different stages of life she find herself in a lurge,These all Question mark compelled me to share my view with all.


Times have changed. From the time the husband earned, and the wife stayed at home to the time now when the husband earns and the wife earns too. But the wife still cooks and washes and runs the house. So, how does she balance her migrating work with life at home.

Although, over the years women in India have struggled to establish an identity & create a mark in the social as well as in the organizational platforms.

Challenges in Travelling career

Women throughout the world are leveraging their power as leaders in every platform as a Manager, Engineer, docter, teacher etc & accept the migrating job challenging role too by choosing the career as a journalist, Air hostess, and corporate trainer & in pharmaceutical Industry and paving the way for a future where girls feel empowered to join the profession. But challenges exist more in travelling job, including balancing community and family life with the demands of a time-consuming profession, and navigating the touchy landscape of gender stereotypes that exists in many societies.

Career Challenges at different stages of life

At the earlier stage, Women who lived alone described themselves as ideal employees, available for long working hours, traveling and sometimes also to move from one location to another rather easily. Thus, they saw their personal life situation as advancing their opportunities in working life.

But Women at midlife, often characterized as part of the sandwich generation, have

personal and travelling work-related needs ,Work-family balance is a key issue as they deal with the potentially conflicting demands of their travelling careers, children and child care, elder care, and other personal life issues. Social support is a critical resource for working women to enable

Their continued success in both work and family domains. Women at midlife typically

Take stock of the priorities in their lives and make adjustments that allow them to

Align their activities with their internal values; this often involves increasing the time

They devote to family.

Women who had spouses faced dual-career-couple challenges. The focus was on the spouses’ work opportunities. This situation was sometimes solved by spouses living in different place; intentionally looking for an opportunity to work for the same employer or just looking for a new job at the wife’s place. Sometimes that limited women’s opportunities in working life.

Moreover, the situation of being a mother of young children also sometimes affected females’ attitudes towards their work and career and they confided that their travelling career and work was no longer so central in their life. Usually, it goes the way that woman is the one who stays at home and the man continues his career. [...]The seesaw dimension also emerged within different life stages & in stage of Employment there is stress associated with the job itself, including work overload, the hours of working, decision-making attitude, and the physical work environment, role-based stress includes role conflict, role ambiguity, and job responsibility, changing nature of interpersonal relationships & career stress refers to the lack of opportunity for career development and promotion, as well as job insecurity. On other hand stressors associated with the work–family interface, including conflicts of loyalty, spillover of demands from one domain to the other, and life events. Consistent with stressors associated with the job itself and work demands, shift work hours have a significant effect on the physical, psychological, and emotional well-being of women employee. Shift work is significantly related to greater marital disagreements and child-related problems, pose challenges for amid career women who is in migrating job, trying to negotiate the work–family interface.

Some Thought

Thus the multiple roles in modern societies, for instance as employees, parents or spouses, have been found to either enrich lives or cause conflicts in them. In other words, experiences in one role diminish or improve the quality of life in another role. Balance between these two life spheres has been defined as “satisfaction and good functioning at work and at home with a minimum role conflict & taking account of both positive and negative sides of work life conflicts as well as enrichment takes place, job satisfaction,organisation commitment & broadening the view of private life reconciliation.

From India, Delhi

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Hi everybody
This Article is related to all the challenges which is faced by women to manage her work as well as career,there is no other tool which assist to tackle the daily life affair but her career commitment ,job satisfaction & motivation level boost up to handle all these.thus i want to share it with my words.

From India, Delhi

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